Your 341 Creditor Meeting

[ instrumental music ] Okay, so this is the building where the infamous
trustees hearing takes place. Your 341 Creditor Meeting will be on the tenth
floor. I want to show you a little bit of the surroundings
and what you’re looking for to find the building. 915 Wilshire is close to the 6th Street / Wilshire
Boulevard exit of the 110 freeway. Parking in the building will cost about $16,
so I always suggest going to the Target parking lot, which is one block away. The entrance is on 7th and Francisco Street. It’s paid parking, and shouldn’t be more than
$4 if you park at the bottom three levels and get a validation at one of the stores. For those of you who want to go green and
save the environment, you can take the Metro Line here. It’s the Red Line, you get off at 7th and
Metro, you take one block up and make a left onto Wilshire, and head straight to the building. So this is 915 Wilshire, where the infamous
trustees meeting takes place. Let’s head on in. Make your way to the elevators and head up
onto the 10th floor, where you’ll find your meeting room. What most of you want to know is what the
trustee is going to ask you. The first thing they will do is check your
original social security card and photo ID. Some of the things that you may be asked are:
Have you filed bankruptcy in the last 8 years? Have you ever filed bankruptcy? Or filed bankruptcy using a different name
or social security number? Did you review and sign the petition and schedules? Those are the documents that when you came
in, you spent time going over with the attorney and paralegal, reviewed your financial information,
and then signed each page. Did you pay a family member back in the last
year? Can you sue anyone? Do you have the right to any funds? Did you waive your right to an inheritance? Or are you the beneficiary to a will or trust? Now above all else, please remember your driver’s
license and social security card. We are here for you if you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to call us. We want you to know you’re in good hands,
and we’re here to take you all the way. And I promise you, when you get out of that
meeting, you’re gonna feel a whole lot better. You’re gonna say, “Was that it? Was that all?” Was that it? Was that all? Told ya.

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