Yet Another Mail Merge – Mail merge with Gmail and Google Sheets

If you are looking for yet another mail merge
to help you out on your mass email campaign, there is one just for you! And it is called: Yet Another Mail Merge, or YAMM! All you need is to create a draft in Gmail
and fill in a Google Sheet with your mailing list. YAMM does the rest!
Simple, right? Here’s an example: Emily works in a big School District. Every day, she needs to send the same email
to dozens of substitute teachers who need their assignment for the next day. But a few things differ: School address and contact information, name of the teacher who needs to be replaced, grade level. Well now, Emily just has to list all this information
in a Google Sheet, and YAMM will automatically adapt her email
to each and every teacher! YAMM not only helped Emily save time, It made Nicole and Brian’s wedding planning much easier! Thanks to YAMM, they could quickly collect answers
to their wedding invitation by including a simple YES/NO form to each email. As for Mark, he really needed help
from a generous sponsor for his music festival. Thanks to YAMM’s real-time tracking tool, Mark knows exactly who opened, clicked,
or even answered his email! And that’s all he needed
to invest more time on the right target! Many more features are available in YAMM. No wonder why it’s the top mail merge add-on for Gmail! YAMM is not just yet another mail merge. It is the best and simplest mail merge! The one that we, regular human beings,
need once in a while. So stop wasting your time
on overly complicated applications. Do yourself yet another favor,
and install Yet Another Mail Merge! Want to learn more about Yet Another Mail Merge? Check out our other videos
to see even more of YAMM’s amazing features!

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