100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out On Corinna Kopf & Avani, Wisconsin’s Ridiculous Messy Primary, & More

  1. Its Tuesday. I had to double-check but its definitely Tuesday.
    Mugshot (00:17), TIA (3:02), DBAG (4:30), African Americans (6:05), Wisconsin & more (8:38)

  2. I’m from Milwaukee so obviously this whole situation is really upsetting. They had 5 polling stations open in a city with over half a million people. It’s so fucked up. Not to mention it was snowing hailing.

  3. Also of note is that Milwaukee was ranked 6th nationally in COVID-19 case rate in late March, idk if that’s still accurate now. And it’s the most populated city in WI and brings in the most democratic votes. The people who allowed these elections to be held really don’t give a fuck about the people of Milwaukee

  4. I think there is a blizzard out there from all the triggered snowflakes over a Tik Tok trend. Why even talk about this news, all it does is validate the snowflakes who are too easily offended. Also I am still waiting on an update from you about the fake news story about the nurse who quit her job because she lied that the hospital wouldn't let her mask.

  5. Why did Bernie wait until after this primary to drop out? Kinda seems like he wanted that whole election mess to happen first and then drop out..

  6. So why arent Latino/Hispanic communities being heavily affected if they are even less likely to work from home, and are they not just as less likely to have health care?

  7. In regards to the mug shot photos, stupid but it’s just overblown. People are over sensitive and fail to realize that this is everywhere. James was right why doesn’t the weekend or Billie get the same response. People just pick and chose what to get mad over.

  8. Special effects artists go to a lot of effort to make realistic injuries for movies, and it's great. It's art. We saw the EXACT same thing here. The only reason to be upset is if these people implied the images were real and scared their fanbase. Which it sounds like was part of the problem, but not what most were whining about. There was no need to explain it as some fad, because you never need a reason to post a styled image of yourself. Nothing about it was offensive to anyone, except for perhaps, people who got arrested for getting into fights. And offending those people is not much of a crime.

  9. "His face is plastered everywhere…"
    Dude, everybody knows him. It's easier to use a widely known model's face photo as an example to get more likes than someone random. Especially for a small Internet journalist. :/ Like, don't wanna take sides but I kinda understand.

  10. republicans are less concerned because the folks they represent are covered in Jesus's blood and are too stupid to know better than to go out.

  11. People just need to leave James alone, his tweet about the weekend I 100% agree.

    I don’t even watch his videos and I can tell that people are just attacking him to attack him. ??

  12. Why are people associating it with domestic violence? If they are the victim, then they wouldn't be getting mugshot taken now would they?

  13. Can we just delete all of Twitter? Seriously delete it. Nothing good ever comes out of there, just more problems and arguements.

  14. Trend is kind of dumb but not offensive. If you want to hate on James Charles etc you should find a better reason

  15. People are getting too sensitive and taking things way too close to heart. Do people react this harshly when it’s a Halloween costume? What makes it any different? At this point, if you’re under the microscope of millions due to your career, this will continue to be a reoccurring issue. Ironically enough, you don’t see people rioting about half the things that comedians say which can be quite awful at times. Moral of the story, lighten up people. It’s all in fun. Did James mention is that his “mugshot” was specifically in reference to domestic violence? No. Did he poke at it and make light of a situation so serious as that? NO. As a society, we need to stop attacking people and jumping to conclusions. You’re part of the problem.

  16. As someone who lives in Wisconsin and goes to milwaukee all the time there's a reason those numbers are high.

  17. I wish he didnt delete his post defending himself, because it's so true and such a good point about billie eilish and the weekend. I've never been a fan of james, but ppl keep finding ANYTHING to make him look bad

  18. I think the trend is stupid but what's even more stupid is the moment James does something slightly scandals he gets scape gated which is not fair

  19. The mugshot trend is just another way makeup artists are showing their skills with blood and gore makeup. They're artists! people need to calm down.

  20. I think James Charles needs to grow up and take responsibility for all of this actions since he clearly doesn’t think before he does anything. He’s a child that does everything for attention and when it blows up in his face he’s always got some excuse about how he didn’t mean to do whatever the said action was. There’s no excuse for him anymore. It’s getting old that he thinks he can just apologize and say oops, sorry when he obviously knows what he’s doing. Just grow up.

  21. At one point is was mostly affecting Asian people, not racism, then it affecting mostly white expos (still is in uk). Let racist, but black peoples…..obviously it’s racism. I would like to know if they will be researching to find out if black peoples have to be more careful cos their more at risk.

  22. Omg someone put on make-up and took a photo for a trend. My God people let people do their stuff as long as it's not illegal. Everyone and I mean everyone needs to stop crying about everything and everyone.

  23. I'm just not a fan of the mugshot trend. I get there's fx makeup and shit but it doesn't sit right. People are being incarcerated for very serious offenses and glorifying their mugshots just because they're attractive just isn't right.

  24. The youth of today scares me with there lack of humanity, and lack of care for how there actions may affect others.!

  25. I’m what they would call a “social justice warrior”. However, that being said, I wish people could take a minute before responding to something like the mug shot trend on TikTok. I know many people responding are kids and teens, but I feel like if we could all cool down before going off on an influencer we follow, it would be a lot easier to have an actual dialogue. Is the mug shot trend a little dismissive of mass incarceration? Absolutely yes. At the same time, most of the people doing this trend are teenagers and people in their early twenties, so I would venture to guess that they are not even aware of that issue and the connection. I don’t really see the connection to domestic violence, unless someone captioned their photos with mention of that, which would of course be disgusting. I think people are overreacting overall, and the people writing articles on this are pretty sad and pathetic. This is not news. It’s embarrassing that anyone would even think to publish a piece on this. We all have much bigger things to worry about right now.

  26. the mugshot trend its dangerous, in my country it started the trend to look like a robber a drugadict or gangmember, also known as narcos, regettoneros, tepiteños, and escalated fast, cause the kids also belive they were dangerous, they start muggin people consuming and selling drugs until the actual narcos start killing them in the universities and the highschool because they were selling in their territories, even whe stop selling them stuff like sodas or chips cause we knew they were tryng to robb, now in the poor areas they still do that and make so hard to enjoy the future, ubereats didifood or rappi dont come to my house cause i live two blocks thats 2km apart of that area but they will not risk themselves, imagine my problem with the cops always telling me why are you outside of your house, and then i have to tell them were i live so they say, sure sir no problem be carefull those kids are bastards in need of a bullet, i smile and say hopefully they kill their parents and sons too, god be merciful and please send a coronavirus to that area! sad but true…

  27. I would like to see just one of these tik tok bitches actually get arrested. Do you think they would know they can't autotune or put a filter on their mugshot? ?

  28. I don't understand how these officials who are fully aware of the situation can't be flexible to assure people's safety. This is disgusting, I'm so disappointed in our government.

  29. It’s a stupid trend. I can see why people are upset by the pics, but I think I would have ignored it and not given them the attention.

    Fuck these people that want to get others sick.

  30. I think that the trend is stupid but regardless people they just want to judge someone it doesn’t matter who that’s just the society we’re living in today

  31. It's a stupid trend but it's completely overblown. More of the same shit. Someone does something, someone gets offended, everybody gets upset, everyone forgets, reset & start again.

  32. Overblown. I don't agree a lot with James Charles but he makes a fair point. If you are going to be offended, then you have to be consistent. Other celebrities did it and didn't get in trouble. Additionally the challenge is about mugshots, not domestic violence. Your logic is the similarities in the looks which I can then point to every single action movie/horror movie character in existence. Bring awareness to issues through consistent, sound arguments, not through an angry rant.

  33. Simultaneously stupid and overblown. It does seem pretty unfair to tell makeup artists they’re not allowed to experiment with gore/horror/injury makeup…FX makeup is the coolest branch of makeup artistry and there’s definitely a place for it.

  34. People reach so far these days it’s ridiculous. If the caption says mugshot how does correlate directly with domestic abuse? It doesn’t. You can have a mugshot and look like that from and accident, bar fight, and so many other possibilities.

  35. I don't like James Charles but he is right tho. No one was freaking out when The Weeknd's own new album is him appearing beat up with blood. If you are going to complain about something, stay consistent and don't be a hypocrite

  36. DNC: "Biden is our guy!"
    Americans: "What about Bernie?"
    DNC: "Never heard of him."
    Americans: "But he's still-"
    DNC: "Never heard of him."

  37. The mugshot thing is way overblown. It drives me crazy how people can get so upset. We live in a culture where we are incentivised to cry about everything. Our forefathers would be rolling in their graves to see how delicate we've all become.

  38. I don't mind the trend, I just feel like some of the people doing it are off if they look like rihanna during her chris brown phase instead of a baddy who was taken into police custody. Everyone who owns makeup has given themselves a black eye. It's fun. I'm a fan of makeup, and I'm just generally interested in special effects makeup. Society tells me I have to look good in makeup, but I personally only wear makeup to switch up my face once in a while as a reflection of my complex and innocently manipulative personality.

  39. People need to quit making up bullshit to complain about! (Mugshot). Get a goddamn life and try positivity instead of manifesting negativity out of everything for fucks sake!!

  40. If I’m honest, I LOVE stage makeup. And if you are going to be offended by everything, just don’t look at it.

  41. Bruh people getting freaked over the mugshot trend is soooo dumb. Theres Actual real shit you could spend ur energy on ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  42. Why just assume it's about domestic violence? Maybe he got in a bar fight. There are so many reasons people end up bruised.

  43. The mugshot trend is a bad idea in the first place, because like… it feels like a weird glamorizing of crime? Like, simultaneously making yourself look "trashier" or something to pass as a mugshot, while trying to be like… pretty and edgy. So you're putting people down who have had mugshots taken, but you're faking your own because it's "cool"?

    Idk, it seems like really unpleasant territory.

    That being said, going after these influencers on the grounds of "domestic abuse" clearly has nothing to do with what's going on here. There are definitely criticisms you can level at this trend and the people involved in them, but bringing in domestic violence is not one of them.

    I never thought I'd say this, but I think James Charles is technically right here. People post images of themselves in bloody and bruised makeup all the time on social media. Sometimes it's to show off makeup skills or movie FX, sometimes it's for Halloween, or just for "the aesthetic". That's all totally valid, as long as you're not trying to legitimately claim that you've been injured and you're transparent about the fact that it's makeup.

  44. Hey man long time fan but enough is enough. I love you for ur unbiased info coverage, and ur opinion. But the republican bashing can b dialed down a bit.

  45. I'm a Wisconsinite and this whole thing has been a mess. So many people here didn't know DAY OF that voting was still happening, so I know many people that missed it/almost missed it due to the confusing and very late release of information. I'm from Madison, I went to vote, and it was a horrible process. And it's NOT like picking up fast food. I tried voting outside but there were only two people out there, which wasn't enough for the amount of voters. Plus the women helping me couldn't find my information, so I ended up having to go inside anyways (not her fault at all, just a point that it was a hard process). I know a lot of people from Milwaukee too who had to wait hours to vote, or some that couldn't at all. IT MAKES ME FUCKING SICK that the government is being this cruel to us.

  46. Regarding the stupidity involving the pics showing abuse I truly don't care but I think ppl that engage should stand their ground. Apologising after the fact is dumb. Staying silent is ok I guess. Speaking out and owning your post is powerful imo. Ppl shouldn't make shit trend and then when a "famous" person joins in call them out. They exist bc of views. Maybe take a sec and think about what you're doing. That said getting offended by things on the internet (especially trends like this) shouldn't really be a thing at this point :/

  47. As I think the trend is rather dumb…I also think people just over react to everything…we need more people to stand up for themselves and say "nah screw you" than apologize for anything and everything

  48. "…it's also offensive to mass incarceration"???

    Really??? Imagine how privaledged you have to be for bruise makeup/tictok trend to trigger &offend you. Can we just give these entitled, self-centered assholes Covid19, so they can FINALLY be the victims they so desperately crave?

  49. Republicans… your representatives want you to go out and vote because they assume you're dull enough to pretend covid isn't dangerous…

  50. How did the New York Times get this implicit racial bias information? It's just said and then not referred to in any kind of way that shows data.

  51. People seem to misunderstand what the Supreme Court does. They interpret the law in Wisconsin has a law that says that the governor can't do that. If they want to change it they need to elect representatives that will change it. It's really disturbing to have justices debate whether a law should mean something or not depending on their emotions and the situation.

  52. Its 2020, we have technology to vote online why should have to go somewhere any possibility endanger yourself and others. Stay home, stay safe

  53. It’s just like how movies glorify robbing and stealing and no one said anything. Mugshot trend is stupid, yes, but is glorify stupid thing new, no!

  54. The republicans sent a clear message that they don’t mind putting peoples’ lives at risk, if those lives are mostly democratic voters, and they’ve shown us the lengths they will go to in order to gain an unfair advantage in elections. Their intentions are clear: they will cheat every way they can, bc they are power hungry and entitled and emboldened by a president who has no regard for the law.
    These are the “patriots” who profess their love for the constitution and country.
    I guess they are scared they won’t win otherwise.

  55. coming from someone who has gotten her ass beat multiple times by her ex, has have multiple bruises, swelling, scars, and blood all over her face multiple times, and finally got her ex arrested for 3 felony charges (aggravated kidnapping, breaking and entering, and something lol idk i forgot) …. i see nothing wrong with people doing their makeup like that for a trend lmfao ppl get their face fucked up for WAY more reasons than domestic violence haha , they’re acting as if that’s the ONLY reason why someone would get a bloody nose hahaha no. that didn’t trigger me at all and i’ve been through mf hell and back. people really just need to stop being so offended and reaching, searching for something to get mad about. it’s getting old. JUST LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS

  56. coming from someone who has gotten her ass beat multiple times by her ex, has have multiple bruises, swelling, scars, and blood all over her face multiple times, and finally got her ex arrested for 3 felony charges (aggravated kidnapping, breaking and entering, and something lol idk i forgot) …. i see nothing wrong with people doing their makeup like that for a trend lmfao ppl get their face fucked up for WAY more reasons than domestic violence haha , they’re acting as if that’s the ONLY reason why someone would get a bloody nose hahaha no. that didn’t trigger me at all and i’ve been through mf hell and back. people really just need to stop being so offended and reaching, searching for something to get mad about. it’s getting old. JUST LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS

  57. People are going wild, in more recent news. Although I fully support that girl's arrest I do find myself slightly scared someone will take a more violent action into their hands to stop her. A lot of people have been really hurt/killed over this.

  58. Why should statistics about blacks matter now.
    See, if blacks were equal to the rest of the races, nobody would baby them so much and turn a blind eye to their destructive behavior.
    That being said, I like the virus' take on BLM. Sweetly ironic. The universe must be racist, it can't be that they do something to increase the risk. Oh I can't wait to see the dismay of the leftists when they're stuck between telling the blacks a truth and their emotions.

  59. I'm not a fan of James or any of these "influencers" but I find this trend of hive mind cancel culture very disturbing. They're putting him and others in a box and saying "this is what you mean" even though that's not at all his intention. Context matters. Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right. They're basically writing the narrative for him and he's letting them by giving in. I wish someone had the actual fortitude to stand up to these people. Not to mention the fact that it's basically bullying on another level which can/does lead to suicide. People love to hate on rich people because they're an easy target.."oh he can just go cry into his millions of dollars." but they forget that he's an actual fucking person with feelings just like them.

  60. only America has this much evidence of their own systemic racism and still get surprised to find out that black people are suffering more than anyone else.

  61. Am I the only one not surprised about African Americans being hit hard by Covid19? If this disease requires a strong immune response and strict social distancing to get through it, then it’s not a mystery at all. Food deserts, pre-existing conditions, living in densely populated housing areas are just some of the few issues that disproportionately affect more African Americans and are now having a (very predictable and not mysterious at all) roll over effect during this pandemic. Maybe I’m wrong?

  62. faking mugshots, I could not care less. It didn't even show up on my radar and I had no idea it was even a thing. Now that I know it exists, I still do not care, like at all. They can do whatever they want for attention, it still won't grab my attention.

  63. The reaction to the mugshot trend is stupid, but it's not as stupid as posting mugshot photos for attention.

  64. Im a domestic violence survivor. I was 14 when my mom married a guy in prison that she thought she had known from the past but he wasn't the same as he used to be. He was highly emotionally abusive, and often very physically abusive. He targeted me a lot because I stood up to him. He would drag me around the house and when I would scream he would hold my face with his hand over my nose and mouth and push until my nose bled. He also used his metal prosthetic leg to beat my mother.

    I personally have no problem with makeup, or photographs of it, that look like someone has been beaten up. It's makeup and it doesn't glorify or romanticize abuse to do art. I feel like I'm kinda in line with the idea that no one makes a big deal about action movies. Someone had to do that makeup of someone bleeding with a giant gash in their arm. Someone had to do the makeup of dirty bruises and nosebleeds. And when every day people (and celebrities that are literally famous for makeup) do makeup, that's just art to me. I actually love the people who pose as victims of domestic violence as overcoming it. Like the one shown here where someone wrote "taking no mans shit" HELL YEAH. FIGHT BACK. I'm here for it because when I got beat because I told that stepfather that my little sister and I were NOT going to get back in the car with him because he was DRUNK…. I was fighting back. I got hit for it and it was worth it.

  65. They already have her in custody. And her mugshot surprising enough has a lot of memes popping up. The to many filters that why the police couldn't fine her.

  66. Let’s get mad because people are going outside…smh. You all will end up outside when this “pandemic” is over. Viruses don’t go away. They’re here forever. So remember when you bitched people out for still going outside. COVID-19 is forever. It’s never going away. We have to learn to live with it and understand eventually you’ll get it. Hopefully, there is a shot for it later but either way let’s not cast aspersions on people for going outside. You can’t shelter a person forever.

  67. Medical racism is a serious issue that’s been happening for decades. People who don’t experience racism sometimes forget how pervasive and deadly it still is for communities effected.

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