15 thoughts on “What law enforcement is doing differently to protect communities—and each other—from coronavirus

  1. Signs of the times my friends- we are stepping into uncharted territory. From the rapid rise in disaster, unrest, famine, and plague, to the foretold peace deals and Third Temple plans, something huge is coming. I love you all! 📖🕰

    And friends, please be sure to take advantage of the in-depth playlists that I have made for you to gain a much clearer understanding of all the pinpoint accurate codes and prophecies that have led us to this season. There is so much to know and so little time. Godspeed my dear friends, I love you all so much! 🕰📖👑

  2. Every state is declaring a state of emergency when the first person is suspected of having covid 19. Everytime they declare an emergency, there will be very little money left for business, people, companies……. because it will all go to the same groups it always goes to – the police, the emergency preparedness, the hospital, the government… It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Then, if the people need something, well stay at home and do the best you can, we are busy

  3. White males cops should also wipe and disinfect the bigotry racism and hate that they have for black people too🤦🏿‍♀️😭

  4. Since when does law enforcement do ANYTHING to protect its citizens ?

    theyre abusive, murderous road pirates, working for the establishment, not for you and I…

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