What is the best thing about being a charity trustee?

The best thing about being
a charity trustee must be that sense of satisfaction that
you’re involved in doing something that is making a real impact
in your world. It might be your local community,
it might be a bigger sphere of influence, that
cause that drives people to become involved in charities,
for you as a trustee to be making that contribution,
that has to be the best thing about being a
charity trustee The best thing about being a
trustee, for me, is being able to look at that
objective, strategic view from a board and being able to
see through the whole organisation right down to the people
that you’re want to support and care about – making sure that
they are at the heart of absolutely everything that
the organisation does I think the best thing about
being a trustee is being able to contribute to something
you believe in or something that you want to
work on. You can really make a
difference. You can really have a say in how an
organisaiton develops, what it takes on,
what direction it takes. You can really contribute to
building something big, something beautiful, something
that might have a very very positive impact on your
community or cause. Whatever you are interested in,
you could make a difference, you can be a part of that.
Be a small part of that, without having to give
up your whole life. You can contribute to something
much bigger than yourself The best thing about being a trustee
is I know I’ve made a difference to other people’s lives. So, I’m
a trustee for the ICAS foundation, and we help young people
from disadvantaged backgrounds into careers in financing and
accounting through bursaries and mentoring. We started with no young
people 6 years ago and we now have almost 100
at University that might not have made it otherwise. I know by being on the board,
I’ve contributed to changing those young people’s
lives. I think the best thing about
being a trustee is meeting other people, learning
about the causes and learning, growing as an
individual. The skills you learn in being a trustee can
be brought back into your day job, enhance your
employability and your overall awareness of what being a
trustee is. Throughout my career in the sector,
I’ve enjoyed the missions of organisations. I’ve felt I’ve
often benefitted much more when I’m contributing to another
organisation’s mission. For example, I am a trustee with
ACOSVO so over those years I’ve always felt like
what I’m gaining and learning to the work of ACOSVO has been
enormously beneficial to the work of my own
organisation. For me, the great thing is
to expand your own knowledge, your own interest, and just
being really enthused by the added value that scotland’s
charities make to our society. There is many great things
about being a trustee. When I look back on the
role that I’ve had. You can meet new people,
meet young people, with the projects, hopes and
desires they had for the future. It’s a thoroughly interesting
thing to do outside of work that allows you expand your knowledge
of the charity sector, and to find a way that you can use
your skills to help others.

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