What a Weekend for Bitcoin and Ethereum! What does this week have in store?

what's up everyone I hope everyone had a great weekend I'm sure you did and there's probably right but that's I mean something just right here that was uh that was incredible uh how many of you guys feel like all of a sudden is 2017 all over it as Wow does it ever feel like that to you guys because it definitely feels like that now Wow Bitcoin wow if yeoreum this stuff happened it seemed like you know it just kind of happened out of nowhere you know and the really thing that really beautiful thing that I love about it is I was sitting on here on the live feed on Friday we were at 97-80 and I was saying alright well I think it's gonna get the ten thirty ten thousand three hundred and it might go to eleven thousand hundred and I literally was like there's no way that's gonna happen in my head but it was just incredible to watch that and how many of you guys joined the journey for that one with me because it was absolutely popcorn esque pull the popcorn now and just start eating it Bitcoin showed us that she don't care what you do or what you say you're gonna do Bitcoin corn is king always you know if you ever played some of those games where you you know you have to visit Settlers of Catan and stuff like that corn is king right Bitcoin was beautiful and etherium Wow um another one I said about 311 it would hit it hit about 314 and started to correct back down but these things are just absolutely beautiful incredible specimens to walk and really excited today to share stuff with you about what's gonna happen next and yeah you know I don't know what your name is in real life mr. ape soon but do let throw that in there but yes XRP eventually will follow but it's always slow just remember that now let's see who's got here um family it's really nice to see you I've been a little while Eric Peter Matz Richard anyone else that's watching right now on Facebook or YouTube guys just just say hello let us know that you're here if you have any questions I do these Mondays and Fridays for AMA so you can ask any questions that you want don't feel shy will make fun of you I'm an educator so it's all about helping you guys along in the journey to become successful and financially free so let's do this as a team it's not about me it's about you and this is why I do these things not for myself because this doesn't pay mean I'm not getting endorsed by anyone right now as this is really just to help the community grow and help people that want to learn about cryptocurrencies learn about cryptocurrencies and so I just want to start off with that because it's really important that everyone knows that I'm not getting paid and I really do want you guys to really be successful and I'm gonna help you along the way so today I'm gonna teach you a new part of the each of moku as well like stuff a lot of people asked me to question how do I set my stop loss but I'm gonna kind of go over that and tell you how to try to teach you guys how to do that in a couple ways places you Adrian really needs to see you you're from Cardiff in the US and the UK right on brother um UK what it's still probably a little bit early in the morning there nice right on and or afternoon I can't remember how the UK time is like six hours so you're about eleven o'clock in the morning so around lunch well stuff brother so welcome to the show everyone let's get started as you can see behind me Bitcoin woke up and that's kind of the face of even myself I'm not a bear I'm a super bowl everyone who knows me for the last couple years in this industry knows that I'm almost always bullish but you know we really are bullish now and I've seen some videos about LS and LS o who's from New York and he's really good you gave a different perspective but I just think that if we aren't in the bull run right now it'd be really odd us not to be and let's go over why today how that is and I'll just I'll jump right in so first thing I love this this meme right here it's not gonna go black 5k we're gonna get all in and yeah this is from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia so it's really funny clip and we kind of just we're done if they all start laughing so it's kind of how I felt about about it now we're not making fun of people it's just a funny meme I like to start with that Pennsylvania nice right own um is a meisinger right leer pop I hope I'm saying that right great to have you on on here and let's get into what's going on with binding so I have a little bit of a reveal for you guys today's this is some some news that I know is coming you all also know what's coming but you don't know when and when you have kind of a timeline of when something is gonna happen you can use that to your benefit and obviously you know from these types of a piece of information so I just want to give you guys some really clear instructions of what's gonna happen on July the 2nd ok and and that is the day that you should be marking in your book the day after Canada Day a couple days before Independence Day in the US and the US this is what you need to look for who is South Africa right on getting some different parts of the globe I'm in Thailand so we got Asia we got Africa we got us we got UK this is really cool now let me jump into some really interesting pieces of information finance has her first liquidation on a BTC short and cz went on and actually trolled the person who did it whoever it was they don't know remember it was they got trolled don't bet against Bitcoin and don't get a bet against B and B now I don't know if you guys know this but C Z and Finance are actually holding a huge event in Vietnam that they're sponsoring ok put those pieces together I'm showing you number one this you're seeing that number two I'm showing you that you shouldn't bet against BMB number three they're hosting a massive event on July 2nd and what do you think who do you think is the main person that's speaking at this event none of the men himself easy now put these pieces into play we have finance margin trading that hasn't know started for everyone else yet I started doing liquid nations with the first thousand people that got in in a week from today or we can shallowed it over a week from today finance is going to have this huge massive conference ok in Vietnam on Taipei sorry wrong Taipei and here's the craziest part at that conference I'm gonna bet my but it's easy comes out and says margin trading is now officially open for everyone and why will he say that maybe not that exact day it will start but it's going to be open for everyone and why would he say that here's here's a very justified reason why is going to say that because a all those pieces come together be we just had regular by nan stiff you guys haven't noticed update it went into the new platform so that's ready they're testing that out live the next piece cuz you see the M on there for margin trading his margin trading this is what I think is going to happen it's something really important you should learn and know that binding is very likely on July 2nd is going to announce margin trading is open at this huge conference make sure that you don't miss that because it could you know it's really something that personally I am going to do I have been loading Bitcoin and loading B&B now people been like why loading B&B because if this announcement comes out I'm expecting bTW B&B to not only break the $40 barrier but push the $45 barrier so keep that in mind I'll show you that from another perspective as well now seesee came out and said today that if India wants to ban crypto currencies and ban Bitcoin that's actually going to hurt them more than anything because the people will then stand up and say no I don't agree with this and I totally agree with seesee that the more it's banned the more people wanted it's like drugs and Portugal what they did about 10 12 years ago they made all drugs legal and their crime rate decreased by 50% in the first few years the drug used to decrease they set up a lot of programs to help people to deal with drug abuse and guess what happened it stopped being a big problem in Portugal and this is stuff that's gonna happen with Bitcoin if you know if they let it happen but if they don't let it happen it's like when people are kids and they can't drink alcohol and they go out and get really drunk because they're like it's so bad right if you make it normalized Bitcoin matter to people is to use it and it won't be a big deal but they're making it a big deal there and so that's kind of what we're sees going with this is that you know also on the other side is if you're in India you're gonna be paying $500 approximately for some time for some people more than bitcoins costs if you're paying up ten thousand nine hundred dollars right now for a Bitcoin in in the other paying eleven thousand four hundred dollars for the same exact Bitcoin kind of seeing what we saw with the kimchi the kimchi what's it called that extra we didn't what we called it again the chemistry premium that's what it's both back in 2017 now a couple other pieces before I jump into the TA I know you guys are waiting for that thanks for being your patient Mark Zuckerberg this is a really weird story okay and the reason why I call it a weird story is because Mark supper is stole Facebook and now he's stealing Bitcoin this is really funny and here's the reason why no one can steal Bitcoin no one owns Bitcoin no one you know what I mean and here's the thing Facebook is not Bitcoin Facebook is a stable coin that's going to make digital currencies more normal for the everyday user all your friends and family members that we're saying this to pay this is just a coin it's not worth anything it's not the same as cash well now they're kind of flipping the script aren't they if your show them this stuff and they're going well grayscale and black rock and you know all the big institutions like JPMorgan and banks and Amazon and you know you just Google you start seeing that me go okay maybe this is something real right and so this kind of stuff where we see that all these things are happening you're gonna see fun and this is fun they're not stealing Bitcoin bitcoin is a decentralized currency nobody owns Bitcoin even Satoshi Nakamoto if they are they I'm saying they cuz it's more than one person for sure they are alive and all them are around they are not known for a reason decentralization means that we the people have the control nobody else okay this is why this industry is so vibrant and so beautiful is because crypto currencies industry is number one a very decentralized nobody owns Bitcoin type of it's a society basically a people and the thing is we're trying to implement that into the world's population and so this kind of stuff is really stupid because the Libra is not a cryptocurrency it has some mechanism similar to it like for example the Libra does have some type of proof of stake mechanisms but will it be big probably will it be good for everyone probably not just remember all these things and that's just all it is and this is really funny article I want to bring it up now last thing before we get into charts is really really important for all of you guys and for all of you guys I mean you your family members your uncles and your cousins everyone make sure they do not fall victim to cryptocurrency scams when this market does what you saw it do this past weekend what you will see is in a puller up and I'm not talking about a few I'm talking about thousands of new scams people trying to take your money that you worked hard for and put it in their own pocket so if people talk to you and message you first video call them make sure you see their face and you know who they are because 9 times out of 10 maybe even higher than that those people will not have a video call with you because they're not who they say they are always double check with chat group of mins and do not take anything that seems too easy or too good to be true for granted because it is if it's I'm giving you money you give me money and we switch it back it's too good to be true right so don't fall into the scams okay you're gonna see more and more of them and even injurious and it's not us and I said this the other day there's gonna be new waves of scammers new types of scams and things that we haven't seen before always do your face checks ok zoom call that person make sure you see them don't trust anyone blindly in this industry as much as we love it decentralization means if you send them that money it is gone and it is gone for ever okay now to the education which you guys all love so much let's get started and look at the charts because the charts speak volumes to what's happening first thing we can look at here is this our total market cap so as we look over the weekend actually since June 10th which is about 14 days ago two weeks today our market cap total market cap has risen by about 37 percent that is a lot of money guys we're talking about going from two hundred and twenty six billion dollars to three hundred and fifteen billion dollars this is not some small chunk of change people are getting excited and getting into this market that's really cool car I don't know what that is the number is that your number anyways that's all good let's let's look at the charts now so we have that I look at this total so this is how you find it is write total on tradingview and you can find the total market cap see where the trend is going as we can see we are currently in an uptrend and it doesn't seem like we're really gonna stop anytime soon okay so we go to the next thing we look at Bitcoin dominance so this is how dominant Bitcoin is versus all the other altcoins in the whole entire market so you look at that O'Call btcd and you can look it up and see where are we in according to this up I move off the fractals in the each omocha make it a really simple chart we can see that our our market cap for Bitcoin is rising which means what you should not do is get into the altcoins not yet anyways so if you're thinking about all I want to get my favorite all coins if this keeps on an uptrend you do not want to get into altcoins here's why as Bitcoin Rises all coins will decline if there are against BTC as we look up coins we usually look up BTC USD right no we don't we look up something like if we're looking at other coins a DA BTC so a DA just went on a tear right look how much of a tear one if we look at it in US dollar value though we owe a DA USD look at this you're gonna actually have earned profit you see the difference between USD and BTC there's a huge huge difference guys absolute opposite the reason why it's like that that's doing this is because bitcoin dominance as it rises it makes other coins worth less mark is great to see you from st. Louis Missouri what's up brother help you hope you're doing well I know else is from st. Louis Missouri Bitcoin bet I believe good luck good Congrats on your guy's Stanley Cup if you watch all right now we see these two things that are very important to look at every single day total market cap Bitcoin diamonds then look at other coins I'll show you a really good example of that BnB let's look at B&B over the last week so B&B a nice run up this was that Friday where we had this is the Friday right here where we were told about right here was the Friday that we were told about Finance is not going to be in the US we had a huge dump then we pumped a bit then we dumped more they'll be proud to be they were no more against the big against Bitcoin okay now let's look at this against the US dollar look at the difference so in that same time span it never dumped it just kept going up that was the day that huge dump I showed you against Bitcoin that was just right here this little blip that's it so when you're looking at these things you really need to keep attention and pay attention to that the US dollar if you care about US Dollars and that's what you want to go up great but if you left it in Bitcoin if you had to Bitcoin and you left it a Bitcoin it'd be worth more than bit been being me at this point now long term probably not but something to really take consideration there's a relationship between PTC's rise and Libra announcement absolutely what do you what do you know that everybody knows there's everybody know Bitcoin yeah some people heard about it kind of sure how many of your parents have bought or used Facebook before how many of your friends have used Facebook how many of anybody use Facebook so Facebook the name Amazon Facebook Starbucks Google you know Microsoft when these guys are all in the news every day using Bitcoin it's gonna cause people to look at Bitcoin and look at other cryptocurrencies so what will end up happening and be like the dark horse bitcoins in the middle kind of hiding in the horse and then boom it's gonna open up and attack everybody from the inside right so bitcoin is it's the currency that will kind of keep the body guessing if you might say and really get some people into the wrong side of things for sure but what am I expecting for B&B before we go in a Bitcoin here's what I'm looking at for being B okay now we're gonna look at it against US dollar because Bitcoin we don't know it's gonna go completely at this point it's kind of a it's got a mind of its own at this point but if we looking at our chart here we can see that it's very likely that we're gonna hit $45 soon that's what I think we're gonna hit we're gonna hit 45 50 dollars in the next couple months especially after by Nantz comes out with margin trading and keeps doing iOS and we still have a few more months total US has any issue and the US will find ways I'm telling you right now there's always a will there's always a way in India just got introduced to B & B in math scale like millions and millions of them over there so that's another thing to keep in mind – so we're looking at very likely a really beautiful movement on B and B and if we look on the cloud as well open up each moco's here we can see that we had a nice TK cross right here still an uptrend and what's coming down to is this this Kuchiki gene bounce okay so let me just move this out so you can see a keygen okay so I use each of moku to make trades I use fractals in each of moku HMO ku you guys can look up just on indicators here begin here and click each mo ku and you can find it and click on that change your settings to here here to 2060 31 20 or actually 30 it's a it's 20 60 120 30 on normal each omocha cloud I'll show you that here 20 60 120 30 that's how you'll be late okay so what does it mean when you're trying to place a stop loss so let's say you're like alright looks like B&B is about to shoot back up it looks like it touched this double bottom right here tweezer bottom if you don't know what that is it's just when to long too long wicks come and touch the same level this fractal level here if I just delete that you can see no fractals we see that's two two bottoms right there so it kind of started to push back up now when I'm looking to put in a stop loss the reason why a lot of us lose trades and it's really simple we get really paranoid and scared that we're gonna lose so we cut it of the trade and we don't set it up set up your trades okay and this is how you can do it there's a couple places you can look this is the kujan our keygen sorry so the kitchen is a really strong a really strong area where price will bounce off of it's it's like you're it is 100% of the time a 50% retracement a so this area if it touches it's going to move back up and if you look at that normally it's gonna do that it usually acts as either resistance as you see here or will act as support as you can see on those down here a bit or act as support as you can see kind of right here as it bounced bounce bounce bounce bounce it kept going not always perfect though but it's a really good indicator usually for when you're you know trying to figure your stop loss there's a couple places number one ijen number two the bottom of this cloud right here so this area should maybe look into placing it down here or down here right and then at the third place you can put your stop loss would be here obviously the more the further away the higher the risk but it depends on how high you're looking to go and you have to do your risk reward so when you're doing this like I showed you guys right here to here so if we're doing I'm just gonna do this quickly if we're looking at $43 right we have to look at our risk versus reward if I'm going to enter a trade right now at this level and I'm gonna put my stop-loss add the keygen riches right here I need to make sure that this are here 1.5 so I need to at least hit this level at $43 to have a good risk to reward ratio on this trade you would be a pretty good 5% stop-loss 15 percent gain it's a three to one ratio it's perfect right that'd be a good if you wanted to be a little bit more loose you could go down to the bottom of the cloud here and you're still at a good ratio of 1.5 you always have to be at least 1.5 you don't want to go lower than that so if you're resetting your stop-loss at the bottom is cloud you would need to probably have a higher no you probably have to look at a higher area to keep that one point high bar okay I'll teach this guys in a course it's coming out so if you're not if you're really confused just try to take it in as you can all right now let's look a Bitcoin where is she going what a Darth Maul we had yesterday holy moly that was crazy so and when we're looking at Bitcoin here let's take a couple a look at a couple factors right now all right so we have a green cloud which means it's positive this is a bright future or some people call it or we have a kuhmo twist down here which means we went from a not so bright future at a dark area where the price might decrease or stay under now we're over the cloud and we have a bright for meaning we should come up still we're still in an uptrend and I mean is we're in a parabolic uptrend if you look at Bitcoin anyways now where would I put my stops on this trade okay so let's say I'm gonna get in right now it looks like we're gonna consolidation and starting to pump a little bit we have what we would call a three inside up right here so that's when we have a long a long handle that's bearish down followed by one in the middle and a third one that has to close so this is still an hour and 34 minutes away it could come back down and not be a three in setup but if this closes above this level right here the three inside up and what that means is that it's a very bullish movement on the candlestick so we could see Bitcoin actually start going on its next movement up now I showed you guys over before the weekend started where we thought or I thought we were going and we got there a lot faster than I thought we were gonna get there to be completely honest now here's what we're looking at in the shorter term with kind of a where we could go next so if we do close above here I'm on that 11th out eleven hundred and eleven three eleven thousand three hundred range around here but don't let that fool you there's a lot of our a lot of endless that I'm friends with that I said yeah but we really could get up to this level so there's two levels we can get to now other opposite end of the spectrum could be this we could then go down and test this tenkan so the tenkan is another place you can set a stop loss if you want a tighter stop-loss so if we're right now entering a trade and it's ten thousand nine hundred this stop-loss would be set around this level at the 786 right where that blue line is what's called a 10-game and now be around for at ten thousand four eighty-six so don't make too tight of a trade don't put too much leverage in a trade trade so that you have some wiggle room so if it does come down and touch that you're okay and if you're trading really long term for like Bitcoin 18 20 K you should even be looking at this icky June to make your next stop so if we're gonna do map this out really quick let's show you what I'm talking about if I'm gonna make a trade right now at this level and I want to set it at the keygen I'm gonna put it right here so I'm a 10% stop-loss it's pretty considerable $1,100 right but if I'm eyeing something like 15 to 20 K that's okay if we get to let's say 17 K before we move down that would be a beautiful trade you know you'd be up five times five and a half times so that'd be fine now it's not really something that I would put in at this point I don't think we're gonna get that high but you could set up another trade where you use a ten King right so if I set up a 10 kenaz my stop-loss I'm gonna enter here I'm gonna set my stop loss right on that 786 where the tenkan is and then I'm gonna look for that you know that eleven hundred then eleven hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and forty one which would give me a three point four or even just setting up right here for that for that one now that is too tight so I wouldn't enter this trade deeply completely honest I wouldn't enter a trade with less than one point five never enter one with less than ten point as if you've any questions throw them in there throw them in there you just hope bears don't come a bears can come here's the thing guys the trend is your friend and this is why people lose money a lot okay you lose money when you see this and you do the opposite and let me just delete some of these guys because I've already shown you what I'm I'm expect happen look for that three inside up that I've circled here look for in an hour an hour and 31 minutes from now no matter where you live in the world from this live feed this time if this closes if this next candle closes above 10,000 let me just zoom in here if it closes above 10,000 641 if it closes above that which is really on its way up there we could see it move up it's gonna go towards that 11:3 area this area right here guys so make sure that you have that mapped out on your map it all out sure you got it done we're gonna be moving towards this area where we can test this top and if we get through there we could go much higher up to that 12,000 or even 14,000 is an arranged if possible Rolph man nice to see you hey if you guys haven't been doing it go on – Dex it's actually really cool and I've been on I mean I'm leading a training competition on there right now for unification it's pretty sweet it's basically just trading and keeping some some good volume on the Dex you know so that they can anything is there's a really small project but so I'm trying to get them and help them to get on – by NASSCOM because I really really believe this project is something that's going to do some really beautiful things for a lot of small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise businesses now let's jump in and go into Ethier iam so on aetherium I know you guys who were watching you may have been like are I a joke a it was 200 and I think before the weekend it was what day was that that was the 22nd for the weekend it was sitting before this huge pomp around two hundred and eighty dollars it was right around here I believe we're around five o'clock somewhere around this range in this area this time was $280 we're in 86 and I said we'll probably gets at 311 let's look where that went uh it definitely went a lot further and like I said this is ta so we just we make predictions we're not always right I'm not always ready to make mistakes just as much as anyone else so don't think I'm some type of special person here guys I'm not I'm just a normal guy put my shoes on just the way everyone else does we're all just people in this world and we're all just trying to make it together and that's what I love about this so we were I um we were eyeing he's 311 obviously that changes now because obviously there's been you know movements in the opposite direction but when we were at 287 right around here believe we're around there around there somewhere around this area we were looking at like 311 three I think was 311 that I'd drawn so I both 311 right so that's really interesting that we got all the way above and passed that now how did I know that was gonna happen I'll be completely honest I didn't but here's some things that I was looking at before even thinking that this might happen this is our tenkan right we use it as a stoploss and generally if the price keeps coming down here but we had this dragonfly doji that was a good thing we were like alright it's gonna come back up so but we're looking at this we have a TK cross which is when the blue line which is buyers cross the red line which are the sellers generally and we had this 50% retrace all the time which is following and we have the tenkan so Tankian is our first line of stop-loss that we would use and look at how really this is a beautiful tool because if I'm using this tanken right here yesterday you guys saw we had a huge dip we had a Darth Maul dip down to two hundred and ninety-four dollars you see where that stop-loss would have been perfect if you kept following when you entered on the start of the weekend around here which is when I was looking at it he would started the weekend here and you just follow your stop loss on this tenkan you would have never got stuck you still be in the trade if you hadn't done that and just use straight-up Fibonacci this is what likely would have happened to you you would have seen this happen it'd have been in you would've been like aiming for a certain number like that and you might have you know stopped out it like 297 because you set your stop around there I don't know exactly how you would have done it I don't use a human huh no I don't use another type of stop-loss is there a good time of day to enter trades New York yes yes um last night this is actually the time you should have exited this is about three o'clock in the morning every time my time at 3 a.m. Bangkok Standard Time this is when we either see a huge pump or a huge dump it says something to keep in mind you either see a big pump or a big dump in that range 3 o'clock to 7 a.m. and then we usually have a pump again at 7 moves after that 3 o'clock then we had another dump at 7 o'clock and by the time we got to 11 we're starting to pump back up and look we're not really far from where we were at at the top here I mean our local resistance 313 for most of the time we're at 309 so what do I think is gonna happen now I think we're gonna move up more and we have this really beautiful cloud here telling us law in a straw it's pretty strong resistance if it's trying to go it's trying to keep coming up trying to move up still more and so let's look at if we're gonna enter a trade in the eath where we would look for next so what when you draw you get when you guys draw this you're gonna draw from the bottom up back down for your basement and by a-fib extension and we're gonna look for is where we going next so very likely this is also what I had told you guys before a three inside up on aetherium on the for our on candle down second counts almost like a bullish engulfing and now we're moving on up where are we going next good question I think we will come to that 320 very likely test that 320 will we come down is a hard question to say but it's possibly we come back down right but then try to get towards 336 in the shorter term in the longer term I'm aiming $400 somewhere around this range why 400 let's look go on through these two day chart or is it the three day charge us a three day charge Otto this there is all my might hold on sorry guys let me just go to it if USD okay so another trade in HMO COO is edge to edge so what that means we enter into the cloud really very bearish cloud on the three so three-day knose long-term trade we had the TK cross here we were underneath the cloud so it would be hard to enter that point until I saw a test and now here what you see is a test of the kitchen and the tenkan and it held that tenkan line all the way until the broke out to that cloud and now we're aiming for this right around here move into this range the 450 is not far-fetched but if we're looking at just the cloud it might take a couple more days looking around here so if I was entering a trade for a longer term on etherium right now I would be entering here setting my stop-loss of the tenkan and very least maybe even here but that's too much so I didn't up sorry about that I'd enter it and put it right on the right on the t'ankin and then I would look for this $400 range but about however I'll be aiming there so we have a woman it's not a perfect range long term I'd probably even try to get up to that range but yeah we'd have to look for that now another thing you can do is turn on fractals this also give you another range but the fractal right here is not helping us because it's too long term oh I would be setting it somewhere around that range you really should have been getting into that trade here though once you got into the cloud and closed in that cloud right here I would open my trade there I would have set my stop loss for around the tenkan right here or the ki-joon right there and then I would have had a long-term trade up to there I'd be looking at that four-and-a-half 4.8 4.8 to one ratio if we stopped out we stopped out down here not the end of the world so make sure you set your risk and your reward before you even start if you wanted to you also could have used the tenkan because it was supported so long and you could have even had a higher that's why people are aiming for $400 on Syria rather be in BTC or alts right now I would 110 percent rather be inside of BTC versus or aetherium because both are very bullish right now than any else and I'll show you what so yesterday people were saying to me I'll come because we have our trading system needs in a trade the Athena trading platform if you guys don't know about it just look up Athena project trade we have our own trading system which automates a lot of this process for you and can follow trades like my own so we can actually have you know someone like myself setting this stuff up for you instead of you doing it yourself and you know taking the emotion of trading which is the hardest part even I make mistakes still so no one's perfect in this game I'm friends with some really good traders that are like flood mechs and captain : on Twitter so those guys are definitely really helpful and health help me in my own trading because you have to learn from somewhere guys if you don't learn from someone you're never gonna learn take the time take a couple hours a week and just learn that and you'll get better at it a lot better at it okay now another place was the fractals that we could set a stop loss so fractals are these little dots down here so it kind of matched up on the tenkan here but sometimes it doesn't sometimes you enter a trade right here that's your fractal sometimes you enter trade right here and that's your frack it depends on that as well but let's not talk about that's kind of confusing for it new questions what's a good entry point for LTC now I'm looking at 1100 actually frailty see it's very very bullish if you guys don't know this is a beautiful Head and Shoulders pattern and in shoulders there's a shoulder right here so we have I can't I draw a picture huh hold it right there head right there other shoulder but on the daily or the four-hour wasn't that daily no it's not on the deal where did I see the head and shoulders on like remember we had this she's not showing hold on guys I got to remember which time frame it was on well it's pretty pretty darn close here anyways so we saw there was a head and shoulders formation I can't remember if it was now or before our first because before our first but doesn't matter let's just continue but we had this harridan shoulders present you know pop up I think it might have been on the hourly it can't remember the actual timeframe because he just things a little bit on I'm frame but we had this head and shoulders pattern come in and then we saw this really big and I was kind of expected to be all there it is sorry everyone so and around sick around 1,500 we had this no it's not here okay sorry guys I'm searching for something I can't see anymore anyway we had we had this really bearish momentum and I told you guys a while back that litecoin was gonna do this let me see if my chart still has it on there on the coinbase chart they'll have the lines there yes it does but look at my prediction so I was thinking that we were definitely gonna get a little bit higher before we had this dump well it's it doesn't mean that we're done and we're not gonna be getting there or anything like that but here's something to take into consideration forty days which is about there so on July 1st it's about forty thirty five forty days so we actually start to move down towards that having a lot of people think having is are generally positive we had our five waves up one two really had like wave one with two wave I guess you can call this all wave three technically but I would call this wave three a four or a five and now we're starting to do an a/b now I could be wrong I'm not an Elliott Wave trader but it definitely does look for it but if I'm going to get an LTC right now if we're looking at LTC BTC this is where I would get in I would be looking and eyeing this level right like here I'll be looking and eyeing around either if we're looking on a larger timeframe this level right here at the blow or when I look next swing low would be right around here around this level so around 1200 SATs we're almost there honestly and it could also be in this 1100 Sat range so anywhere in this box I'll draw it for you so you can look anywhere in a box between here and here would be a good entry point but it's very bearish right now so be very careful who are those two guys who are those two guys – just what do you mean od what do you say that again I don't mean I understand what you mean bittorrent okay let's look at that quick bTW TBT see it's been on a very bearish movement too but here the thing is guys if you look at any old coins I'll show you more let's look at east ET c bt c all of them are gonna show the zach same pattern you go to a ta b TC look at the same thing why because when I told you guys at the start bitcoin dominance this is why bitcoin goes up all the alt coins go down and I mean all of them yo s down um x LM down right quantum now not as bad actually it's been holding pretty good though this suddeniy also looking what software am I using Oh Travis I'm using the guys on Twitter you watch oh the guys are called the flood mechs thinking USA captain Cole and the boot obviously if you guys don't know them check them out they're really cool yes new no very good one to point out I'm very bullish on Denton I've always been even then it was at 32 SATs and went down to 17 I was still bullish look at dent it's completely gone and done the opposite and look at what we see here on this floor out does anyone see this because I see something really really interesting here if you don't see it I'm gonna show you this is what we call a cup and handle and it's breaking out of the cup and handle right now and how we know it's a confirmed cup and handle as we'll have it go from the top down we're here all the way down and we'll move down 30% or so at minimum let's look at how much it went down look at that a perfect cup in hand what does that mean where will it go well cups and handles generally if you draw another side of the cup to make it there cool that's the area we're aiming for so we could get all the way up into this range up here we get back to that 37 sat range if we do wow what a great investment even if you held it the whole time it's be the same thing as if you held Bitcoin so that's a good one Ren is another one there's scum there's some coins that are doing a little bit opposite and we don't really know exactly why but they're making beautiful cups so they might be moving this one not as much Suns kind of figuring itself out in the cloud right now it's in that no trade zone I call it a lot of other traders would call this a no trade zone when you're in the cloud it's to neutral there's a lot of sideways action you don't really get into trades when they're sideways and what t-rex do I have to say okay that's a good one I'm I'm not a I'm not a huge fan of t-rex right now but let's look at it it's also down but here here's another interesting thing it looks like it had a nice bottom here and it had a reversal doji and it's starting to climb and we're on the four hours so it's looking like it's trying to hit now here's what we might see it might go into the cloud do an edge to edge and go out of the cloud or it might hit the cloud and then retrace and come back down so we could go have a nice move it here and then all of a sudden our next move will be like this back down to the tenkan wood and probably be right around here by that point something around there so it could have a movement up or through the cloud you know come here and touch the cloud and go down or go up through the cloud from an edge-to-edge place can't tell you right now I can't pursue the future but generally when their own you're under the cloud there's a really big resistance in the cloud and you're in between you know it's kind of like a no-trade for me I wouldn't get into this one I don't like I don't do super Swift quick swing trades a little bit more volatile thoughts on a OS give you guys a couple more keep asking some questions if you have any other questions about projects and stuff we'll definitely happily answer but remember that Holbein ants news thing that we're gonna see very very likely from by Nancy Z on this on the 2nd of January or July sorry I'm out and say that margin trainings gonna live don't be shocked when you heard it here first I'm telling you and I'm telling you because I want you guys to be prepared and win I want you guys to win that's really the goal for me and this whole game is everyone that watches me inwards with me is winning alright so here we go we see this kind of like a mini double bottom here that's a good thing it's also where there's local resistance from before not just right now and I'll show you what I mean by that we've had resistance and this our support sorry in this area for you know many different times before in the past so that's a pretty strong area of support so that's a good thing it means you probably won't go lower than there and then we can see our next lines of you know our next lines of resistance would be now these have to flip and turn into resistance because their price action is blow so it was before above we all know that when we had hit this area right here with the announcement of vos the voice and so looking at that we could see very well that we go really down to our bottom down there we can see that might come all the way down to the 786 if we break that but it might come and bounce off here and start moving back up you go to a little bit or aspyn span you can come and see that I could do a full retracement on this one this movement right here and then start its way back up but EOS is super bearish as well most of the crypto currencies right now that are not Bitcoin in aetherium are or dent or Ren and a couple others that have been kind of in between they're all bearish very bearish very very bearish okay even XRP very bearish if you shorted this from 8,000 you would have made a killing an absolute killing and why is because XRP follows big ec late and I'll show you a really good example of this XRP you guys remember when it hit $3 remember what time of year it was when it hit $3 let me just remind you of this when I hit $3 this was um it was $3 right around here that was January 2nd guys no one BTC hit it stop you remember let me show you PTC hit it stop here December 18 xrp always follows big after it's already moved okay so that's something to keep in mind and not freak you out but it's true we're gonna see xrp move after bitcoin but here's something to look at here and it's really really good in piece of information right there right there we've made a nice double bottom very strong double bottom and the last time XRP made a double bottom this strong one – look what happened it moved up I think that was in September last year about 200 percent and fort in like three days or four days does that mean it's gonna happen again this time no we had a similar size of cloud that we have right now so it's it's really hard to say with XRP but extra pika definitely have some movements I'm telling you right now thanks Dan nice to see you over here manager said just saw your alt salt will rise guys and this is what I'm trying to explain what's Bitcoin it's like it's localized top and goes sideways for a little bit with your m going sideways for a little bit the second thing that happens is we go to high cap coins like TRX a DEA xlm you know yo ass Bitcoin cash those are all gonna pump like crazy once we chill the coins that are gonna be in trouble or probably our small cap low cap coins that don't have a really long history or don't have a really good history for the long term so they never pumped or they know are they pump really fast and dumped like icx like want chain now are they dead no definitely not but they're in trouble with all these new technologies and new projects coming out that seem a little bit more sophisticated we're gonna see when bitcoins done its its movements some of these coins are definitely gonna die off some of them maybe not all of them but projects that you know you may know that you kind of thought were good some of them are gonna be leaving the space keep that in mind how often do I do live T in info sessions Dan I do them every Monday and Friday so today's Monday started the week recap the weekend and Fridays to kind of go into the weekend and I'll be doing this most time I am gonna be at a conference for the next three days tonight I go to the VIP and then I'm at a next block conference in Bangkok for two days that should be interesting I'll meet Celsius and a couple of their big projects there and coin market cap and up other of those guys and so yeah Rollag give you guys some updates from there as well so my thoughts on Etienne stellar so a TA in stellar generally moved together Ben so when we look at things like a da and Stella right so we're looking 88 two things with 88 K number one Shelly Shelly just came just came on from test net was late but it finally came and people like it but if we're looking at Bitcoin versus all these other coins again we're seeing similar movements we're seeing these really bottom II areas again now here's the thing a da that we can't really count December because when it came out everything blew up then but the last time we touched here we had we hadn't touched here a couple times and then we had this really big movement and it doesn't look like a big movement but when you click on here and you go and alright and you when you look at the movement had had it went up a hundred and 25 percent last time does that mean it's gonna happen again against Bitcoin I don't know but let's look at a da when I was telling people that I was really loving the price was when I'm looking at a US dollar so I hit about two and a half cents or three cents I was telling me I was picking up like 20,000 of them and they were saying like why and I said like a look at this like it's up to hit ten dollars today from two point seven two point eight three cents so it's been on a really beautiful tear just bitcoins been doing better that's just the reality bitcoins been moving better than everything well it is we have to be sure that we we know now if you guys are watching on facebook go onto YouTube as well look up Athena education and click on the subscribe and like and comment on there and do whatever you got to do I love to read these things later and get feedback from you guys things that you'd like to see me do if you have any questions or concerns if you'd like me to cover something I maybe don't cover normally throw them in there first time watching me brother Oh awesome Lawrence it's great to see you here definitely back awesome I'll definitely be here it is for you guys as well and it's nice to see you Dan as well and everyone else here so I'll just kind of end off someone asked sorry she was asked how bullish on iron blubber and what are the best exchanges so blabber is a project that I advised we just did we just sold out um we sold out in two rounds eight hundred thousand dollars it's an app that uses location air device and it has social mining so as you guys actually use the app like on Facebook you get nothing they'll give you something and advertisers can pay you directly for your data you get to keep it in your private key there's a little bit it's cool and it's like if you travel and you want to make friends or know where to eat or you know in order to buy something all that stuff will be on your phone when you open it on blabbers that's a pretty cool project i don't give financial advice tell you what abide it or not but it is on i dax will be on okx on the 1st of July as well as coin iam those are the three on Isis you're Pamela it's great having you here brian is – have you been nice to have you guys are all grading and I'll give you your last one here npx s3 sheet and then we'll do the very very last one for Raven coin D cash is also going to move Baba absolutely so there's so many coins that get deal I'll just I'm gonna end this in a couple minutes because I actually have to go to a few dinner for a conference that I'm speaking at in on Tuesday and Wednesday but let me just finish this up for you guys and then we'll definitely get through it so MP XS it's it's funny right and they have some really cool things going for them but I mean on a long-term outlook it hasn't looked good but remember they just released all of their coins in a circulation not too long ago and and against Bitcoin of course it's not gonna look very good now what I think pun D does have for it is if you look at this project and you look at it longer term this definitely is gonna come back up when Bitcoin chills so and here's the risk to reward here guys if we only go up 8 Satoshi's or seven look at this if we go up six Satoshi's it's a 76% game this is a great time to grab in this and this is it's at it's at eight satoshis the lowest sever Ben is seven seven eight satoshis for this coin is when I picked it up I picked it up at eight satoshis and I'm waiting and waiting and I'll be happy even if it goes up one Satoshi look at how much it goes up from when Satoshi putting $1,000 make a hundred and 30-100 $32.50 it goes up to Satoshi should make a ton two hundred and fifty two hundred and sixty dollars just like that so it's one of those really low risk high reward but again if it goes lower I mean how much lower can it really go do you have a lot of good risk to reward ratio here let me just double to show you how to do that again click here your wrists or to me if it's zero it's gonna not gonna happen so let's say it goes down to like five Satoshi's right and if you go up to back to where it was around here which is a lot of a lot of work our sorry lot of resistance so you're looking at a three to one ratio and it's a lot higher chance that it will go up than down that much so that's something also to keep in mind when you're looking at alts to start don't start buying them yet but start looking at them the ones that you want to ask yes I do Laurence I we have our own platform called Athena Athena project on trade so Athena project rate I'll just throw that in there for you guys if you want to look at it any other time so just go on to that website Athena project trade we have a trading bot system that actually does all of it for you and kind of just copies what we're doing and it goes onto your telegram and it's it's really nice easy to use platform there's videos on my youtube page you guys check that out it's called Athena education so just check it out over there the reason why this page is called block traders because YouTube won't let me change it so that's just the way it is for now but we'll probably be moving into some other platforms and the last question was Raven so raven coin does look like it's getting ready I don't think it's there yet I looked at this I looked at it this morning as you can see some ta already drawn on that but here's the thing okay right now it's below where I was looking at it from before so it's it's not really doing super great here I mean we have to adjust this down got a descending triangle I mean could this break up absolutely it's just not there yet in my opinion I mean it really is not there yet in my now we did have like this really big move that I called s today guys look it looks like a double bottom but just bounced went up came back down we started looking at a by here hit the top and then it came back down so usually what happens is it will come down hit here at some point at the bottom like it has it hit the top one more time or it will break out so it's not there yet Raven probably will be there soon we still have a little bit of a cloudy we're underneath the cloud you know we're not we're still the tank ins it's like resistance right now it's gonna try its thinking and the keygen or resistance so what I mean by that is this red line is as sellers buyers it's resistance it's trying to come down so it's not there yet but just wait for it to kind of break through right here so when you're looking at what your look what you should be looking for right now is it they kind of get into this cloud and that would be a good idea but if you really want to be sure wait till it breaks out it will break out of this and then it will test it like this they'll come down and test that top of that triangle and then you'll see it move on its next wave up okay so keep your eyes on that and if you're gonna use Fibonacci tool that's another thing you could use a retracement tool so look bottom to the top where would we go we would look at that 786 would probably be a pretty good area for you to look at over here that try to achieve that 867 level what it does maybe you'd go up to this then back down that's the top and a third reading hey quick question quickly do you think neo can't recover to recite his heights um I think neo actually it's on my watch list right here even some alright let's put it on my way I notice I believe neo is going to have a huge movement guys huge movement I think it won't get to a hundred and sixty dollars again or anything like that anytime soon but it's starting to show signs of life again this might be because in neo 3.0 and they're definitely trying to push that second layer second layer scalability you know competing with the likes of mattock and some other plasma type of projects and in second layer second layer solution project so it's really looking bullish I mean remember I told you guys it will come down and test the tenkan look at exactly what it did it went up blew up through it went through the cloud came down and where did it go where your stop-loss should be you I was talking about from the start of the episode here was at the tanking this is where your stop-loss should be or a little bit below it because it can sometimes a week a little bit under so there you'd have it here oh and look at that so if you would put your if you had bought on the it's called the keygen bounce guys you'd bought on that I've been a beautiful trade for you for six percent in two days actually this is uh eight hours about eight hours you would have had that yeah eight hours so that would've been a nice easy one anyways that's pretty much it guys I'll leave it at that it's been a while it's been a blast it's great seeing so many new faces on here do follow me on youtube on facebook on twitter it's at joel coffee off you can see my name in the live description go on to youtube i'll leave a link here so you guys can join my youtube channel be great to see you guys on there because I can see more stuff on there and Facebook sometimes for some reason and can used to be maybe it's not anymore but used to kind of block some stuff because I was in a crypto and education and stuff it was kind of weird so it's great having you all here I hope you guys have a great wonderful start of your week I will see you all to get on Friday so it's actually my birthday on Wednesday so I'm pretty excited I'm turning 34 years young but we'll see you guys then have yourselves a great day you know and Coach K that's what I go by I'll sign it help see you guys soon happy going everybody you

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