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  1. As the NY trial begins, and with the new charges in LA, what do you think is going to happen? Do you think his lawyer has a strong case to argue? Let us know any and all thoughts in the comments.

  2. I do believe he committed sexual assault. I also know that some women are willing to use sex to advance their careers the same way some men are okay with cheating or back stabbing to advancing their careers. I am fairly certain a few of his accusors are bad faith actresses. I would have sex with that guy for a pay out in the millions of dollars too

  3. I can't imagine being a woman, and making a business out of defending men who are known to have sexually harassed or assaulted multiple women. To try to get them out of trouble. Disgusting

  4. For real, y'all need to cut out that damned robot sound in the background. I can't focus on shit, lol. I thought there was a phone ringing in the trunk.

  5. Cases like this are a good example of why a jury trial isn't a good idea. It's like getting sick, and having 12 random people coming up with a diagnosis on what ails you. By sheer dumb luck they might stumble on the correct answer, but it's not likely.

  6. The only good I see coming out of this is Justice for the victims but going forward what has Hollywood really done to change or remove these Predators from their positions of power

  7. I feel like these rogue rocket so called deep dives are providing less and less information and are becoming more about quantity not quality. It’s a shame

  8. Well. I think he is a monster in a monster system. All of Hollywood is guilty. Even and sometimes prominently the women. So many powerfull women are accusing Weinstein, but when that happened and got awards they didn't say anything and sometimes thanked him. They also didn't warn other women that were working for him. I think that he did rape some and sexualy assaulted others but the vast majority of them were women who used their bodies and sex as a bargaining chip for money and fame. And that now that it is profitable to be a victim they are coming out and saying rape. After all the casting couch is a defining and an emblem of Hollywood. So i guess that my thoughts and prayers to the women who were assulted by him and shame on all the others who are trying to cash in on this. They cheapen the accusations of the true victims

  9. We've heard the audio clips, Harvey Wienstien is a rapist. I hope he enjoyed his power while it lasted because his big black cellmate is going to enjoy his power over him.

    this isnt about the meetoo movement, that was hijacked by a bunch of morons. From what the public has already heard, this is a clear cut case of someone abusing his power and if you ask me, it seems as if from his interviews that deep down Harvery knew that about himself.

  10. "A champion of women in the entertainment industry… deserve a pat on the back."

    He's a 'champion' as much as Epstein killed himself. Let's all give him a pat on the back.. off a cliff.

  11. Given Weinstein pleaded not guilty and has a shit load of money, there's a high chance that he'll get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, if that. His defense is clearly confident in that.

  12. disliked this video because it gave too much voice to Weinstein and his lawyer, didn't come across as unbiased coverage.

  13. Video was great, although the background music took me off guard and I thought there was someone else in my house with me while I was alone.

  14. It's funny you show the photos of Weinstein using a walker because people who work in the physical therapy field or just live with someone disabled can clearly see he's faking it.

  15. I honestly would hate to be on this jury. You know this trial is going to be drawn out and to be able to be truly impartial and make a decision based only on the evidence presented ( which based On most comments most people cannot) it's not going to be a simple thing. And possibly people being very mad at ypu

  16. It also doesn't help that he's been pulling the Cosby-esque move of "oh I'm a defenseless old man" schtick whenever he appears in court. I mean, really!?

    Idk how they'll find an impartial jury, but it isn't solely because of the notoriety of the movement. It's also b/c weinstein is such an ass that solves his problems with getting bigger shovels. Sooner or later, he'll realize he's been digging his own grave. It'll just be on society to put the nails into the coffin.

  17. I was in a relationship for seven years with a man who regularly refused to take no for an answer. I loved him and the start of out relationship was good, but it eventually spiraled into something terrible.
    Trigger Warning: Talk of  Rape
    I refused to admit that what he was doing was rape because we were in a relationship and that couldn't be rape… right? I realized the truth a few months after our last break up. We met up to discuss the money that he owed me (that I never got back). I told him I was willing to try again, but he had hurt me and would have to earn my trust back. I also said no sex for a few months (especially since I was still recovering after a hospital stay). We kissed, he said "fuck it", and then he raped me. I didn't react during like the media always portrays people acting and afterwards, I was so confused and in denile. I said "I don't want sex", but after I was pushed back down a second time, I went limp, so I was trying to rationalize what happened saying stuff like maybe he didn't understand because I didn't scream "no" and I didn't fight back after the very start of it. I even laughed nervously at the start and said "What the fuck [x]?!"

    He blamed me because I was "looking so sexy" (in an oversized shirt and baggy pants). I blamed me. I comforted HIM for making him a one night stand kinda guy via text while my best friend was trying to calm me down from a panic attack. I was numb. It was hard to admit the truth, but once I did, I realized that what he had done countless times before had also been rape. I didn't act like someone who was raped.

    We don't always react a certain way. Some of us love the person that hurt us. Some of us can be in denial a long long time. It doesn't make it not rape or sexual assault.

  18. Whoever at RR may read this, I mean no disrespect but how do you go from phil with the charisma of churchill to Maria with the charisma of a paper bag

  19. First of all, are any of the "eledged" accuser's under age?? if not then, "they" knew exactly what "they" were getting into messing around with f'in fat-ass ugly dude!!!!!!!! I'm so OVER this "ME-TOO" MEME!!!!!!!!!

  20. I'm not an American, but as far as what I know about your justice system it's "innocent until proven guilty". Keyword being 'proven'. Unless they have hard evidence to prove that he did it, no testimony should lead to a conviction, no matter how horrible. I don't expect him to be convicted. Then again, the Central Park 5 got convicted without evidence even though they were innocent, so what do I know?

  21. The last few videos have had some seriously annoying background music. This one's like a pounding heartbeat, and it's horrendously distracting. Makes it difficult to pay attention to the actual video.

  22. I thought this video was some sort of joke. I was sure they guy died in prison. I just realized Wienstein isn't Epstein….

  23. Rotunno is along side Kellyanne Conway for the worst thing to happen to women in some time. There is a case to be made for defending some men when they are accussed of sexual assault like what happened with Chris Hardwick. It was an isolated accusation that never added up. But Weinstein or Louis C.K. had fucking laundry lists of accusors; they did that shit. They deserve to lose their careers.

  24. The music is too intrusive for me to focus lol I keep thinking a phone is ringing under a blanket haha beep bop boop beep (every… second…)

  25. What's with the irritating music in the background? Please don't do this anymore. I don't see a way it if this fir Weinstein too many people have come forward.

  26. As a survivor of sexual assault when a, minor I know how hard it is to deal with issue and grey areas, times have changed argument does not hold with me.
    I thought it was behind me until I was put in a situation where I required dental work on teeth dentist who sexually assaulted me had previously done work over
    40 yrs previously…. Those images /flashbacks hit like a stream train.
    I could take to Police but feel overwhelmed at whole process & and am now left in limbo.
    These high profile trials especially as it happened in multiple countries and due to Internet world smaller place so widely reported will always have and increasingly have difficulties getting jury with no or limited knowledge of case maybe countries in these circumstances could work as a coalition and have jury members from section of allied countries where in depth knowledge not so prevelant and could be done via teleconference with lawyers available to provide legal clarification on points of law.. Just a thought.
    I notice few folk have commented on background music I agree I find it distracting paused to go and find what toy my dog had set off then realised it was background music lol.

  27. So, don't they need actual evidence to convict him? Not just "accusations"? I'm sure he did most of it, but there won't be any convictions if none of the accusers can prove anything.

  28. It's an interesting problem. I don't know if you CAN find an impartial jury for such a high profile case. Everyone knows about it. Everyone's heard the reports on the news or on social media. Everyone's probably already formed an opinion. And then there's the issue like mentioned in the video about other charges being brought against him while he's on trial for earlier charges. I don't know of anyone who can remain impartial in the face of all of this. And I hope that doesn't result in a technicality that lets him escape justice. Dude needs to not breathe free air anymore. He's a menace and should be locked away so he can't hurt anyone else.

  29. Donna Rotunno is the problem with the world. People who say, "oh but its a perception thing" normalize predatory behavior by shrugging it off as a perception issue.

  30. Thanks for breaking this down but please do your research on e-cigarettes. Your vaping video was full of misinformation and read like propaganda.

  31. I don't doubt that Weinstien did all the things people say he did (i'm believe he is guilty of using his position of power to obtain sexual acts in a predatory manor), however I do feel his lawyer is right. I think a lot of people look back on their decisions (and i mean those where they made a sexual exchange to get progress their careers [i am not defending him or accusing the women] but we are always talking about consenting adults and right to choose and so on) and feel they got cheated or that what they paid then has not given them what they want now. All the same Hollywood "Elites" have always been talking and telling the masses what they should do so it's kinda nice to see how fucked up they really are.6

  32. Whoever decided to start the #MeToo movement didn’t realize that most adults still know the # symbol as the “pound” sign. Read #MeToo again.

    DISCLAIMER: By no means is this meant to degrade the severity of the movement. Regardless of the unfortunately hilarious naming snafu, the mission is very much a serious and necessary undertaking.

  33. If you make a settlement outside of court to women who accuse you of rape and add a clause making those women say you didn't rape them instead of just fighting this in court then you're admitting guilt and trying to weasel out of it.

  34. I like the in depth reporting you do, but this particular video had a rather annoying, repetitive background noise/music that made it harder to listen. That said, this was a good summary & I appreciated it.

  35. this is going to be the OJ trial of this generation I"m not saying he will necessarily get off but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a light sentence

  36. At least America has courts and laws for sexual assault. However, child molestation is legal in Canada if your Justin Trudeau with a rich grandfather. America has METOO and Canada has legal child abuse when Justin Trudeau has been caught forcing himself on minor. In the Boston Chronicle story on Oct 10 2019, the Chronicle explains how Justin Trudeau sexually assaulted a student?

    She was a student at West Point Grey Academy (Secondary School) where Trudeau abused at least this student. Therefore, since this is a school, the student is very likely a minor. The Chronicle lays out how Trudeau used grandfather Charles Emile Trudeau's trust fund to practice child molestation during his time at West Point Grey Academy.

    In Canada Trudeau can buy his way out of child molestation. Those are the facts

  37. Weinstein should spend the rest of his life in jail. But I doubt the system will agree to that. The wealthy always get an easier break than a normal person.

  38. They are trying everything they can to make him look like an innocent, and I am not surprised that the very media he is likely still a huge part of is victim blaming. He's disgusting, and I hope the evidence speaks for itself.

  39. Lmao his teams having him use a walker in public to make him look weak and garner sympathy. What an evil group of individuals.

  40. Weinstein did nothing wrong, they were all adults, they wanted money/fame/awards, that's a fact, and is proved by the fact they took years and decades to say anything, if i steal your car you will go to the police right away but if i molest you or wherever they say he did you wait years to report it? must not be important or happen at all, so yeah they probably only said it now because more fame, fame is like a drug for them and actors are suppose to know how to lie so ofc you end up believing them.

  41. Rose McGowan has talked about it sense 1998 I remember that when she spoke about it. That man is sick. If you look into how many sex offender's are in Hollywood it's shocking, a sex offender will never admit his problem.
    It will be pretty damn hard for the to find people for the court proceedings. Sick sick sick.

  42. Sadly, the Kavanaugh confirmation already showed us how much America values and believes the opinions of sexual assault victims. I'm anticipating the Weinstein trial to be more of the same. Statistically, there's a 92 percent chance the system will fail to deliver justice.

  43. I am glad you are covering this, but I wanted to point out the backing track was a bit distracting. Perhaps better to adjust the volume of it down a bit? Otherwise love your reporting!

  44. The frequency of your music is the same as her vocal range. Its incredibly distracting and would be better w/o music IMO.

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