‘We got a big, long rap sheet to work with.’ Kamala Harris on taking on Donald Trump

And so these Democrats,
becomes a moment that we know it’s time to
turn the page on this. It’s time to turn the page. And to do that,
I believe we must have the ability, to successfully prosecute the case against
four more years of Donald Trump and it will take a prosecutor to do tha. And I’ll tell you,
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And I will tell you, we got a big long wrap sheet to work with. Cuz what’s on that wrap sheet? Well he came in talking about how
he was gonna help working families, everyone from farmers to auto workers. Then he passes a trade policy by
tweet based on unilateral action born out of a fragile ego, that has resulted
in farmers across our country, I’m spending lot of time in Iowa, looking at bankruptcy cuz they
got soybeans rotting in bins. We know that by the end of the year
as many 300,000 auto workers may be out of a job. American families are now, because of
the tariffs, spending $1.4 billion more a month on groceries, on washing
machines, on a variety of things. This guy betrayed people. And so, when the pundits say to us,
I keep comparing 2020, 2016. I’m here to say 2020 will not be 2016.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It would not be 2016. [BLANK_AUDIO]

50 thoughts on “‘We got a big, long rap sheet to work with.’ Kamala Harris on taking on Donald Trump

  1. Harris,,Trump and Obama all share narcissistic attitudes.!

    The difference is; Trump half way believes that he is great, but down deep he knows that he is not.! He is somewhat smart, somewhat lucky, a lot arrogant and wants people to like him, but has enough money that it really won’t matter in the end..!

    Obama, is smart, very arrogant, was too confident and after his endorsement didn’t get Hillary the win is now realizing that most people aren’t listening to him, and he just isn’t that great.

    Harris, is completely different; she is not smart, is in over her head, thinks the brown women card is going to be enough to get her in the game and will be just like Hillary in the end; writing a book about what went wrong and not having a clue as to what happened..!

    Harris doesn't realize that you can't climb a ladder, Laying on Your Back…!

  2. She took money from Ivanka and Donald Trump and Steve Mnuchin in 2014. Mnuchin was guilty of 1000s of fraudulent foreclosures and is now Trump's Treasury Secretary currently fucking everyone over. Kamala Harris voted for Steve Mnuchin. I implore you to look up the receipts, they are a matter of public record.

  3. She needs to go back to California, where the rest of the RAT's live!! To all americans, please do not listen to her Racist rants. GO HOME where you are needed. like our President says( go back, fix the policies at your own district first, then tell us how you did it)!

  4. Kamala went down on old Willie Brown for a used BMW and a patronage job and Tulsi bitch smacked her all over the debate stage.

  5. Ms. Harris speaks the line of the left without any statistics to support her allegations. The TRUTH is that the economy and country as a whole is doing so much better now that President Trump is our president. There are facts and statistics from economists that prove this. Speaking in generalities and weaving outright lies will not win you the election, Ms. Harris. That being said I am in the camp that firmly believes she will never make it through to the election. She's a hack.

  6. Kamala Harris is not black, but she plays as a black California cop 🙂 She's a great actor. Made her way to the top, acting. We don't know her true identity or what she really thinks, only what she thinks we think is good. KamalaTheChameleon. I hope I don't get prosecuted for my bad opinion of her… she is a terrible person in my book. I wouldn't want to be her friend because I don't have eyes behind my back.

  7. You act like a dictator. Just down right disgusting! I want to know why you’ve NEVER addressed this until now, when running for President. This tells me everything I need to know about you!

  8. Harris is another empty candidate propped up by the mainstream corporate media. It doesn't work anymore. People are seeing right through these corporate hack candidates. The trust in corporate media is gone. People are awake, and people are not going to fall for the bullshit anymore.

  9. Stupid bitch is polling less than 5%
    Why hasn't she dropped out yet?
    No way anyone would spend their own money in a losing cause..
    She has no chance whatsoever
    She's just burning up cash…just like she would do to tax payers money

  10. She is not even eligible to run!!! She was born in Canada and it's confirmed ! Also her parents were not us citizens what a fraud!

  11. Willie Brown said Kamala is the most talented woman he has ever worked with, she could suck a golf ball thru a garden hose.

  12. Did the people you blocked evidence from to keep on death row have very long rap sheets? You opportunist grifter trash.

  13. Kamala's voting record does show it.
    1. Voted no on Graham-Cassidy,
    2. Voted no on $1.3 trillion spending bill
    3. Voted no on confirming Gina Haspel
    4. Voted no Trump's double child tax credit.

    Kamala also worked with Rand Paul on Bail reform and stopping rapes in the military. She would be a good president.

  14. Um it’s not one to brag about I’m from Cali it’s horrible ask willie browns willie she is way to smug and anything for power people are pawns to her

  15. This racist woman is completely out of her mind. She wants to raise taxes and give our paid medicare for illegals. And depends for all blacks to push her stupid remarks. She can not take of her own state, how can she run our country. Just look at the streets of California and her record and then really think hard for using race to vote for her!!

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