We Bought an AMAZON Health & Beauty Customer Returns Box

so I've got my eyes distressing mm-hmm I've got my sinus allergies being diffused mm-hmm and these essential oils I'm soaking that in hey guys got another Amazon mystery box we're gonna be opening what are we gonna find today oh my god it I hope I like surprises but that last one had a very shocking surprise at the end so we'll see I still forgot to look to see if if when you bought those or like won it if it was on April Fool's cuz if that got slipped in there as an April Fool's joke that would be funny if an employee did that then awesome let's not waste any time let's get into this box and see what we've got I love these these are so funny any opening like anything that you don't know what you've got there's more exciting it's like a Christmas present right it is and once again I have absolutely no idea what's in here alright let's see what we got in here okay are we gonna go first where we just reach in yes I think we should look I don't think you should look I think you should pull just reach in and then all we're gonna do okay find something to beat mine I'm trying to okay let's see who's gonna win mine mine definitely a return cuz it is opened okay showing yours okay so I've got I got a heater you got a little heater heating pad electric heating pad I've got it we need electronic pulse massager nice yeah okay it's for use on all over the place electronic so that's like a teams unit do you think oh wow it doesn't look they returned it in what appears to be very nice condition mine too I don't I don't see any signs of use except the fact that it's not in plastic this is just like a TENS unit yeah your remote it's pretty cool you could put it on your building so that way you could take it everywhere you go like if you're out to dinner with friends yeah just hooked on your belt they'll think it's a phone right they will know what kind of phone do you got and you just turn examine yourself you could share your probes you sure your probes yes you stick these on yourself wherever you feel you need well maybe you can also strap on your body and have a thing that looks like a phone we should plug that in and see if it does get warmer I was going to Steph's plug in hers in this one the buttons sake they'll say like neck shoulder back elbow hip ankle knee foot slash hand wrist and then you could do a kneading a tap or a see you know what I see you it there's cupping scraping and random it's graceful scraping on it and then you got a speed control so you could put this on your ankle like you push I guess it treats your ankle differently I can't imagine what it's doing differently it's scraping your ankle foot him well this scrape is a choice to cupping scraping or random femoral it's working you guys can't really see it but it's on okay look I get it how are we look at some more stuff some kind of yeah those are handy let me throw your back out those feel good all right nice that looks to be an excellent that can be in resell it resellable condition for sure a lot of the this is definitely a so far it's like well if this would be called hell yeah chair or whatever I mean it's not they're all like something bothering you this Bacchus looks like it's got something to help you with that yeah cool I'm doing it Vic sinus inhaler that sounds nice you can probably use that without it is right now yes so this definitely smell like here ooh not I don't see any signs of use inside though that's good you just do it like this yeah thank goodness let go it doesn't have any odor or anything no no no I see steam in there from your breath what do you do you put you put some water in here and then not much though and then you just steam it up I know women ladies use these all the time for like opening your pores and from here just your breathing humidity to help open lungs and help is that what it's clearly say anything for yeah oh wait it was alleviate congestion from allergies and colds Wow I'll give that a shot got some allergies going right now actually will show me steam it up that would be funny would unlock here let's use your bone water that's part little in there I'll let it start steaming so we got a heating pad and we'll heat up we'll do all the stuff to make this fill better heating pad is hot it's definitely working yeah yeah it really is warm right now yeah it is so all of these items okay that's like so far all the Amazon returns that we've gotten have been really really nice like I'm shocked by them well let this thing heat up a little bit and give it up I might need to race him the right way yeah I might need to read though what that oh this little things for I'm not sure what that is maybe you can put like Mentholatum or something there make it well we want to make sure that there's nothing that's gonna hurt me that's on the low that's low humidity how you may do that I wanna do I'll start with low cuz I don't know what that's gonna feel like well we didn't put any Vicks or anything in it I put water in there so just that alone you don't need any essential oils oh yes I wouldn't want that blasting in my face huh let's see let's see what that little you know it's a big lot see you know they're gonna want to put oh they're for use with Vicks VapoRub pads for soothing menthol sting how do you use the pad you stick it in this oh that's what it is okay I could just do the water you don't have to have it yeah I'll do the vapors we'll let this thing get going and we'll get it does not smell like any papers have been in there oh so like nobody can have any odor whatsoever okay cool you set it on a desk in his lean into it yeah it should be steaming it pretty soon here all right well let's keep moving along here okay okay hmm oh I think yours looks pretty cool but mine's a cast well I thought it was an inflatable so you can take a back this like all the stuff will sell so well in a local app it's all usable zojirushi is that Jerry she looks like what the one touch open okay that's yep it's left open okay I don't know what is there something special about this yeah it's insulated this is gonna keep your stuff nice and cold hmm we know what this is that's a big one yeah that's a good storage unit for toys towels office storage and more so Jerusha amazon.com sexy definitely Amazon guys yes really nice not dirty nope no signs of use yeah it's pretty – it's a rose gold color oh it doesn't have been in the corner that could be why that's no big deal this is something I've never seen before hey did you show I showed them you okay look it's an electronic eye mask I've never seen I've seen the heated ones returned with a microwave but I've never seen one that has like a power cord for your eyes hilarious okay I'll show you this see if you could guess what it was but here's a here's a return where they they took the item and returned it this was asleep for it what is it it was a tongue depressor not really it was a travel what is that thing a treble adjust your wine delay then yeah left it in Wow you use it to do whatever they're doing to the wine there but this okay they sent back the sleeve for it but they kept the actual item weird oh look it's teaming all right took it awhile to get hot there we go it's kind of when you first put it up there it feels really warm inhale honey these allergies are really bad right now cuz we got a lot of rain in California so everything's good women what it's just weird hallo I like how it smashes your between your eyebrows like this oh this will burn frowning I'll be careful with your eyeballs show your Frannie I beforehand in that I turned it up okay it doesn't feel safe inhaling that heat am I doing this right yeah oh but yeah I owe you Mike you have it on full blast it's hot though not like hot to where it's burning me but it's kind of yeah it's kind of scary to breathe that into your nose because it's hot what about a hot shower think of it like that well I don't the shower like this no but the whole time you're breathing Oh Jerry is knocking down everything so this item here works I'm not try it for a while I think you should but I don't maybe each night before bed carry on okay all right well this little puppy this was pretty cool this electronic he I mask but this is not what I was expecting you and I mask but look it's a kitty one face that I wasn't expecting that at all so it's really soft like a little fuzzy stuffed animal you did I miss yeah sure close for me unplug this let's see that baby this is this actually is pretty good I'll give it a try all right let's see if it actually this is a USB but luckily this surge protector we have right here has two USB things at the bottom that's kind of cool LEDs working on there let's turn up the heat let's turn it up to the hottest let's burn our eyeballs so Steve Byrne is I mean you're what is this a zipper oh maybe so you can wash it okay so it does have a zipper and you cannot Squa okay is it feeling warm do you feel not yet but I just put it on I feel something a little bit here let's open another one why can't one but I definitely feel is it does it have levels oh it's a waterproof mattress protector a bamboo one that's nice big of a mattress it's a twin only I need one of these in a queen because you don't want one that a little kid peed on it looks like they folded it very nicely if they did use it it definitely looks like well not just clean but um there's a commercial on TV here that talk it's for mattresses and they said that your mattress will like double and weight Oh gross after a certain amount of time double and weight grow from when you originally got it because of how much body sweat and stuff they take in and everything yep so I'm a waterproof one even if you're not a bed wetter this is not bad to have on there because your skin and your sweat just seeps on in oh great I know don't think that's what you think No so this is great you can wash these what you want yes okay so this does it yeah it looks great is it supposed side down it has a kitty nose on it no it's right I don't like it let me give it a second okay let me see their vibration or anything no just the timer what is this supposed to do relax you aroma season it says for deep relaxation so let's see you know what what it's relaxing initially I I was uncomfortable just because I don't like it pressing on me like that but now it's I'm starting to appreciate I smell something good – I don't know what that's coming from I don't think it's this here's the benefits of warm therapy it provides steady warm around your eyes helps relieve I stress stimulates blood circulation Laxus tensed eye muscles are your eye muscles tense today I think so I feel feel like I'm getting ice high stress relief that's good it it actually it looks really good it's getting warmer so now the heat is actually getting more on my eyelids mm-hmm and it does feel kind of good well the nose is really cute thank you the cat nose oh my nose it does know this does kind of feel good like could you sleep with that on all night no no because I don't hear honey I don't like the easy inhaler where is it let's use the inhaler well you de-stress your eyes he's just getting a date the spot here in our house I'm telling you like young I didn't know that that was I've seen people you know like there's mass they wear yeah that heat is doing something okay where are we no steams coming out yet but this is beautiful yeah this is know like if you don't need to go to a spa like I can just it looks like a worm the only thing I need this I don't want to be holding this I need to do it like this yeah cuz I want everything to be relaxed okay yeah that looks good I could you know put it up on a box pretty good yeah okay that's way better just do that for hours every night and you'll be relaxed let's I'm gonna increase your humidity nice actually I know why they put a cat because cats are lazy and getting a new what boxing out and this makes you feel lazy be lazy there I'm gonna look this up this is a a VIP Vitruvian everyone heard of that the trippy here we go it's a nice black box oh wow why is there this is this has been used but it's not oh yeah I can hear it full-blown like spa that's awesome money okay feels good does it it feels really good so this is an essential oil diffuser oh give me some of that yeah let's get some of that going for you too I don't have any oils in here I have some in the other room though hmmm no keep on there I'm gonna fall asleep keep it on okay let me get the full effect for you how long will it take for the full effect I better now my eyes are what Phil Phil my ila eyeballs oh they feel soft and relaxed that was it good here it is can you guys see it I barely put any water in there thing works it does work that smells good it does what everything is going on am i close to it where I can get the whole I don't want to get my nose now get closer just feels this is nice are you enjoying that yes I really am this is like a this is the perfect should do this like once a once a week a home spa treatment what does that do for me that just puts a essential oil in the air so I get my eyes distressing mm-hmm I've got my sinus allergies being diffused diffuse mm-hmm and these essential oils I'm soaking that in it's a beautiful day man this is wonderful I'm resting my chin on this like I'm just I'm weightless on it look oh yeah I see that totally weightless Kame go to the next item while you relax it's a pamper day what the heck is this I'll put it on me though if it feels like this stuff this is definitely not something to go on you man oh this is really what are these doing this is good are these Christmas ornaments who do I look like I just woke up they each come with like a little thing I am refreshed I bet you're refreshed like I feel like a tassel and it's being good happen what are the ears you just keep defusing and why okay dragon things so far oh there's a bigger fan of what I think are they all the same oh is this like a these are not another dragon guy I do really nice what why are these I don't think you know what is this some kind of like what is wrong you meditate or something you know I mean like if you're meditating you have these in the background mean it so there's four let's see if they're all the same there's the each have their own tassel and rope okay so what for these creatures didn't I love the colors all the cameras on this side things they are really cool strange how does this go into this whole group that's the mystery I don't know I think it might oh yeah Feng Shui Chinese food food or two I know this is a finding weight and that's like to have something is probably sees ward off evil energy ah that's what it is it's warding so these little guys use the Feng Shui way I actually like those a lot I do the eye thing is doing great oh yeah and I've got your relief XXL ultra-wide microplush eating pad Wow this is a Blendtec blender cup got through the wall in there so you can mix it without having it mixed in the mixer depending on what you're using but you can also do yes is that our our blenders at Blendtec right yeah blenders but yeah I'm totally keeping this little shake in there I know we're seeing some greens superfood it looks smaller in that video than it is this guy's this is working it's powering up family's heating pad this is a blanket yeah that's not a heating pad that's a heating blanket yeah if you live somewhere cold you want this throw it in your bed before bed go take your shower pop in that bed it'll be hot and I like the name it's pure enrichment look how big it is guys wait yeah you could lay oh you could lay on that and you're like if your backs bothering you yeah are you you can lay on your front whatever happen if you're just not feeling good like when you got the chills and stuff you can do this just put the cat on yeah this really does feel good oh it goes that way you put the cat on you got this uh-huh and then if you're in a chair you could do if you're reclined you could lay on that yeah because that would be hard upside down this is hot it's getting hot now so this one's working just fine on me one there's only two now okay I'll take this thing now take this what it is heater for external canister filters like an external canister like this is that what this canister filters though oh it's turn okay oh like water if you Oh aquariums for freshwater aquariums it's for the real fish yeah it's a fish thing what is that doing it I thought it was gonna be like water purifier for you for a human I don't know I don't know maybe external canisters you know how it is an employee is just sorting these first external heater for aquariums with exclusive ptc positive thermal there it is whatever that's right in the middle of our our home housewares we turn if we plugged in you think it we could fill if it got hot okay that's all is is the water circulating through there and it getting heated right oh and there's a temperature gauge yeah that's pretty good I can feel it I can feel like a thermostat kicking on or something is it plugged in yeah oh cool but I don't hear it in the meantime that's got to be expensive fish stuff is expensive honey notice that yeah it people love their pets cool tan fish your pets well you can definitely be introduced a gently used to see what this thing's all about not so effective okay oh this is another like back support this looks like it might even use like it's got some fray in there mmm-hmm but all all that takes it the first time you use this velcro is so strong yep but it's good or is it a double they this was definitely tested out tried on it is you get the full oh thing I don't know what this is like if it's just uh it's a double here the brand it's the tight-knit then put a double one on top of that even tighter okay this all feel good you can I'm not a big compression Battlement on this because I think it makes you I mean some people need it you're using it in lieu of exercise and getting those muscles stronger it's not good man you can you could cinch this up like nobody's business course it for me oh my goodness yeah this thing gets really it feels good though huh yeah let's see just give yourself a little relief while you're healing I think I would hold your butt up why are you pulling your butt cheeks it's doing something to my butt cheeks I don't know what to how to explain it it's pulling my butt cheeks up Wow oh yeah they're up I don't know why it does it I think sucking everything in okay well here show me what I'm talking about turn around and you just sit there boldness butt cheeks like you can't see that oh I could see it that is what is that pulled up oh yeah we've seen that but a bunch of times and that's shifted up so this is probably I'm gonna sue me this is a nice one because it does have like is that one oh how amazing is velcro Oh amazing amazing superhero nice shirt by the way thank you New Zealand Kiwi Dara national bird cool Kiwi well it's um we've got a lot of good housewares in this all of it is sellable except this because they they took it stole it and I don't see it in the box like these things are just kind of great little boxes yeah did they're not super romantic and fancy like that like the last box I had but they're there's stuff that people will use and need and it's practical yeah and I think look how practical this is a lot of these if not all would be very good sellers for a local app yeah offer up garage sale Facebook marketplace let go these kinds of things so I think we'll sell well this baby here needs to be cleaned up a little bit these are expensive yeah I'm very expensive and useful yep well thanks for joining us it was really fun you guys got to see what we got we get this the cool thing about YouTube is we can just share with you what we're doing we open this box today and we're like let's just show them yeah why does it let them experience it – you get an idea what's out there with Amazon returns and there's some good way we have two channels by the way we have one called Stephen staff and we've one called – Stephen set free cell killers and we do a lot of videos I mean Branagh every day when one of them are – so subscribe to both we love it if you like this video thumbs up if you want to keep watching liquidation we've got a long history of doing liquidation you totally look like a very sleepy cat but we've done a lot of liquidation there's different levels of liquidation there's customer returns like this and some of them are gonna be perfect brand new with tags and some of them are gonna be gently used but returned or some of them are gonna be broken none of these seem to be broken so that's good we've really done very well and very very happy so far with the Amazon returns so you might have to change your mind about what returns are yeah after seeing these kind of videos because it doesn't just mean your return it because it's broken people will buy something and decide oh that's way bigger than what I thought like this or hey a cat you never said there's gonna be a cat on there I don't want a cat I'm a man you know whatever I wore the cat I know hey you never know what you're gonna get with these Amazon returns same with any kind of returns but these Amazon returns it's it's interesting and we learned something every time we open honey bug Lee deal we really do yep all right guys thanks for joining us thanks for watching and uh enjoy your life

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  1. Ahhh refreshed lol. I have bad sinuses to. Been wondering about the Sinus mist. Does Steve still use it?

  2. I've googled Amazon surprise boxes. Can you touch on that in a video. I'm really interested in purchasing a few

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  4. You two guys should have your own shopping channel your so funny that heat cat mask looks like something from a adult singers part sorry Steve but you loo so funny lol

  5. I wish you'd say how much you paid for the box. That way I'd have an idea of the deal you got or didn't . The first heat pad retails for $20….the Pure one for about $30 on eBay.

  6. Hi guys, I'm a newbie and love to watch you guys. How do you get these boxes , and what do they cost? Can anyone buy these? Wish we had your weather . We just had a snow storm 5 days ago. Only in Wisconsin . Mother Nature suckers this year. Can't wait to watch your next video

  7. Hi guys. I have been watching a lot of your videos, especially the ones on Via Trading lately. Hubby drove us there yesterday from west of Phoenix (yikes, never saw such horrible traffic), but we did get some awesome boxes. You mentioned in one video you had their code list. We picked up a box with NORE-LN on it. I forgot to ask our rep what store that is. Do you know? I'd so much appreciate it if you could let me know.

  8. The Vitruvi Diffuser is retail priced at $119. Great items! Can't wait for another one of these videos! I have found a new favorite channel! <3

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