100 thoughts on “Watch Full Coronavirus Coverage – April 7 | NBC News Now (Live Stream)

  1. I stocked up on face masks for me and the fam, I bought them from shopanticoronavirus.com hella cheap and ship fast!??

  2. It looks like this is what COVID is

  3. For those open to it, I humbly suggest a simple spirituality called Nichiren Buddhism, whose practice can help fight this disease.Thanks

  4. Oh mr. President you said this and you said that and blah blah blah screw what's actually going on and what's important that needs to be talked about…

  5. Liar liar, pants on fire. Trump is a loser! The first job of a president is to protect his people. Big failure. No re-election for you, loser!

  6. I found this mask for free https://livebetteroutlet.com/products/rockbros-cycling-face-mask-filter-kn95-anit-fog-breathable-dustproof-bicycle-respirator-sports-protection-mouth-muffle-dust-mask why bother?

  7. I find it interesting that no one is directing us to eat more healthily, quit smoking, and boost our immune systems. It seems to me that that would be the basic defense. If more people were healthy, they may be able to resist the virus or at least not get as sick, or die. But nobody seems to care about that. It boggles my mind.

  8. Trump (Jan – March):
    “Not worried about a pandemic”
    “Dem/media hoax”
    “We have it under control”
    “It’s like the flu”
    “It’s going to disappear like a miracle”
    “I don’t take any responsibility at all”

    “There will be a lot of death”

  9. The Republican KKK attack on Democracy and Health Care
    on display in Wisconsin

    Defeat Republican KKK agenda: voter disenfranchisement, dirty energy, bigotry, oligarchy

  10. Americans! This is the time to reflect upon yourself and your attitude towards others! The World doesn’t owe you a living and sure definitely doesn’t revolves around you! KARMA IS COMING FOR YOU NOW! Time for glorifying yourself will soon come to an end!

  11. The books of secret has everthing that happen and that is to come theres no such things as predictions there call future plan .the 3rd?

  12. in india every thing is closed for 3 months
    we have almost 2000 covid 19 cases
    and India help everyone on our beautiful planet
    i pray for all covid 19 patients

  13. Trump I don't mind but Pence I can't stand, he is obsequious and has zero personality. He begins like he is doing toast masters. Every single time. " thank the american people" " and again I want to thank the american people" "our great nation " "again I want to thank everyone " blah blah blah, how many times does he say thank you? It is sickening and ingenuous ,he doesn't mean a word of what he is saying.

  14. No coffin, no tears, that's human natural. That's why all the leaders missed the right time to stop virus spreading.

  15. https://jobgurumarketing.business.blog/2020/04/08/jobs-post-corona-my-story-of-an-h1b-viral-infection/

  16. take back Tril$ from Wall st bail out an give it to American people in a BIG way 5 10 k per person now

  17. Create vacuum like sorrounding think like that way
    Question is how and when this disease came to America
    Is it threat for America

  18. i've been voting from home for yrs in Ca. i've never voted more than 1 time i have time to read the proposition time to look at who is wanting to benefit them selves i voted for Tom McClintock he helped me personally i dont vote down party lines i vote for anybody that help the people i never voted for u Prez Sloth an NEVER will

  19. miss information started in the 90s w/ a rich rep man not sen r cong his idea helped Global warming/ worked again for climate change it didnt work for Coronavirus because it was killing Humans its real its here now.. an Dem Hoax was IS misinformation an everybody know its true except U prez Sloth..

  20. fema i love the video of Prez sloth passing out paper towels were is the video of DJT handing out TP lol… 2 mil gowns is 1 day worth of gowns gloves masks 9ook holly crap 300 mil people goin w/out

  21. indigenous tribal leaders WAF JK these r the people that have been hoarding the casino money kikiing everybody out of their tribe even some of their own family members my mom died w8n for a house promised her wen casinos were first built im now 62 i cant even get dental w/out using my medical card then only pulling teeth no root canals crowns fillings gov made it possible for 2% of r greediest folks to hoard the money that was meant to build homes so far Round valley reservation in Covelo Ca has only built homes for tribal council families o ya SUVs 1 case a tribal council members "Hired" his son for 250k$ to open a road to where ELDERS can cut fire wood "REALLY elders cant cut fire wood so his son cut the wood an sold it to the elders we I got 1 check for $283.00 1 time same check for my bros sis. a 1 time check yrs ago o ya tribes do donate Mil$ to sac opera lol wow also huge amounts to local TV channels so KCRA 3 an the rest never report on were the money really goes.. ya u can count on Tribal council donating money to WHITE food banks an not a PENNY to our own people… try asking Soladad Obrian fact check sunday program i have i sent her emails asking her to look into i=the reason we NEREV get money/Homkes?medical from indian gaming commission California..this would be a great time to investigate wat they do w/ bil$ every yr..btw i did see 1 injun at the airport flying to Hi w/ his Golf clubs// we had a laugh on me

  22. Stop nonsense about China. China has tried its best to inform the world at the cost of its great loss of lives and economy. You didn't take it seriously at the very beginning. Suppose China warned you much earlier if it knew the virus earlier,, you would still handle the situation the same way. You delayed the whole country and misled the whole country, you caused the great loss of so many lives. It's you, Donald Trump and your gang. You tool China's experiences which was earned at China's great loss and still stigmatize China, where is your conscience? Where is the justice?

  23. We are going to lose many people to this viral respiratory disease that is spreading throughout America and the rest of the world. Please stay home, self isolate and stay safe. If you must go fund out, wear a mask and gloves. Wash your hands and distance yourself from others. This is a Pandemic. We must stay strong. We will get through this together! Much Love to Everyone!!!♥️

  24. Without sounding “Racist” I for one am so sick of China ! I am sick of their junky products, their communist party agenda, their disgusting wet markets, their “learning camps” and so much more ! How did the United States get so dependent upon our enemy ? China is the enemy don’t ever be fooled !

  25. o ya Gov Arnold Swartsaniger got a 32Mil$ airplane so he could commute from LA to sac wen he was gov an the money topay for pilot & repairs upkeep fuel o ya tribal council does take care of Gov Officials that keep the money in their pockets

  26. This ad space squatting is brought to you by PAC STOVE. MADE IN USA. Better than flimsy chi-com imports. Turn off the propaganda and go visit our wonderful store. Google us! .

  27. Whats happening guys,.. is your country still in first step dealing with this virus? wear mask, always use alcohol and physical distancing is what you should do right now… and lockdown. Let the government be proactive in giving all the needs(food and money) of the people.

  28. ALL HEALTHCARE WORKERS MUST BE TESTED BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK! So foolish to think otherwise. Where is the common sense?!?

  29. Dubai
    Team fight with Corona Corona virus

    Subscribe my channel for more

  30. China has released the virus on purpose with the help of democrats, knowing that republicans will retake the house and trump will win re-election the democrats were attempting voter fraud on a mass nationwide scale at polling stations across the United States , arrest’s are being planned as this video is coming out.

  31. 'Plasma treatment' works: Two coronavirus patients recover with it https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2020/04/119_287490.html

  32. (Trump (Jan – March):
    “Not worried about a pandemic”
    “Dem/media hoax”
    “We have it under control”
    “It’s like the flu”
    “It’s going to disappear like a miracle”
    “I don’t take any responsibility at all”

  33. Everything will be fine❤️❤️
    ???????????? Italy is with you… Come in US don't give up! ????❤️
    God bless US! ??❤️??

  34. Be strong and very courageous, Zion, YAH ELELYON is with us HE is our strength, only be though strong and very courageous.”Break their teeth, O God, in their mouth: break out the great teeth of the young lions, O Lord. Let them melt away as waters which run continually: when he bendeth his bow to shoot his arrows, let them be as cut in pieces. As a snail which melteth, let every one of them pass away: like the untimely birth of a woman, that they may not see the sun. Before your pots can feel the thorns, he shall take them away as with a whirlwind, both living, and in his wrath. The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked. So that a man shall say, Verily there is a reward for the righteous: verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth.” ABBA YAH ADONAI will save and deliver us Zion. Keep the faith of the Mashiach. Because we are the people of Avraham, Isaac, and Jacob called by the name of YAH ELOHIYM, YAH will fight for us we are HIS people, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, the apple of YAH’S Eye. Stand firm in righteousness and truth. “We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.” Zion be strong and very courageous, YAH is with us alway, HE will save and deliver us.??
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭58:6-11‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  35. Easter is approaching, stay at home .. If we all do not respect the confinement, there will be a massacre of deaths ..

  36. The super power is on its knees ! Where is your all your technology, your money, your weapons and your arrogance?

  37. Warnings to blk people…this chit started in China…but it killing blk people faster than a bullet on crack….setup…?

  38. That was twenty years ago, when I was four. It was so cold that winter. The heat had turned off, the room was frozen, and I had to warm myself with the television, listening to the President promise the russians a warm winter in my arms. I cried out cold, hungry, grandpa silently looked at me, finally made up his mind, took out his treasured medal, took me out, came here. Back then it was a free market, where people sold everything from vodka to political views. An American wanted grandpa's medal, but offered only forty dollars. He said the red flag and the red star were worthless, but he would give $100 for the kmelinitsky medal; Medal of honor, 150; Order of nasimov, 200; Order of ushakov, 250; Of course you can't have the most valuable medal of victory, which is only awarded to the marshal, but the suvarov medal is also valuable, he can pay $450… Grandpa walked away in silence. We walked and walked along albatt street in the cold until my grandfather couldn't walk any more and it was getting dark. He sat feebly on the steps of the antique shop and told me to go home first. The next day he was found frozen to death, one hand in his breast, holding the medal he had won in blood, eyes wide open at the city he had saved from guderian's tanks more than seventy years ago…
    "When we leave, they will build your schools and hospitals and raise your wages, not because they have a conscience, not because they have become good people, but because we were here…"

  39. Healthcare workers have no choice and should be getting hazardous pay but Executives steal all the money for themselves just like at all Companies

  40. If a country like India can lockdown its 1.3 billion people inside their home without even thinking about the downfall of its economy just to save their own people .. Why can't America ?

  41. big devil usa, how much you are an enemy of Islam, even in this case, you still lift aircraft to other countries and continue killing muslim children.

  42. lets all pray for the second coming of Jesus and Mahdi to have this disaster solved and love and fairness spread across the world. God created diversity and religious duties as he saw fit for different people. Islam for muslims, Christianity for christians, Buddhism for buddhists and so on. but you forgot to follow the teaching of your prophets in the context of your religion. as a result, you have started to hoard, plunder and accumulate, sometimes at the expense of destroying the weak, at the expense of destroying the earth's atmosphere. this selfish approach is not advocated by any prophet or religion. this is a punishment and the only way out of it is repent.

  43. the second coming is near, the first battle would be against the fake religious leaders, mullahs, ayatollahs, priests and monks, then Anti-Christ and its supporters, holy land, get ready for action. the ending is approaching. the signs gradually start to appear, global warming, bush fires, tsunamis, plagues, notredame church burning and upcoming events are all signs of the second coming that is approaching fast.


  45. The world must make China responsible for all this mess!

    Their government suppressed one of their doctors from making noise about the new virus.

    Should they have listened to him, the situations today might have been less scary.

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