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Hey guys Adam Lesner here, active Marine from
2004 – 2008. Wanted to talk to you a little bit about the greatest benefit aside from
serving along side your brothers while in the armed forces. The benefit that you have
with the Veterans Home Loans, or VA loan that you hear about. Va is not going to be the
one that actually originates the loan, they just back the veterans home loans. Few benefits
on it, zero down mortgage, zero mortgage insurance, you can use it more than once. in some cases,
little secret, you can have more than 1 va loan at any given time. just depends, everybody
has different circumstances. the VA wants to thank you for your service. it would be
silly not to take advantage of the veterans home loans in most cases, if you’re VA eligible.
because of the fact that there is zero mortgage insurance, zero down mortgage, you can have
it more than once. take advantage of it if you can. if you need clarity on anything at
all please feel free to reach out to me. glad to chat with you and make sure you’re making
the best decision for you and your family on your mortgage. I appreciate it. Semper
Fidelis, God bless the United States of America!

3 thoughts on “Veteran Home Loans – Zero Down Mortgage – VA Loans

  1. The 3 top reasons I love VA loans:

    No down payment (sometimes even get a little back at closing, depending on your earnest money)
    No monthly mortgage insurance (PMI) = thousands in savings vs. other products.
    You can use it multiple times!

    The video reveals one little known VA secret as well 🙂

    Reflecting on one of our nation’s finest holidays I thought it was only appropriate to share my appreciation for our country and our country’s finest. Semper fi!

    Veterans Home Loans – Zero Down Mortgage

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