Using the Calendar on thinkorswim®

Hello, traders. I’m Jenny Horne. As a trader and investor,
it’s extremely important to stay on top of the news
that could potentially move the markets. Thankfully, the
Thinkorswim platform comes fully integrated
with the calendar feature, which is located on the Market
Watch tab Let’s take a look. Start by navigating to
the Market Watch tab and select the Calendar subtab. On the left hand side, you
will see a monthly calendar and a list of scheduled events
such as dividends, earnings, conference calls, stock
splits, economic events, as well as anticipated
future contract liquidations, upcoming TD Ameritrade
market drive events, and ETF dividend
distribution dates. By default, every
category is selected. Notice that each is
color coded and grouped with a specific icon. Checking and unchecking
the desired boxes will allow you to filter
by those specific events. For example, let’s uncheck all
events and select dividends. Notice how only
upcoming dividend events appear on our calendar. If you want to drill down
and get specific information for an event, you can click on
any icon and navigate below. Left click on an item of
interest in an information box appears with an extensive
detailed summary. To Specify the frame
of your calendar view, navigate to the top
right side of the calendar. Here, you can change
your calendar view to show one day, a week, a
month, or even a list view. By default, the calendar
will show all market events over the specified period. However, you can
filter this based on the specific symbol,
index, watch list, or even your account positions. Let’s look at a few examples. Let’s imagine we want to
find out when Apple announces its quarterly earnings. Type in this symbol in
the upper left hand corner and hit Enter on your keyboard. You can immediately see
that Apple announces earnings on October 30. Once we click on the calendar
date, two events peer below. Here, we can get more details
like when the announcement takes place and
information on how to access the earnings call. Now let’s imagine we want
to track the upcoming events for the stocks listed
in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Navigate to the gear
wheel next to the symbol look up and left
click the gear wheel. Hover your mouse over
public percent through G, and select Dow Jones
Industrial average. All events associated with
the stocks listed on the Dow appear. You can do the same filtering
by clicking the gear wheel and narrowing your search
to a personal watch list or even a list based on
the positions in your account. And finally, if you want
to create an alert based on an event, simply right click
the event detail at the bottom and select Create Alert
adjust the details of dealer as you’d like and select Create. And that’s a quick look
at the Calendar feature on the Thinkorswim platform. For more Thinkorswim tutorials
and investor education, head over to the education
center on and check out our
chat on YouTube. For more in-depth
tutorials and instructions on how to use Thinkorswim, check
out the Thinkorswim learning center at Thanks and happy trading.

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