UMD Scientists React to Neutron Star Merger News

France Córdova: Today, we’re thrilled to
announce that scientists have detected gravitational waves coming from the collision of two neutron
stars. Suvi Gezari: This is a really exciting discovery
today because from the same direction in the sky, we’ve now detected both gravitational
waves as well as the spectacular explosion that resulted. Coleman Miller: It was tremendously exciting
because having electromagnetic radiation in on the game of gravitational waves opens up
so many new ways that we can understand the universe and, in particular, neutron stars
which are one of my loves. Erin Kara: One of the reasons that I was actually
particularly excited was in my undergraduate during the summers I got to work on both with
the Fermi GBM team on short gamma-ray bursts and also the next summer I got to work with
LIGO on the gravitational wave end of things. So it was kind of exciting to see that a small
part of the work that I had done for these summers was now being combined to see these
events in a neutron star binary system.

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