100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media proclaims FBI is innocent

  1. The FEDS were on orders, a percent is political, the majority is the protection of higher-ups and the reputation of the FBI.

  2. The U.S. can save billions of dollars, and much valuable time now that we've learned that we do not need the justice system. Relax, the media's got this covered. Get Chuck Todd a robe and a guillotine.

  3. Nadler…AKA, " THE PENGUIN,"
    Adam Schiff…AKA, "E.T. (phone home),"
    and Sloppy Joe Biden…..AKA, " JACK FROST," are all lying TOONS.
    Where's Batman, when you need him?

  4. Horowitz whitewashed the entire bad conduct by DOJ & FBI. His report is a slap in the face to law abiding citizens. There is
    no justice in what he has done. Only further harass this duly elected president.

  5. America has been lied to. First by the FBI and then parroted and amplified by all five main stream, media corporations. Even now this IG report is being portrayed as "no political bias". That's how they twist it up and lie to you. It is technically true because both Bush Neocon rethuglican warmongers and Clinton Cult Third Way demonrats conspired to overthrow our election. You have to hate Trump really badly to not be extremely concerned with what FBI and DOJ did to our election process. Now the kicker is going to be the criminal probe that has been mirroring this IG FISA report.

    While the information in the FBI's possession at the time was limited, in light of the low threshold established by Department and FBI predication policy, we found that Crossfire Hurricane was opened for an authorized investigative purpose and with sufficient factual predication.

  7. The American people now know that our government agencies are basically criminal cartels. This has got to be frightening to anyone who lives in this country. For this surely shows how corruption can take over a country.

  8. It makes you wonder how was bob mueller able to conduct a 2 year -25 million dollar investigation when everything was based on bull crap …..We need a refund ….

  9. More citizoids abstain from voting than engage because it’s all absurdly fake phony
    It’s ridiculous because both parties are owned by the same corporation.

  10. So let me get this straight; as long as I claim my intentions were good i can get away with any crime? When did law start giving such weight to intent? Go to any prison and you'll prolly find it full of people who believed their intentions were good. Shouldn't they be released and allowed to commit more crimes as long as they proclaim good intentions?

  11. Dictate a disaster, create a phony psyop poll
    To support it, censor the media, propagandize
    One direction, brainwash!!! What a great government we have

  12. Who abused their for personal gain over another presidential candidate in the same party while colluding with a foreign agent against a candidate of another party in the election of 2016?
    Why has the majority not moved forward with criminal charges against the glaring evidence of the first act of Machiavellian machinations perpetrated at the top of its own party?
    Just saying.
    Who’s paying the bill for this dog and pony show?

  13. Obama is guilty just paying a debt to Hillary for her support in his election over her she would be next. We the people get it

  14. Lindsey Graham is doing a fine job of convincing the American people that there is no way to bring criminal charges against the criminal thugs who run government and without true justice, thes criminal thugs will continue to run government. The authoritarian bureaucracy and congress is over loaded with those criminal thugs and Lindsey Graham is doing everything in his power to insure the criminals will maintain their power. Next on the agenda of the communist manifesto is to pass the USMCA trade alliance. Something the founding fathers warned against. Too bad the yahoos in government and the corporations that run government through the authoritarian bureaucracy can't even be considered men when compared to those founding fathers who had the guts to break away from the money changing corporate bankers who controlled the King of England. History is merely repeating itself and the government is now pushing International Corporate Law, (USMCA) down the throats of the sheep who have no idea what it will mean themselves and their children. USMCA IS JUST A MEANS OF SURRENDERING THE DISUNITED STATES TO FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS AND TELLING THEM THE U.S. NO LONGER HAS THE POWER NOR THE WILL TO REMAIN A SOVEREIGN NATION.

  15. It i s not the media, It is Trump/Barr's handpicked super investigator who after wasting again taxpayers money, who proved that the FBI was just following judicial, legal and investigative protocol. Stop whining Tucker!!!!

  16. At least now we can tell the difference when journalist or whatever they may be are lying, I have zero confidence now in Gov, I wonder what happens from here when we decide we don't have to listen either, they probably call in the U.N. lol..

  17. ? "Mike Pence" was the Original "Chosen One" & the LEAKs are from trumps deepest Inner Circle! The "Stepford Wives? & Jim Jones christians?" being Re-Directed / Mentally Adjusted☻ (just in case they start trying to reEvaluate what they think is Common Sense without PERMISSION)!!!

  18. The FBI is innocent. Look, there is a TV series about how honest and forthright they are. If there is a tv series about them then all the good things must be true. 🙂 Next season the msm plans on a show called the KGB. Heroes of the Soviet Union.

  19. Time for an investigation of the investigators who investigated the investigation until they come up with information that says exactly what trump wants it to say. The truth will not suffice. Someone out there must be willing to lie for him.

  20. It's impossible to trust in any details that are out of The Washington D.C. Government Establishment System.
    No One should be trusted! As for Horowitz, Trump should have fired the man at the same time he fired Comey. He revealed his true allegiance to the Deep State at his previous Senate Hearing.
    And why Trump ever hired Barr (A life long deep state operative) remains to be seen!
    Are we seeing a Scam being played out on a massive scale just to preserve the Political Power Structure In D.C.?
    Just To maintain the Laws discretely passed in their chambers hidden inside of volumes of documents unknown to us, or to continue The Massive Secret Intelligence Agencies that have been given power over us (our privacy and rights), or to continue the control over The Supreme Court Justices enabling the Powers that be to continue guiding the future blue print of their agenda for what They Feel America should be!
    We all know both Party's are Servants of the Special Interest Masters that have empowered them throughout their political lifetime.
    What they did during the 2016 Elections is, they simply got sloppy, they dropped the ball going all in for Hillary and got caught (exposed by Wikileaks, and many other Cyber Snoops)!
    But now the question is! Are what we really seeing before us in reality "Real Justice" ?
    Or is it a massive performance being played out for us as an Illusion of Constitutional Government in action being upheld? When the reality is, MASSIVE TREASON HAS TAKEN PLACE, AND TO DATE NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS BEEN CHARGED OR ARRESTED FOR IT. NO ONE!!!!
    Yet we have this Q entity stating
    In plain sight right in front of our own eyes. THESE PEOPLE ARE INCREDIBLE!!!

  21. So these "mistakes" made on "every single level" weren't made on purpose? Either the FBI is incredibly inept or we are being lied to.

  22. Ted Lieu is one of the biggest 'joke of a politician' ever in California history (i'm from California). He calls himself a Christian but is a disingenuous hypocrite in the first degree. Criminal before God and man, truly. It's doesn't matter how serious and authoritative he tries to look.

  23. The Main Stream media is just commie propaganda.  The FBI needs to be shut down and rebooted with Americans.  Ted Lieu is a Chinese spy, he should be in prison. Brennan is a stone cold traitor, he's been a communist his whole life. This was just a coup against our President. Comey needs to be executed for treason.

  24. So much for "the greatest country on the face of the earth". I know you WANT to be it that way, but seeing the level of corruption in these reports makes the rest of the world go *rofl.

  25. Horowitz report a clear case of……….a coverup. The part that really makes me sick is that we, the people, allow it.

  26. I love how when the FBI repeatedly makes mistakes they are just accidental not conspiracy but when US citizens do it its criminal and we get charged

  27. Indictments are not coming, they never are and never will be. These criminals are above the law and always will be untill hundreds are actually imprisoned.

  28. The sad part is no Democrat is gonna even listen to anything in this report. If it doesn't hurt Trump, it's meaningless to half the country.

  29. There is a Day of Judgement coming. For every one of us. There is a Heaven. There is also a Hell. We can lie to each other as much as we want with seeming impunity. But God knows all. At the Judgement every lie will be revealed. It is very short sighted to focus on earthly power and riches while you neglect the status of your eternal soul. For those in positions of authority and responsibility even more is expected. This is biblical. Remember this: The Great Pyramid of Giza is the location of the Great White Throne Judgment. Where it says in the scriptures that we will be gathered from the four corners of the earth – the actual Greek word is "Quarters". And where the pyramid is located divides the earth into 4 approximately equal landmasses. I don't know how some people can sleep at night. I guess they don't believe they are answerable to anyone for their actions. But they are wrong. Very wrong. Keep up the lies – one day it will be exposed.

  30. Rush Limbaugh was on fire today. It was the best I have ever heard him in nearly 20 years. His comments about what the deep state represents was the most on-point thing he has ever said. We are up against a way of life for hundreds of unknown names with immense power. It has been a structure in place for decades. If you didn't hear him, it took place on 12/10/2019, at a little past noon, central standard time. Bravo, RUSH!!!

  31. So let me see. Lindsey Graham said John McCain got hold of the Steele dossier and showed it to Graham. Then he gave it to Comey for investigation and he put it in his safe AND THERE IT SAT. That's as illegal as it gets!!!!!!

  32. The rest of the world looks at America for leadership and democracy, China and Russia must be laughing at the US government, your President is doing a really good job you can’t argue the facts. Sad Day for USA.

  33. No one is going to prison.
    There is no deep state.
    That's just a myth invented by the Republlcans
    to coverup their incompetence.

  34. And they did this to Trump while at the same time exonerating Hillary Clinton for a real crime — using a private server for gov business so no one could see what she was doing. That's obvious partisan bias.

  35. The American people are so sick and tired of the massive amount of government officials getting away with the evil. Time for the shtf. We're not all idiots (yet).

  36. How can the IG come to the conclusion that the FBI stupidity was not political, if not what the hell would you call it!!

  37. 4:25 Clearly Tucks and no one that works with him knows how the FISA process works. You need to get renewals on a regular basis. FISA Warrants are not licences to spy on someone forever. For those who care to understand how the process works, there was a Oversight Hearing earlier this year on renewing the FISA. The Senators were okay with the FISA Warrants. The Lone Wolf Provision has only been used once (take that as you will), but they very skeptical of the NSA bulk data collection. The NSA shut it down themselves due to how cost-ineffective it was. But they want it to still be a future option i.e. another tool in their toolbox…
    I will concede however, the FISA Applications are approved of in a secret court, by secret judges, and where limited information rarely gets released about them. And the rate of FISA approvals is shockingly high. Like from 1976-2006, FISA applications had a ‭% 99.97825141365811‬ approval rate. NSA/Justice department must certainly be near-perfect at their jobs, especially if you go by what Tucks has to say.
    4:49 The usual pandering on this show.
    I was hoping Mr. Carlson would be more assured now that the whole premise of having Republicans ordering the "investigating of the investigators"; Was in fact, baseless. It was allegedly strictly premised as a partisan investigation, which the Justice Department found none of. It did find mistakes, and they should be held responsible.
    6:00 John Brennan didn't work for the FBI, hence there was no need for him to supply the Steele Dossier as evidence. FISA Warrants are based on combined NSA/FBI intelligence. So he didn't commit perjury when stating he did not use the Dossier as intelligence.
    Tucks either needs better staff, or his bosses are terrible. Maybe both. I won't allow him to claim the ignorance argument here.

  38. Laws don't apply to the sovereign citizens of the sovereign super state government they only apply to lowly tax cows and farm animals so pay up or get your house burnt to the ground then prison if they allow you to live

  39. Every single person accused on factually incorrect claims should be suing the media for defamation. Money talks, hit them where it hurts

  40. It’s funny how everybody else is guilty of something or they are lying but the president who has been caught in lies and surrounds himself by criminals can be trusted fox and republicans need to get real about themselves

  41. Americans have been set up, hypnotised, to view the Russians as enemy. It's the formula, a stratagem, to create an enemy… then play the cards of collusion…snap out of it!

  42. The idea was probably that Russia hacked the Clinton Campaign and the DNC who were Trump's political opponents. That Trump's campaign was run by now incarcerated Paul manafort (who shared campaign polling with russian intelligence) who had previously worked for the pro russia leader of a country Russia has since invaded. That Trump himself was arguing in favor of Russia's interests. That Russia had contacted Trump's son to inform them about Russia's plans to help his campaign. That now indicted Roger Stone communicated information about wikileaks to the trump campaign. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence linking people in Trump's orbit to the Russian cyber attacks in 2016. It's not that hard to understand.

  43. Keep in mind, Tucker and Hannity are "Talking Heads" . This is an opinion piece not news. Facts are altered in opinions. This goes for all "Talking Heads" on all channels. Be careful. " Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half what you see." Mark Twain, paraphrased.

  44. "Let's hope Carter Page spends the rest of his life suing every one of these people into bankruptcy." (5:55) And insure they all spend time in prison.

  45. people lie thats a mistake ? no common sense anymore. They have not only destroyed Page's life but of many and waisted millions of tax payer's money.

  46. Hi from England UK. Why are these people like Brennan allowed to lie on oath and not prosecuted? Or are they maybe not on oath?
    And we over here thought that you guys in the USA were always suing each other, so why has Carter P not sued the liars who spoke against him?

  47. We live in a time where if people don't like the truth or disagree with the truth then it's not the truth, crazy crazy times!!

  48. This is all so sad. They only want power though I don't think they'd know what to do with it if they got it. Thankfully they've picked a fight with their own shadows.

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