Trump invites congressional leaders to White House for “briefing” on border security

President Trump has asked Democrats and Republicans to meet with him this afternoon to talk border security now nearing two weeks into the partial government shutdown its effects are becoming more and more apparent CBS’s Tom Hanson has the latest for the first time since the partial government shutdown began 12 days ago President Trump is expected to meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the White House today we have to have a wall as part of border security and we’re working on it it’ll be the president’s first meeting with Democratic leaders since December 11th when he said he’d be proud to shut down the government over border security I will be the one to shut it down I’m not gonna blame you for it it’s unclear what will come from today’s meeting presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expects to pass legislation to reopen the government tomorrow when Democrats take control she noted in a letter to her colleagues that these bills contain no new wall funding last night White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called Pelosi’s plan a non-starter Senate Republicans have said they won’t pass anything that doesn’t have the president’s support government shutdown and how you can help while lawmakers squabble in Washington volunteers are picking up the slack where they can these rock climbing guides at Joshua Tree National Park are cleaning the bathrooms not to mention we’re about 400 ollars out on cash buying toilet paper visitors to Golden Gate Recreation Area are taking out the trash I understand that the park rangers aren’t working today so we figured you know we had plastic bags on us why not clean up this mess but back in the nation’s capital the Smithsonian museums are closed until the shutdown ends Tom Hansen CBS News about 800,000 federal employees remain working without pay or furloughed until the shutdown is over the largest federal employee union is suing the government now claiming that forcing employees to work without pay violates federal law

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