Trump And Friends Bend To NRA

>>Following the shooting that occurred in
Odessa, Texas, Donald Trump is arguing that, hey you know what, there’s really nothing
that we can do and there’s nothing that you should expect from us. Now, Trump has gone back and forth when it
comes to possible gun legislation. But it seems like after the last shooting
in El Paso, Texas, the NRA had a firm talking to with Trump. And he’s now decided that background checks
just don’t make sense. Here he is.>>Another very sick person, so I just want
to thank everybody involved. Always you say as bad as it was, it could
have been worse. I’ve been speaking to a lot of senators. We’ve been speaking to a lot of House members,
a lot of Republicans, a lot of Democrats and people want to do something. So we’re going to see this really hasn’t changed
anything, we’re doing a package, and we’ll see how it comes about. It’s coming about right now, and a lot of
people are talking about it. Looking at a lot of different things, we’re
looking at a lot of different bills, ideas, concepts. I will say that for the most part, sadly,
if you look at the last four or five, going back, even five or six or seven years, for
the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, that would not have stopped
any of them.>>That’s just a straight out lie, it’s
just a complete and utter lie. We all know that there are significant loopholes
when it comes to obtaining a weapon without a background check. You can go to a gun show and just purchase
it from the back of someone’s truck. The way Dylann Roof was able to get a gun
was the FBI, and how the FBI only has three days to return with an answer about whether
or not someone can obtain a gun. And if they don’t respond within three days,
well, then a gun seller can go ahead and sell the gun.>>Well-
>>Full stop, no problem with that.>>We don’t even have to go back in the past. This guy seems to have gotten his weapon without
a background check. I wouldn’t have helped. It wouldn’t have helped. Well, it couldn’t hurt. If he had a background check, he could have
been stopped. And the cops are saying, and even the Governor
was a Republican, a jerk who doesn’t mind any of these massacres. Cuz he keeps taking money and aiding and abetting,
then which we’ll get to in a second. Even he says, well, it looks like he abated
a background check. Yeah, because you don’t have them at private
gun shows, you have giant massive loopholes. And so he chose to go, it wouldn’t have helped
at all. No, it would have 100% helped in this particular
case, let alone other cases. That’s what it looks like based on the initial
reporting. And I find Trump now physically repulsive.>>Agreed.>>Just even looking at him. They call it a word salad, in his case, it’s
like a word of vomit. Just a bunch of words that make no sense next
to one another. This buffoon is our president. It’s a national and international embarrassment
every single day. But we’re working on it, we’re working on
a package, what package? You’re not working on anything. The only package they’re gonna bring back
is the same thing they did in Florida. More guns instead of less guns cuz they’re
all corrupt cuz they all take money from the NRA. Okay, so, and he said earlier, god, if you’re
a Trump supporter, you’re so pathetic. You’re the most pathetic person there is,
cuz he’s actually, that buffoon is someone you look up to. Bum it is, okay. So he said earlier, we’re gonna do background
checks after the last shooting. Then Wayne LaPierre grabbed him by the ear
and said, hey, listen, you stupid idiot, I own you, I gave you $30 million in the last
election. And they did that, and already gave 70 million
to the Republicans overall, and 30 million to Trump in 2016. And after he grabbed Trump by the ear like
Vlad does, Trump was like, I’m sorry, wait, I’m sorry. And like the moron that he is and like he
does with Putin, he came out in public and admitted it. He said, I just talked to the NRA and they’re
very big supporters of mine so I don’t want to do background checks anymore.>>Yup, saying the quiet parts out loud always,
always.>>Because he’s so unbelievably stupid. If you follow him, you’re so sad. If you look up to him, I don’t wanna know
you. All right, so I’m gonna repeat TYT.COM/NEVERNRA. You should never ever vote and should pledge
to never vote for anyone who takes NRA money. It isn’t about the votes. If they don’t take the bribes and then they
vote against gun control anyway, okay, it’s a free country. But at least we need to know that you are
not corrupt. And everybody who takes gun money is of course
corrupt. They didn’t give $70 million for their health
or for charity. Look, anyone who doesn’t understand that is
trying really hard not to understand that cuz you’d have to be mentally deficient not
to understand that. That’s $70 million in legalized bribes. If you’re a reporter saying that that did
not affect their votes, well, you’re doing political correctness. Well, I’m not gonna say the thing that is
super duper obvious to the whole goddamn country. Because the Republicans would be mad at me,
so I am not going to be factually correct. I’m going to be politically correct and say,
I can’t tell why the shootings are happening. I can’t tell if the NRA money is affecting
these corrupt goddamn politicians. If you can’t tell, you’re an idiot, you should
stop being a reporter.>>Look, why do you think everyone freaked
out at Joaquin Castro when he shared information about business owners in the State of Texas
donating money to Donald Trump, to individuals who have absolutely no interest in protecting
constituents from these mass shootings? They freaked out because it opens eyes. It lets people know why it is that our lawmakers
value these loose gun laws over the lives of actual Americans.>>Hey, idiot reporters, you know what the
source of the power of the politicians is? The money, how stupid are you? You should write it in every goddamn article. It’s the money, it’s the donors. 93% of Americans have figured it out and 93%
of journalists haven’t. 93% of Americans say the politicians are controlled
by their donors and not by their voters. How many times do I have to scream how obvious
it is? But every reporter in the country goes, I
can’t tell, I can’t tell. In fact, the range of people like Bernie Sanders
on behalf of Hillary Clinton. I remember Anderson Cooper saying in a debate,
are you saying that the donor money might have affected our votes? Goddamn right, we’re saying that! And if you’re not saying that, you’re not
a real reporter, you’re a schmuck who wants to just have a job. It’s not even that, what is it? Some of you I know get paid millions of dollars
on television, but most of you don’t even get paid that much.>>Right?>>You just bought into a stupid idea, I didn’t
ask the politician. I didn’t kiss the politician’s ass. No, they take the money, they’re corrupt,
the country hates politicians. Why do you think they hate them? Because they take money, and we get killed,
it’s not that complicated. So let’s go to Greg Abbott, son of a bitch
pretending to care about the people of Texas.>>Well first, he started off with a tweet,
and I’m gonna share that with you. He said, not only did the Odessa gunman have
a criminal history, he also previously failed a gun purchase background check in Texas. And he didn’t go through a background check
for the gun he used in Odessa. We must keep guns out of criminal’s hands. So there are so many things in this tweet. Let’s keep it up, because I want to address
it point by point. Not only did the Odessa gunman have a criminal
history, he also previously failed a gun purchase background check in Texas. That is not true. In fact, he did have a criminal history. And The Washington Post reports that would
not have prevented him from legally purchasing firearms in Texas. So just to reiterate what his crime was. He was arrested for evading arrest and criminal
trespass in 2001 and received a form of probation after pleading guilty to both misdemeanor
charges. Again, that would not have prevented him from
purchasing a firearm in Texas. Secondly, he says he didn’t go through a background
check for the gun he used in Odessa. Yeah, that’s the point, that’s the point,
that’s the point that we’ve been trying to make, right? There should be a background check for everyone
who is seeking to purchase a gun. Now, he got his hands on an AR-15 style weapon
without having to go through a background check. So we need to figure out why that is? In the state of Texas is called a non-contact
state, point of contact state, meaning that they do not require federal background checks. They do not communicate with Federal authorities
when it comes to background checks. So it’s really easy to purchase a gun in Texas
by skirting any of the Federal background check laws.>>These politicians are such slime.>>Yeah, they are slime.>>And Greg Abbott is among the worst of the
worst. So he comes out and says, yeah, as if he cares
about background checks. Looks like he didn’t go through a background
check. Well, what have you been doing? You’ve been voting against them your whole
life. You’ve been arguing against them your whole
life.>>Right.>>And Texas has some of the loosest gun restrictions
and you just made them looser, just on Sunday. And then the son of a bitch turns around and
pretends, my god, I’m so outraged! It seems like you didn’t go through a background
check. That’s because of you, Greg Abbott. That’s because you took money from the NRA. You put it into your pocket, you put it in
your campaign, then you thought, well, how could I kiss your ass, NRA? I don’t care how many massacres there are. Sutherland Springs, Santa Fe High School,
El Paso, Odessa, Midland, doesn’t care. Greg Abbott never cared. The only thing he cares about is the check
that he cashes from the NRA.>>And he ends that tweet with, we must keep
guns out of criminals’ hands. So what is your solution? What is the solution to keep guns out of criminals’
hands. Now the argument that you hear from these
pro gun right wingers is, well, if you pass laws, the criminals aren’t gonna follow the
law. And they’re going to get their hands on the
guns anyway. But for the people who buy that incredibly
dumb argument, couldn’t you extend that to anything else? We shouldn’t have any laws because there are
naturally gonna be some people who break the law anyway. So let’s not have any laws. Let’s have complete lawlessness. Let’s allow people to drink and drive. Let’s not have any laws on the books for that.>>I’ve got one better. I’ve got one better, Ana. Why do you need rules on abortion? People get around them anyway.>>Exactly.>>Regulations never work.>>Exactly.>>They never work, when it comes to guns,
you say they never, ever, ever work, they’re gonna do it anyway. Why not on abortion? So which one is it? Do regulations and laws work or don’t they
work? Make up your goddamn mind. Okay, I’m gonna give you more Greg Abbott. So he says in a quote here, I am heartbroken
by the crying of the people in the state of Texas, lie. I’m tired of the dying of the people of Texas,
lie. No, as long as he keeps cashing those NRA
checks, thrilled, couldn’t care less. He says the status quo in Texas is unacceptable
and action is needed, but what action? You’re gonna put more guns in Texas, you dummy. Well, he’s not a dummy, to be fair. He’s a perfectly intelligent person who’s
just grotesquely corrupt. And as long as he keeps getting paid, couldn’t
care less about the massacres of his people in Texas.>>So let’s go to the next video. Here’s Greg Abbott elaborating on his thoughts
regarding gun laws.>>What do you say to people who would look
at and wonder if Texas is going at the wrong direction to stopping more shooting?>>Well, for example, one of the laws that
went into effect and some deal with issues like this. And that is laws that ensure that school marshals,
more school marshals will be able to have guns to keep schools safer. So some of these laws were enacted for the
purpose of making our community safer.>>More guns.>>More guns.>>That’s the solution.>>More guns. Let’s flood the country, let’s flood the state
with more guns, let’s put more armed individuals on school campuses. That’s the solution that Greg Abbott has. Is it any surprise that someone who takes
NRA money has the one and only solution of pumping more guns into the public? Come on.>>Yeah, well, people will take checks to
sell their bodies are called prostitutes. I think we’ve got to come up with a new term,
because selling your body, no, you know you can make an argument. A lot of people do that in a lot of different
ways and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Selling your soul on the other hand, that’s
a different matter. I don’t know what level of prostitute that
makes you, but whatever level it is, that’s definitely the level Greg Abbott and Donald
Trump are in.

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