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  2. Goku KKx20 wins, Goku was kicking Toppo's ass in the Zen Exhibition it was clear Goku had way more skill and it was after Goku already used a lot of energy fighting in an earlier fight.

  3. Kaioken x20 goku was equal to vegeta ssbe at the start but then vegeta got stomped by god of destruction toppo and got a power up and defeated toppo. I’d have kaioken x20 goku weakest then Zamasu then toppo

  4. Well SSBKK x20 goku is equal to about ssbe vegeta so I'd say goku would beat both of them if he used a lot of his energy considering vegeta barely won against toppo. Infinte zamasu would still be alive after losing his physical body.

  5. I think post broly fight Goku blue kaioken could beat god toppo but top arc blue kaioken Goku could not beat him maybe equal to him

  6. Anime Merged Zamusu Is on par With Vegito.. But we Both Know Merged Zamusu Would Be Screwed Without His Semi Immortality.

    Not Sure Why People Use the Headcanon Of Jiren Being Stronger Then Merged Zamusu.

    I Think Merged Zamusu Mistake was being So Prideful That he was Heavily Suppressed to point where SS Blue Goku with The Kaio ken Can Damage him… The Fusion Was Also Unstable.. The Old Kai Stated That You have To Fuse In Base Form before using Potara… Goku Black was In His SS Rose Form… This Made The Fusion even More Unstable.. Anime Merged Zamusu is a Semi Immortal.. The Only Reason he was Not Killed By Vegito is Becasue of His Semi Immortality…. He was Even able To Feel The Pain from The Damage Vegito Dished Out On Him and Merged Zamusu Realized Vegito was Right.

    In My Opnion I Feel That is The Reason Why Trunks Was Able To Destroy Merged Zamusu Physical Body. Zamasu Already Weakended From Fighting SS Blue Vegito..

    Many People ignore on How much Damage Vegito Done To Zamusu and Never Consider How One Sided It would Be Vegito Blue Was Fighting Merged Zamusu Without Immortality.

    Keep in Mind Future Trunks Saga Base form Vegito Is 10's Of Times Stronger Then SS Blue Goku and SS Blue Vegeta.

    Future Trunks Base Vegito Would be Much ToP Stronger SS Blue Kaio ken x20 Goku(Before his Zenkai Boosts)

  7. I think both Goku and GoD Toppo are stronger then Zamasu, but idk if they could actually defeat him. Physical strength isn’t the only factor in a battle.

    In the manga Merged Zamasu >= CSSJB Goku = CSSJB Vegeta > Toppo, so I guess Zamasu, though goku didn’t display the power strained Kaioken against zamasu in the manga, only Jiren.

  8. How about a video on best tag team battle like
    Jiren toppo
    Goku vegeta
    Goku hit
    Vegeta hit
    17 gohan
    17 frieza
    17 hit
    Gohan vegeta
    Zamasu black
    Kale caulifa

    Love your channel alex

  9. #Fact, Universe 6 angle once said to champa, hit was an alternate option, she was supposed to recruit someone else, Question is who is that mortal in universe 6 who is stronger than Hit.

  10. I don't buy that toppo is beyond the merged zamasu we saw even in his GoD form. But let's say the timeline is during after the ToP. But with the what if merged zamasu has survived and spent his time becoming stronger. Goku can beat toppo since it is established that his kaiokenx20 form and vegeta's ssb evolution form are equal in terms of power. But he has to be wary of toppo's destruction energy. But he has already seen how it works and goku tends to adapt quickly to counter the situation he was in unless he is way too overpowered. Now toppo has an advantage over goku because of his destruction energy and in a fight to the death it might make a big difference but there is also the drawback he showed us when he fought vegeta. He needs time to gather his destruction energy into a ki attack and vegeta capitalized most of the time with a barrage of physical attacks which his destruction shield couldn't block. Merged zamasu though as it comes to strength and abilities surpass both of them in a fight to the death. Because the guy cannot die. Even beerus admited he can't kill someone immortal. He also has an advantage in strength and speed. So zamasu will probably win in the end.
    But I have to say that merged zamasu's abilities are weird because he is half immortal half mortal so perhaps he can die but it will be very difficult??! But if zamasu can die then goku could team up with toppo for a while and take him out which is smt that I can see them doing and then they will settle it themselves and goku will probably kill toppo eventually.

  11. People forget that the Hakai is not just another type of energy it a move which can erase anything includeing spiratual beings as shown by Beerus. Which means Toppo more the likely can just erase zamasu just like goku almost did in the manga. Now people keep saying that kkx20 goku is equal to ssbe vegeta but literally have no proof to back it up. All they have it that they both fought jiren at the same type which proves nothing. If you payed attention vegeta had the lead in all of their assault and Jiren and was dealing all the heavy hits while goku was more of a distraction. There also several other points i can make to back me up but overall i wouls say that sssjbe vegeta is stronger the kkx20 goku. Not by a huge amount but def stronger as it was pretty much hinted he was. Goku can only stay in kkx20 for a short amount of time so i dont see him beating Toppo. Not by a landslide but i see Toppo taking this.

  12. I say that goku would win but nobody put in consideration of gokus stamina because when he fought hit he had to get red of him fast and I think that goku and toppo will team up to defeat zamasu becuase of his endurance.Now goji vs toppo goku if had enough stamina he can do the same thing that vegeta did and put ki around his punches and goku would play it smart and try to make toppo fall of guard and goku would finish him off of pure tactics and luck becuase of stamina drian and have enough power to stand up to toppo

  13. Merged zamasu >>>>>>>>>> ssb kaioken20 goku >> god toppo. Merged zamasu and vegito blue equal and they very very very stronger beerus. Ssb kaioken20 = ssbe vegeta >> god toppo

  14. Depends on what point in super u use for Goku , if after all the zenkais etc or after t.o.p then Goku whoops both their assessment handy

    If before he fights jiren , then Goku is last on the list I believe

    If after the kefla fight and zenkai I still think Goku could best toppo , but for zamasu he would need a certain type of attack

  15. in Episode 123 Belmoud states that he hadn't seen jiren use that much power and Blue goku is able to keep up with that meaning Blue Goku > Suppressed Jiren 110 who was on par with UI Goku) now that same jiren is stated to be the strongest person they have faced. more evidence is in 122 when vegeta outright states that Jirens ki is the strongest he has felt, Zamasu simply doesn't scale to these characters. SSBE=/>SSJB kkx20 Goku>SSJB Goku (123) >UI First activation>/= Heavily Suppressed Jiren > > Fusion Zamasu

  16. Toppo would Hakai Zamasu.
    And then Goku would fight against Toppo.
    Toppo would beat Goku a little but Goku would then use KaiokenX20 and would beat Toppo.
    So I say that Goku would win for sure.

  17. Marged zamasu would destroy kioken 20 goku and toppo because vegito blue is thousands of times more powerful than goku and vegeta and marged zamasu was fighting toe to toe with him

  18. In the end of the black saga whis stated that he went to the future and warned the future beruse about the zamasu thread and it's clearly stated there that whis use a different kind of sealing technic on immortal zamasu rather than mafuba. And future beruse couldn't hakai the immortal zamasu that's also stated in that episode

  19. Goku would win because toppo can easily hakai Zamasu and Toppo would try it on Goku which Goku won't get hurt by hakai and easily kill toppo

  20. The aura goku has when he used Kaioken against Merged Zamasu, is the largest Kaioken aura in DBS! This was the first use of the Kaiokenx20 imo.

  21. If you ask me Toppo (Or Top now because of the dub) wins. I don’t know much of Power scaling so it’s just my own opinion

  22. Vegetto is at least 400x Goku. His Kaiokenx20 only puts him at 20x above his regular level, and so lowballed Vegetto Blue is at least 20x a Kaiokenx20 Blue Goku.

    You can’t quantify how powerful Goku gets during the ToP.

    What you can do is say Merged Zamasu is stated above Beerus, while the other two are only maybe above Beerus. He has an advantage based on his battle with Vegetto, and the fact that Zeno was REQUIRED to defeat him.

    Also I don’t think the shaking the void is an impressive feat.

    1) it’s nothing, you shook nothing
    2) it’s infinite, and therefore applying numerical values to it will not work. Infinity +1 = infinity.

    Also people misconstrue a lot of stuff. If Zamasu blew up Earth and Goku is on it, then that’s all she wrote for Goku. Zamasu will easily survive, and it’s possible Toppo would also die, if his angel wouldn’t put up a barrier around him.

    Merged Zamasu is objectively above Beerus, while the other 2 are debatable, so i would give it to Zamasu.

  23. 16:52 What you are implying is that GoD Toppo > Jiren (episode 123). I don’t know if I can agree with that. It’s possible, but by that same logic, Super Max Speed Mode Dyspo would surpass Regular Toppo.

  24. 18:45 I strongly disagree. In the manga it’s even shown that Merged Zamasu can regenerate from the Hakai attack. In the anime Golden Freeza tanks the hakai, so Merged Zamasu would for sure!

  25. So you said goku would tank the Hakai with his mortal body that can be hurt by lasers, but merged Zamasu’s immortal body that could only be destroyed by Zeno would get completely erased? That makes a lot of sense!!

  26. jiren was only said to be different from anything they faced during the spirit bomb struggle.
    giant corrupted fused zamasu>ssjb kaioken x20 goku.
    god toppo stomped ssjbe vegeta who should be comparable to ep 123 ssjb kaioken x 20 goku.
    ep 123 goku is far above ep 109 goku.
    hint of true power jiren>a rise in jiren belmod hasn't seen in a long time>ep 122 jiren (strongest energy vegeta ever sensed and vegeta sensed kefla's power.)
    god toppo>ep 123 ssjb kaioken x 20 goku>giant corrupted fused zamasu>ep 109 ssjb kaioken x 20 goku

  27. I would have to zamasu would win in this fight. Yes I know that both goku and toppo are way more powerful than he is but zamasu was able to withstand a full powered final Kamehameha from vegito blue despite the fact that half of his body damaged by goku way before that. And even if Toppo used his hakai on zamasu his wouldn't be destroyed cause it was stated that not even beerus could have destroyed zamasu he is a god of destruction himself, "yes this was stated by vegeta but given whis' response to vegeta's statement proofs that vegeta was right when whis was talking about another means of stopping zamasu". So this is how it goes, toppo pushes goku to the limits of his strength which would force goku to go beyond his limits in order to defeat toppo. After toppo is defeated goku would have use up all his energy putting him in a weakened state and zamasu would take advantage of that and end the fight.

  28. Merged Zamasu was able to handle the gods of his time so I don't see much of an issue for Zamasu except for his inflated ego and semi flawed regeneration

  29. Goku should win in the manga he knew the haki so that's fused zamuso down and in gt he was going to try the final explosion so that's toppo

  30. Toppo would win because Vegeta ssb evolution was losing until he pushed past his limit . Goku Ssb KaiokenX20 was as strong as he vegeta before he pushed past his limit so he would get bodied

  31. Toppo would win. Supressed Jiren (110) was already stated by Supreme Kai to be the strongest foe they ever met, which includes Infinite Zamasu who is far superior to Fusion Zamasu. Supressed Jiren (110) > Infinite Zamasu, and SSB Goku in Kaioken x20 fought against this heavily supressed Jiren. Toppo would also be at SSBKx20 Goku's level and higher, scaling from SSBE Vegeta, at least.

  32. No way Gokus power last the whole fight. Kaioken is too taxing on his body, he wins in intelligence and power tho.

  33. Goku super Saiyan blue Calvin times 20 because Goku would always get stronger over the course of the battle emergency March 2 is weaker than all of them

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