The Student Debt Crisis

Do you know someone loaded down with student debt or maybe you have a big student loan? Student debt now totals $1.3 trillion and it’s growing as college costs rise faster than inflation. Faster than the incomes of most students and their families largely because states have been cutting funding to public colleges and universities where most students get their higher education. Here are four necessary steps for dealing with the college debt crisis. First, allow graduates to refinance their student loans at the same low interest rates now available to businesses and some homeowners. Second, allow graduates especially burdened by student loans to reorganize those loans under the protection of bankruptcy. I mean if Donald Trump can use bankruptcy to shield his fortune every time one of his businesses goes under, owners of students loans should be subject to bankruptcy too. Third, tie federal student loan payments to how much a graduate earns and spread those payments out over 20 years instead of 10. That way a graduate who becomes a, say, social worker pays a far smaller amount than one who becomes an investment banker. And the payments are affordable. Fourth, let’s start moving back to the system we almost had in the 1950’s and 60’s: Free tuition at public colleges and universities. We didn’t used to think of higher education as just a private investment made by students and their families. The GI Bill, which made public college free to returning veterans, returns $7 for every $1 invested. We understood it the same way we understand K through 12. As a public good that made the nation stronger. We shouldn’t have a college debt crisis and by taking these four steps to solve it, we all benefit.

2 thoughts on “The Student Debt Crisis

  1. The warhawk govt won't allow free public university bc they'll lose the GI Bill incentive. They'll have to bring back conscription. ALLOW STUDENTS TO BORROW AT SAME RATE AS BANKS. Lastly, don't penalize the "best and brightest" with staggering debt. This disenfranchises. Lastly, bail out current stdent debtors just as you did Big Banks, Wall Street, and Big Corporations. Allowing gen X, Y, and Z to have liquidity will reviyalize the local economy faster than ANY other plan. These educated students will not be stockpiling cash in offshore tax havens. They'll be buying first homes, cars, local organic groceries and reinvesting in the local economy. I love you, Robert Reich, but sit your Democratic Establishment-bought a$$ down on this one. I would have to ponder the banruptcy point. Should be unnecessary which is why I don't want to address.

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