The Exit Strategy Handbook – The BEST Guide for Selling Your Business

The United States declared its
independence from Great Britain in 1776 and a nation was born. It is a nation that was born of
conventional values, morals, and old-fashioned hard work. Some of the greatest businesses started
here in the United States with a simple idea and a lot of determination. A common factor of these great
businesses is that one day the business owner will exit the
business. Between 1946 and 1964 the US experienced a boom, a baby boom. During that time 78 Million
baby boomers were born and today, many of those who turned 65 are
starting to retire. Those that are starting to retire own
almost 12 Million businesses and will need help in selling them so they can retire with enough money to
enjoy an active lifestyle. Both baby boomers and non baby boomers
need our process. The Exit Strategy Handbook – The Best Guide for Selling Your Business. If you want to sell your business in the
next few years, you’ll be faced with a flood of
competition, never seen before. If unprepared you may be unable to sell your business for
the amount you desire. There may be fewer buyers for your
company unless you prepare. Currently baby boomers own about 40% of US small businesses. More than 60% of baby boomer owned
companies will be sold to someone other than the owners children. Baby boomers will flood the market with 368,000 companies for sale
per year into an already overcrowded market. We call this occurrence The Baby Boomers Tsunami. What do you need to prepare your
business to be sold? You need three things, starting with The
Exit Strategy Handbook. The Exit Strategy Handbook helps
business owners prepare for and overcome the demands that will be placed on them
as they look to sell their companies. It is the best guide for selling your
business and is a tool for a unique group of people who have the following
characteristics. Own a controlling interest in a closely held privately
owned business. Want to sell the business during the
next few years. Are proactive and willing to follow a
step-by-step exit process. Either have or can have an Adjusted EBITDA of $1 Million or more. Second – you need B2B CFOs dashboard
software and third you need a partner from B2B CFO. What are the next steps? Work with your B2B CFO partner
to build your success team. The success team includes an M&A Firm /Investment Banker, Tax Specialists, Wealth Managers, Appraiser, Banker, Auditors, IT Specialists, Key Employees, Insurance Advisor and an Attorney. This team will help you identify the
right buyers for your company. A strategic buyer, such as a competitor. A buyer who sees a financial opportunity Management Buyouts (MBO), Family members ESOP, Private Equity Groups (PEG) Initial Public Offering (IPO) What steps do we prepare for the buyer? First – we use our dashboard software to calculate the realistic value of your company. next we work with you to increase the value of your company. Then we work with you to complete the advanced due diligence process. The process continually updates the current value of your company. The beginning value and todays value. The Wealth Manager will help you identify the net amount you need for the post sale transaction. The M&A firm or Investment bankers will bring in the buyers. The success team will review the buyer’s
offer and will calculate the net cash available
to you. You will hopefully close the transaction
with the money you want and then begin the next phase of your life For more information, vist

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