The Break In (Part I)

[Intro] hey guys welcome back to gaming with
Gabe we are going to be playing the break in story
by cracky40 for please hit that like button subscribe and join that
notification squad yeah and let’s begin the video… let’s begin Anthony we’re gonna be
playing with me hello he’s off the discord Call you should be able to hear
me this time Oh God should we do adults no I’m doing kid
what about you the protector and the medic are you sure yeah doing kid I’m
doing here can we play together if I do adult just you just do kid
okay kid just one can do all right don’t show them all right let’s go
okay whatever and just a heads-up to you guys I’m gonna post a warning right now
on the screen this game contains epilepsy and flashing lights if you are
sensitive to epilepsy and flashing lights please click off this video
immediately just that’s a quick warning I must leave that for legal stuff as
well and yeah let’s begin also I noticed my audio before was very
quiet but I’m going to be fixing that now actually so uh assume there’s not
gonna be like that would be awesome so let me max out the volume here
actually I’m not sure why desktop to audio is on I’m just gonna lower that a
little bit okay also I got the reason my arsenal will stream got cancelled is I
got banned if you don’t believe me ask Anthony there we go I got some money here I know
where most of the stuff is actually there actually is some money in the jars
that’s pretty good there’s random people running around outside okay let’s go to
the pink room right here Anthony’s favorite room we all know the
pink rooms Anthony’s favorite right Anthony totally Anthony’s favorite oh I
found a key how do you choose green all right right here is that just so you can
reserve it yeah all right does it reserve it for you if you don’t pick bloxy-cola I’m just gonna gather all
the supplies even though it probably won’t be easy ooh there’s a there’s a
vault right here how do you get the code Apple
I need to bloxy colas in order to make a glazed apple pie breaking news is live
soon but what do you do with the key i unlock the basement by the way the safe
is over here how do you know what the code is no how do you get the code for
this eight really can’t I’m stuck alright I’m not really hungry to be
honest no one likes guts I’m sorry to those who are watching this video and do
like cats I am so so sorry yes in the gate the cat’s crawled in your lap how did
that person get it back oh that’s an adult I think they’ve got a small I could see that the TV you like seeing TV
don’t you leave me I only have $30 hopefully I can get bored later do you
think I can yeah probably from the basement oh wait the
shops right here oh I thought that’s literally, the shop that’s the Robux
shop for this weird Jim what you could fully heal and all the players for 399
Robux that’s a big waste I mean if you could use it maybe minimum
of 20 times that would be the purchase because of course it has begun making
the TV staticky feelings destroying roblox extremely dangerous keep doors
locked and windows closed how do you close the windows oh you know what you
got I cannot look at this dude hopefully nothing to worry about no shot
no shot that’s something to worry about go to bed sleeping gives you energy no
chef no shot all right go to sleep it actually is pretty good sleeping you
does help what do you have does the back of chips lost for effort how much do you
have left me being dumb I only have eight (He need some milk…) I know how do you get a weapon Oh weren’t we attacked after we went to the
basement yes let’s see how much I could do I’m
gonna try to do as much as I can I want to do an efficient job I want to
do an efficient job not like where I do every room like a really really good job
I just want to get it done efficiently should we board up the toilet as well
let’s board up the toilet shall we oh you can’t oh you can I did I forgot
where the spot was though you cover up a room you did can you cover up to the
bathroom all the way okay it’s a good thing there’s wood
right here is it open oh it’s okay we’ve got a baseball bat
Oh or is a crowbar better I got three apples
I got Anthony I got three apples I have $40 how about you are you gonna get a
weapon or no grab the crowbar you got a pitchfork I see okay that’s pretty good
there are three pieces left over oh no oh no I need a piece give me a piece actually I don’t really need a pencil
it would be nice though to have extra actually it’s probably a better idea to
sit right here higher chance I think it’s a better idea to sit here that
markup I haven’t what food do you have I have eight pieces out of 8 chips three
apples one bloxy cola where did you get the cookie I see where do you go I forgot oh let me
go in the toilet excuse me just uh give me a minute here
excuse me just uh give me a minute here you know I think the safest spot is
right here to be honest right here would the restroom course not how do you still
see them I can’t see okay oh you want to go do you there we go all right let’s have a Apple
there another apple oh wait I ate the apple instead oh wait did I just eat the
apples Oh Frick I think good me too awful mistake Anthony you know what that
means I think there is a recipe that required three apples look I could have
made apple pie can you believe it I could have made Apple yeah we know I’m
sure they’d be good I wish I could make that but of course me being dumb I
forgot okay everyone what tip if you ever
decide to play this game hide over here [Outro]

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