The BIGGEST Tech Hoarder!

So today’s video is gonna be a lot of fun We actually came in on the weekend and cleaned out the server room and one of the things that I noticed Was that these shelves which are supposed to be? The shelves that hold the pending projects for our writer and stu- Wow indelible marker These shelves which- we all wish that would come off easier. Which are supposed to hold the projects for our writing staff Basically haven’t even been looked at in months, and so I was watching other Youtube videos. I wasn’t really watching them I was more scrolling through titles and thumbnails and I saw someone’s video something about extreme declutter and you know what I was inspired We are gonna do extreme tech declutter. And James is gonna be my love ass It’s short for lovely assistant Storyblocks video blocks offers you studio quality stock video clips for a fraction of the cost Check it out today at the link in the video description Look up Anir Achtam on youtube and add him for more awesome intros like this one. So when you say declutter you mean- I mean everything that we are never actually gonna make a video about needs to come off these damn shelves Thermaltake pumps -Jake This looks more like a monitor bracket to me. Wow. This is oh, this is from RGB water cooling This is like- why is it on whose shelf? It’s on James’s shelf I didn’t put it there. So here’s the plan then we’re just gonna take this James bin and we’re gonna make it into a things James will have to deal with off-camera bin. What is this? Oh, you’re gonna love this An Atari hat? Not just an Atari hat, a hat with speakers in it [Music] Hey, that’s creepy. Yeah. What what’s the point though? Is it a webcam? I think it’s like a selfie camera Yeah, no, it’s like kinda hard to What is the rhythm this is the exact same situation I was like no, thanks Not at this time, and they were like “ah, just try it”. And so that is like a personal biometrics Recording device. I don’t even know what it measures. I tried to look up it’s all It doesn’t have a pot. It’s all acronyms. No, this is an engineering sample. Oh, dude, we ended up with serial Number one and we never did anything with it okay, we should make an eBay pile. A legal keypad for lawyers on the move meet the legal pack. You can press half the key down Without actually activating the switch. Oh I’m not impressed. So this one’s must city, too But you can see it’s a normal accordi but on the numpad side it all these weird little Legally as symbols so you can more easily write contracts and stuff. It’s a lawyer keyboard. It’s a lawyer keyboard for lawyers who feel like hitting their Enter key with their pinkie Oh my god, is this a wireless music light bulb? You know what we should do We should get the audience through their up votes in the comments to pick Four items for the next handy tech under $100. So this will be a candidate. What are these? Is this an entire pile of keyboards? Yeah, and it’s a split keyboard Oh So there’s like a telephone wire kind of cable that connects them and they connect with these magnets Those are the contact points and then these are steel rails. So it’s a pretty sturdy connection Yeah, once it’s on there that’s not bad And where we just were we gonna review it and then just didn’t get around to it. Exactly. It’s a nice keyboard It’s got- there’s different switch types. You can order most of them are kales, but you can get cherry I think greens and whites Or something clear interesting the yeah that’s one of the coolest things is when it split apart you can get these other modules that you plug onto here they give you They give you like thumb controls touchpad, track point, trackball. So those are all for the right side Yeah, and then on this side you can get one that’s like got just a cluster of keys maybe some table do a few hundred twenty-five dollars and The modules are 60 bucks Did they just send us all the tilting stuff? But none of the modules those modules are so cool. Yeah Ultimate hacking keyboard, if you’re watching and you want to send us even more expensive stuff that we might never do anything with, Then that’s on my wish list What is the key Z and how old is this? I think it’s supposed to just look old It’s these things are awesome actually, so if you have a fob for your apartment You can program it onto here and it can learn up to four different Low, frequency RFIDs like 125 Hertz things So let’s say you’re a Airbnb slumlord and you have five or four different apartments. You can put them all on one fob How much is this? Like 40 bucks 44 or 45 bucks. Okay, so we can throw this in the handy tech under 100 candidates the Keysy. Oh god The system is broken. No because this is to be dealt with this. We’re not eBay-ing this bracket gonna be. Oh That was probably gonna be the handy tech bin. Okay, so this is the bin to reconcile later Boom! Oh, you failed, you’re supposed to write that and then look up in the camera. So the editor could put sunglasses on Okay, we’ll reenact it. Deal with it So this is a web cam cover for privacy the privacy cover it slides and they were nice enough to make Linus Tech Tips Branded ones. So here’s a shout-out Steagle. So your shelf was actually pretty clean. That was the easiest one. Yeah I’m not dealing with this guy’s stuff. Oh you are. This anything. No, he gets his own bin. They get their own reconciled. You volunteered to help. Oh my god that is For a build that we’ve been planning to do for over a year But well it has a Ryzen 5 1600X in it. The build literally got Outdated in the time that we were thinking about actually doing it. Yeah, like I said over a year. Pretty sure it was Halloween last year That we started looking at this 8 MBs of EDO RAM. Good thing that’s on the shelf taking up valuable shelf real estate. Okay. I actually know the story behind this So, this is a motherboard for the The bare-bones Super Micro server that we used for 10 gamers or eight gamers, depending how you count it one CPU Oh my god, so half of your shelf is stuff from Brian’s basement. We need to do a tech hoarders episode On Brian’s basement. Remember the guy from the lake a local electric car charger video? Hello Is this an actual Commodore 64? Yes Does this work? As far as I know. actually, this would be a cool sleeper. Is that an Apple II? Ah… 512K as far as I know You get One shelf for DOS Gaming PC Okay, anything that doesn’t fit on the one shelf goes back to Brian. Or free geek or whatever. So you heard it here first guys. We’re doing a DOS gaming PC It was supposed to be a surprise… Well, it’s not anymore What is this? Ohh that is the cheapest monitor! Oh This is the cheapest monitor on Amazon, right? Oh my god, we should do this video Yeah. Oh, yeah. No, we have a look at your shelf. Oh, let’s why don’t we start with this? So that’s the singularity’s I know what it is I’m just for the viewers that might not know Be careful with that. It’s it’s one of a kind No, I think he’s made quite a few at this point. Well, yeah, but this is the first prototype So is this the way we should be treating it then? Oh my god, you’re getting a call. Hold on. Hold on Hello, this is James’s answering service Arie I’m driving Sorry about that, I gotta go Bye There are still SSDs in here, yep What the hell are these the 850 pro 1 terabytes? These are labeled. That’s what these are. Isn’t it? Probably these are labeled missing in the system Oh What the hell man all these are this has been here for like six months This is just found Yeah, you know how much these were worth when it was lost. Do you know how much they’re worth now? About the same. No Alex this is where all the Noctua industrial PPC fans are backs All right, what’s this is this just the box for this blatant thumbs-up retweet if you want these what is this That’s from the rave PC But it stills a fully functional laser light show No Yeah, we couldn’t find it reservoir in peg. Yeah, that’s gonna be super your problem to figure out where the packaging is for it Here we go Nailed it all right smart guy then where’s the package for this one? Yeah more harder question yeah you think also Remember how I was running around the office looking for? One of those molex to AC power adapters that are $40 each that we ordered more of to replace them today Well, here’s one Key. Listen, there’s a bin over there this whole thing. Is it? Yeah, that whole thing is one adapt. I’m gonna cable tie it Thank you. Go through stuff. Oh my god. This is like almost as bad as Anthony’s this This is the ITX form factor of PC from like a decade ago Which you can be considering popping into your system after a turn I was yeah, you know I was yes, you said it’s not completely stupid. Okay with Windows XP Okay, missing something is not completely stupid. It’s not the same is me considering putting it in my car So basically, it’s a computer that goes in your dad mini Dean. Yeah, gently And what even? That this is gift-wrapped lighting because the stock guitar tubers like the bright so custom like this Yeah dog, is that much can read lines maybe here dog? Come okay Steve. So this board needs to go back to whichever kind viewer sent it to esta. Yeah Gentle this is my price graphics card collection. Why is it? Yeah, because I never took it home after doors display the LTX That was six months ago. I know I am a well aware. It’s a graphics card With ethernet jacks all over the back of it. Yeah Why Do you still have all these old-ass gaming machines? Why are they all here? All of them are here answer is 42. Do you have any gaming pcs at home left? Yes They’re not as old but quite as obsolete Show me the hand strength Oh my god, it still has the peel on it This is vintage in here man can’t peel that they’re all on oh This this was the board to have when I was getting into being a PC Nerd so this is the old WD Velociraptor This was the pinnacle of hard drive performance back in those days back when hard drive performance was not an oxymoron. Oh my god 2006 pipe dream Products Inc. You know what? I’m gonna do it you’re doing would you say that? Only in my dreams Balls that go in the mouth Oh, it doesn’t taste very Jake’s is actually not as bad as I thought it was gonna be my expectation for him was very low It’s because he takes his junk and puts on other people’s shelves like that part straight from the beginning rush Huh? Huh? Gotta wait for the camera actually It’s like he’s actually this annoying all the time this is copper tubing why does it say RGB build? Yeah It says this crap do you build there? You actually did a good job of putting away the cooler for your card sort of mostly what that’s an excellent job I blame Matt James you blame James? Means your rebuttal he was too lazy to put it up in 101 So he dumped it in my hands and then I put it on my shelf in the meantime You didn’t even tell me what this was for I literally you know, I asked you and then I was like, oh wait I don’t need it in there like oh well too bad. You got it, and then you walked away you give me a hangout That’s what happened. You still have that wall mounting. Oh, here’s the problem one that only arrived today. Yeah Well, I’m where’s the banner? Well, you know what? I’ll do a favor. I’ll put this back on the shelf for you. Yeah, do me a favor. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, do yourself a favor? Well that I don’t this worse that was entirely your fault, okay, so this is basically just a bin of garbage Inside another bin of garbage Bin Which brings us finally to the cleanest and most Organized of all the shelves. All right Linus. How do you explain this? Someone’s screwing me over here. No. Oh, oh, why’d you step away Oh, what are you wearing socks and sandals that work? So basically This is completely Like working it’s still dripping And like ready to go. It’s been upgraded to a gtx 1070 that hasn’t actually been submerged yet because The other one likes parked in the middle of the video that we’re making about it The motherboards been replaced as well, I think Yeah, it’s the original power supply so the issue we had was that the case for it You can drop it right on my toes. I’m wearing real shoes. Oh, yeah, those are gonna protect your toes so much No, no, the audience believes me. It is leaking. Oh Okay, yeah, that’s why that bag was there thank you don’t get your socks wet Okay, so here I’m gonna put this oh, yeah, it’s yeah Okay, okay So the problem was that the outer acrylic Aquarium for it was leaking We actually solved that problem So here’s the original castle and everything that was inside it this paint held up surprisingly. Well, by the way And this is actually a new aquarium that Puget systems gave us out of their reception room because their mineral oil PC Finally died. And so they they dropped this off for us. I think is this the one they dropped off for us Jake Yeah, so this one is new so it’s just a matter of like putting it back together and I’ve had on my shelf because I thought maybe it’s a video but Like it seems like a short video Literally just taking that putting it in there. Yeah, we could stream it Let us know in the comments you want to see mineral oil resurrected live stream that’s pretty sweet Okay. Yeah. So in that case yes, this is an active project. You’ll say anything to keep this stuff on the shelf Well, I just I don’t want to get rid of it. It’s got a lot of sentimental value to me I’m out – what when did that? I thought we have a new record here Before any of you worked here if you guys worked here before you probably have that older stuff – all right So that’s the benefit of if you like something a lot he says No, everyone else who works under you that is to take this stuff and pack it up literally the definition of an ongoing project We’re gonna make a video about it you decide who makes the bigger livestream it on Friday One-of-a-kind, this is a prototype of an AI. Oh Okay, so this is a prototype of an AI Oh cooler that doesn’t require a pump oh, yes Yeah, so I was thinking do you want to see a video about it? It doesn’t really like work properly. It’s just a prototype It’s like a proof of concept. It doesn’t perform well, but you guys want to see a video like it does work Right. No Fine, go ahead. You try You can’t team up on me like that that’s it I’m done. Oh, yeah, what about all this stuff in here With story blocks you can get studio-quality stock video clips for a Fraction of the cost and you can download all the stock video that your heart desires from their members library including HD and 4k footage After Effects templates motion backgrounds and more plus you get exclusive discounts on millions of additional marketplace clips where you will save 40% on every purchase compared to non-members and This is pretty cool. The original artists take home a commission of the sale price all of their content is royalty-free so you can use it for commercial and personal projects such as YouTube videos or YouTube videos Depending on whether you do those personally or commercially and new clips are added regularly So there’s always something fresh to download go check them out at the link in the video description So thanks for watching guys. If you disliked this video you can hit that button But if you liked it hit like get subscribed to me consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured, huh? well, some of that’s gonna end up on eBay so In the video description also down. There’s our merch store which has cool strips like this one and our community forum Which you should totally join my apologies to the editor for this one though. This is a completely unstructured mess I’ll give them to either He loves free headphones. It’s a gift. It’s a gift and a burden That’s the best kind of gift You basically can’t buy a solvent. I’ve just been dabbing it Well, why would dancing help clean it get it Sorta

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