[sub_Interview] CRAXY 크랙시와 함께 하는 세상에서 제일 편한 인터뷰 The Most Relaxed Interview in the World with CRAXY

(Interview with CRAXY:
Now, are we all here?) (Clapping) Two, three. CRAXY in the hall! Hello, we’re CRAXY! (Interview with CRAXY:
Reading the manifesto) I always begin
by reading the manifesto first. – Whoa.
– Whoa. (Amazed) I’m Ryu Sera,
a former member of Nine Muses. It’s an honor to meet you all. I think we can just relax
and have some fun. Love you so much. (They pretty much
majored in reacting.) “Love you so much!” (Interview with CRAXY: The Alarm Game) – Time to play a game.
– Wow. We’re going to play
something called the Alarm Game. – Yes.
– I see. – Beep-beep.
– What is it? I’m going to play “Aria” by CRAXY. When it seems like it has been
25 seconds into the song… “Sera!” (Practicing) Scream out your name. Because this is
a single-person match, that means one of you (One of you can’t have tteokbokki.)
cannot have any tteokbokki. – No!
– No, please… (Hye Jin…)
Let’s begin with Hye Jin. (I hope you do well…)
This is nerve-racking. (Popping out) Music, cue. (Desperate hands) Hye Jin! – Woo Ah is…
– Yes! (Woo Ah is next.)
up next. Ready, go. (Playing 8 times faster) Woo Ah! – Let’s move right onto S Wan.
– What happened? Cue! (Playing 8 times faster) S Wan! Let’s move on right away. (ChaeY, do you feel confident?)
Do you feel confident? No! (The life of the baby of the group:
the unnies begin to bother her.) I wanted to do the dance. That must hurt. – Is she holding herself back?
– She is. – Hurry up and say it.
– It’s over for you. (The life of the baby of the group:
the unnies begin to bother her) – Do you remember that today?
– Oh, that thing today? – We can’t do that, right?
– ChaeY! (ChaeY!) It’s your fault!
You messed up my count! (This is unfair.) Okay, now. Ka Rin. Cue! (Playing 8 times faster) – I think she did pretty well.
– Ka Rin! I was going to bother her. – I think I’ll be the first place.
– No way. Wait, it’s me? My turn?
I might not end up eating too. – But I had breakfast.
– Gosh. (So you’ll have to begin
without the cue.) (Girls on both sides
begin to attack Sera.) – Sera, you’re so pretty.
– Seriously. – We talked about that too.
– Your socks are so cute too. – She’s dressed so prettily.
– Look, her socks are so pretty. – Really?
– Look at this one. Even her feet smell wonderful. Your hands are so cute too. – I’ll make you stop counting.
– Look at your nails. (Okay, whatever.) Sera! (What is this?) (Time to announce the result.)
The moment of truth. – My gosh!
– I’m so nervous. (Sighing) Let’s call this game off. – No!
– You lost, right? – Yes!
– Yes! I just read my manifesto, right?
Let’s move onto the interview. – Come on.
– Come on. I’ll announce the result anyway. – S Wan, you’re the first place!
– S Wan is the first place. – All right!
– All right! – I knew it.
– The second place is – Woo Ah.
– Yay! Woo Ah was very strong. – The third place is ChaeY.
– Yes! Wow, you’re something.
You had to bear through… – Seriously.
– so many tests and trials. Then it’s Hye Jin. You were pretty good
although you had to go first. Who’s this? – Ka Rin.
– Ka Rin. I thought it’d be you. – I’m the problem.
– Yes. She’s the last place. – Yay!
– She’s the last place! Okay, fine. Should I be banned from eating
or should I put on a mustache? – The mustache.
– The mustache. – Ta-da.
– Whoa. – It has to be in her hair color.
– The same color. You have to grow
the same-colored hair. This one might suit you. (Interview with CRAXY:
Time for the penalty) You put that
too close to my nostrils. I can’t breathe. (A former girl group member…) You’re so pretty, though. – It suits you.
– You look great. – You look way too sexy.
– Yes, you look great. (Interview with CRAXY:
Let’s eat that tteokbokki) (Time to eat freely)
Feel free to eat now. (These babies bought this cake.) (They’re in such great harmony
even as they sing this.) It looks so good. (Sera’s wish)
My wish? Yes, make a wish. I wish that in October 2020,
CRAXY will win the first place. (Please let CRAXY win
the 1st place.) – Please.
– Wow! – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Can you really eat, Sera?
– Of course. (The problem is that I’m sweating.)
But I’m sweating. (My mustache is
trying to come off… Yes…) No! Please don’t. (Trying to protect her senior) (Interview with CRAXY:
Let’s begin the interview!) All right, then. Let us begin the actual interview. – Yay!
– Yay! Number one. Who’s the goofiest member? – “Goofiest”?
– One, two, three. Hey, it’s you. – What? Why?
– It’s you. – Me?
– Ka Rin. – Everyone voted for Ka Rin.
– Yes. I see. (She has never heard that before.)
Am I goofy? – Totally.
– You’re the goofiest ever. – For example?
– We told you! She’d sit quietly,
then suddenly break out and say, – “I love you all!”
– Yes. She really does that
out of the blue. – She talks to herself a lot.
– She’s right. – We can’t understand her.
– We can’t. I want to explain. It’s not that
I was talking to myself. (Ka Rin’s voice is a bit too small…)
I spoke up, but no one can hear me. We haven’t heard this before! (Getting to know each other)
They couldn’t hear me, so they think
I was talking to myself. Two, you communicate
very often with your fans. Is there a reason why
you think this important? (She knows how important it is…)
I personally would get touched (to stay connected.)
if I saw a comment below mine. I thought it’s important
to feel that closeness. That’s why
I think this is important. (She tries to understand her fans.)
I think about that a lot. You understand how they feel. – You understand your fans.
– Yes. This is a really great attitude. – We get more from them.
– Yes. We want to share our gratitude
when we see those comments, and that’s the only way
I can do it. (The king of comments, CRAXY) The third question is this.
Give us some hints for your comeback. Some hints… We communicated with our fans and had some music
recommended by them and we plan on using those
as our reference (Making their next album with fans)
to make our next album. – Wow.
– That’s all I can say. – Okay, number four.
– Yes? You have to think about this
as a group. What if you had to choose
one of the existing songs as the song for your next album? – Gosh.
– Man. This is way too tough. (Thinking deeply) It can be anything
from the past or right now. Sera, if you could do this,
what would you sing? – You answer it first.
– Me? I have gone crazy – That suits you so well.
– It suits you perfectly. (Yes, you’re crazy…) Hey! Someone bring a chair. You can just say whatever
like I just did. (Don’t think too hard of this.)
– I see. / – Yes. – But it makes you think, right?
– Yes. – It has to make you think.
– Yes. (It could be a difficult question
for a group to answer.) In that case, I personally
want to go with “ON”, – the BTS song we recently covered.
– I was thinking the same. – I want to do something like that.
– Yes, me too. It can show our character
and show off our dances too, so that kind of style. – So you chose BTS.
– Yes. It seems very refreshing. We’re showing our heart
to reach the top. Is there a particular genre
or a concept you want to try doing? – We’re all…
– What have we done so far? – Cute.
– You’ve done something cute back when you were WishGirls. (Cute) And how can we call
what you do now? It’s now… – Girl crush.
– It’s now a girl crush concept. So you’ve done something cute
and something tough. – Sentimental.
– Something sentimental? – Yes, we’ve done that.
– So something sentimental too. Then all you have left is… – Sexy?
– Sexy? – Innocent.
– Innocent or sexy. You haven’t done
something innocent or sexy. In my opinion… (No, not those.) – They’re both bad?
– They’re both gone. – We want to do hip-hop too.
– Yes, we want to do that. – Something like “Dionysus” by BTS.
– It’s BTS again. I’m a fan.
I’ve always been a fan. I want to do
something like “Dionysus”, dressed up in a suit
and looking cool. – That’d be cool.
– I’ve always wanted to put on a performance like that. When you watch your performance
for the first time, you get a certain feeling, right? It could be cool, pretty… I thought we were unique. – Yes.
– Right. – We’re different.
– Different. – Intense.
– Let’s give her a hand. Now, for personal…
The interview is pretty short. – I see.
– The looks. – You’re the looks.
– I’m going to hide. You’re in charge of the looks. – Oh no.
– Here’s the question. Why are you so pretty? Since when were you so pretty? Why are you so pretty? She’s turning red. (The devil’s editing)
I’ve been pretty from birth. – Give her a big hand!
– You’ve improved a lot. The looks. – Here’s the second question.
– Yes? If you could choose to rap or sing for a song,
what would you choose? – I’d like to try singing.
– I also want you to sing. – We just talked about that.
– We talked about that. – I’ve tried rapping.
– You did. So I want to try singing
and show our fans. Sounds great. Give her a hand. – And she’s really good too.
– Right. You’re so pretty. You’re blinding! – Woo Ah.
– Yes? – As a leader…
– Yes? what’s the most difficult? That’s Woo Ah’s question! My members don’t give me
a tough time, but… – Your agency?
– Well… – No, our agency is great.
– The company? CEO, you do know
that I love you, right? When we go somewhere, I get scared that
we might say something weird, so it’s tough
to keep it under control while I get kind of nervous. We were recently on
our first radio show, and even there,
our members were very talkative. So I get worried
we might go overboard. That’s what’s tough, but my members
don’t give me a tough time. – That’s it.
– I see. That was very beautiful. (A beautiful ending) I was getting nervous. Okay, Woo Ah. The second question. Yes. I heard you write music. – Yes.
– Where do you get your inspirations? My members. I’m still in the process
of writing a few songs. Hye Jin told me something
while she had a tough time, so I wanted to turn
what she said into a song. And we all got together once
and spoke our hearts out. We’d each feel different things
on a day like that, right? – So those feelings.
– She’s definitely a leader. (She’s definitely a leader.) – S Wan?
– Yes? You seem like
a different person when you sing. – Yes, you’re right.
– Yes. – Really?
– Yes. How do you feel when you sing? I like to get immersed
in the feelings of the character of the lyrics, so I try to figure out
what the characters are feeling. Then do you experience catharsis
when you sing? Yes, she asked me the same thing. I don’t remember as much on a day
when I get totally immersed. – I see.
– I see. That’s different. Who’s your role model?
That’s my second question. I really love pop singers. I love Rihanna, Ariana Grande, – Beyonce, and Lady Gaga.
– It’s as if they’re Korean. – Ri Hanna, Be Yonce.
– A Riana. I love Rihanna, Ariana Grande. Grande size, please. – Next question, ChaeY.
– Yes? Please introduce
each of your members. The one sitting
in the rightmost side is Hye Jin, – and we’re roommates.
– Okay. She gets really handsome
when she dances. She’s cute, but she can be chic
and refreshing too. – That was Hye Jin.
– Yes. Woo Ah hears me out a lot
when I get worried. She’s like a dad to me. (She’s like a dad to her.)
She’s more like a dad than a mom. She has a serious side,
but usually, she’s loud, goofy… – And dorky.
– and dorky at times too. She’s a very fun
and a cheerful person. Sometimes she doesn’t seem like
she’s an unnie to me. – The baby unnie.
– Me? And sitting next to me is… She’s my soul mate, S Wan. She’s such a good singer,
and she tries very hard. She’s really funny
when you keep an eye on her. – She’s really funny.
– No way. – What is that?
– No, it’s not like that. Whenever she sees a pillow,
a pillow like this one, she throws that at me,
so she makes me really angry. But she’s funny, energetic,
and she plays with me a lot. – And this is…
– She was supposed to say a word. Ka Rin right here
tells me a lot of sweet things, so she makes me feel great
whenever I’m with her. She’s very cool when she dances. – All right!
– All right! That was beautiful. Don’t you want to experience life
as a normal student? You aren’t going to cry, are you? (ChaeY is suddenly in tears.) This isn’t good. – Goodness.
– She’s crying. – She misses that a lot.
– She does. – She misses it a lot these days.
– Right. – Could we have some tissue?
– Right here. I wasn’t trying to
make you cry by asking that. I became kind of emotional
as I introduced my members. While you introduced us?
All you said was I’m funny. (ChaeY got emotional
introducing the unnies.) At first, I really wanted to
get into this industry. So I didn’t give it
a lot of thoughts before I gave up my life
as a normal student. But recently,
when I meet my friends, I begin to wonder
what it would’ve been like. I’m very happy and grateful
to live this life, but I sometimes miss
that life too. Everything has pros and cons. If I lived that life,
I would’ve wanted to – try doing this.
– You’re so brave. I believe I gained one
by giving up one. – I’m satisfied.
– BoA once said something like that
in an interview. – Whoa.
– Really? She never had a chance
to live as a normal student. – You’re right.
– Not at all. And these questions aren’t
something that I made up, but I picked these out
among over 150 international fans who wanted to ask you
these questions. I just picked out a few. They were worried about you
regarding that aspect. – Say something to Cravity.
– Yes. She suddenly has to
send a video message. I’m holding myself together. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m thankful to meet all of
Cravity, my members, and Sera. So I’m very happy right now,
and I’m satisfied. I’m enjoying this life. – Yay!
– Thank you. She’s so brave. – Ka Rin.
– Yes? Is there a genre of dance
that you’d like to learn? I’ve always liked hip-hop
since when I was a kid, so if I get a chance to learn,
I’d like to dig deeper into that. Okay. Here’s the last question. What does it feel like
when you dance? I ask her that really often. Everyone has been curious. Everyone. I feel like I can bring out
something on the inside, the things that
I couldn’t express in everyday life. – A way to release that.
– Yes. A way to release
and express yourself. (Interview with CRAXY: Wrapping up) – To our viewers…
– Yes? you can tell them
what you want to say – and a remark to wrap this up.
– We’re done already? Then she’ll toss it over to you,
and you can say it in English. – All right!
– Come on, Sera. No way. I seriously can’t. May I use Papago? – Papago, please.
– Papago. Thank you so much (But she’s already practicing.)
for always supporting… First off,
I’d like to thank Sera for giving us a chance
to shoot this interview. – All right!
– All right! We had a great time today. It was a lot of fun,
and you comforted us a lot too. I hope to meet you more often
in the future. – Seriously.
– Yes. To our fans, it has been
two months since our debut. You showed us so much love
as soon as we debuted. CRAXY will continue
to work hard and improve, so please keep your eyes on us
until the end. – Yes!
– All right! Cravity! Things are in a turmoil,
so we can’t meet you right now. It’s really disappointing for us,
and I’m sure you feel the same. And we should keep our masks on,
wash our hands often, and take care of our health
so that we can meet again. – Isn’t that so?
– Of course. We were going to prepare
our next album with you, remember? We’ll continue to find you,
so don’t forget about us, and please continue to be with us. Thank you so much. I love you! That’s why I prepared
some hand sanitizers. That’s amazing. And my phone number is
on the back of the box. – Everyone, we got her number.
– Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you? – Feel free to contact me.
– Okay. If you run away from home,
if you run away from your dorm, feel free to only call me
when that happens. – Gosh, Sera.
– Thank you. Did you have a fun time with CRAXY? – It was fun!
– It was so much fun! I’ll have a dream about this. – Keep showing love for CRAXY.
– Is this a dream? Everyone, thank you for
watching this video. And CRAXY will be back. – Bye!
– Bye! (Interview with CRAXY: The end) (Thank you everyone.)
Great work, everyone! – Great work!
– Great work! Thank you so much. (Taking a group photo) (Hye Jin, Woo Ah, Sera,
S Wan, ChaeY, Ka Rin) – Like this.
– Can you stick closer? – Get closer.
– Come closer. One, two, three. One more. One, two, three. – Thank you!
– Thank you! So we just finished
the interview with CRAXY. – Yay!
– Thank you! Finished the interview. And thank you
for watching this video. – Bye!
– Bye! – Thank you!
– Thank you! (We look forward
to seeing CRAXY’s comeback.)

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