66 thoughts on “Student loan debt is discouraging young people from buying homes: Federal Reserve

  1. Most of those kids are dumber than rocks even after getting a degree. Why do they all go? Parents tell kids they are smarter & special. Parents lie.

  2. Excellent news. The SJW Millennials made bad decisions in majoring in Black Studies, Women Studies, Gender Studies, and other crap MAJORS. Live by your BAD decisions. You made your bed and now there are NO safe spaces for you, no PC way to say you guys screwed up, no second place trophies for you and no do-overs.

  3. These students should have their wages garnished immediately after graduating or when they stop studying. This will prevent them from leasing bmw’s for $600+ dollars

  4. And these Educate Elite continuously try to Claim they are the Intellectual Elite and the rest of us are Knuckle draggers ..Hildebeasts Deplorable’s……. Im sooo dumb I have ZERO debt and make Six Figures with a HS Diploma……XOXOXO…Millennial dipshits……

  5. I'm an engineer who paid for my college degree by working my butt off during summer and making money when I could during the year. I graduated with basically no debt. I have 2 millennials in my home now…one with a teaching degree and has a job teaching. She didn't want to work during the summer because it was like her HS summer vacation. She has a lot of education related debt and will find herself sorting it out in her own domicile once she completes her first year of employment…whether she agrees or not. I agree that education costs are outrageous but shopping around helps. In my experience, not just at home, millennials are allergic to hard work. I have a lot of friends that are employers and the resounding consensus is that millennials want a job but they don't want to work. I've been told that some are fired within a week and a few are fired in the first day. A willingness to work hard to achieve a life goal is critical however, sadly to say, I haven't seen the kids these days willing to put down their phone or their X-box long enough to work hard or focus on their future.

  6. America!..Just say No to paying off their Debt…..it will only encourage this gross stupidity to continue..Besides….Why would any America pay to have these children taught to Hate America……Affirmative Action in full bloom…

  7. In general, school is corrupted in itself. I mean, there are more prerequisites classes you need to take to get into a program now compared to over a decade ago. Ex. The nursing program; psychology was never part of the prerequisite. Also, there was never an entrance exam (TEAS) to get into the program. Since I’m talking about nursing, the hospitals are part of the corruption related to the school. Let me explain in short; you have to pay more to take those extra classes & on top of that pay to take the entrance exam. And that’s just getting into the program. Now that you’ve graduated as an registered nurse (RN), back then, you were able to find a job. You can’t now as an RN. Why? Because hospitals only accept new grads who has their BSN. So what does that mean for the new grad RN? Back to school & pay more to get the bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).

  8. the blame should be on parents FORCING their kids to go to university at 18. You dont have to go to school to make a good living.

  9. How to fix the system:
    1. Require colleges to co-sign on any student loans. This will force them to focus on quality rather than quanity.
    2. Encourage highschools to promote trade shcools and apprenticeships. This will fix the imbalance in the job market.
    3. Create a new chapter in bankruptcy law for student loans. Because the current system turns young people into indentured servants for whoever they work for.

  10. Young people will get the world they deserve: they need to be educated with regard to the proven failure that is socialism. There are no free handouts; somebody's gotta pay. Furthermore considering the propaganda and lies taught in colleges and universities they should do themselves a favor and get a job instead.

  11. Blame to goverment and the colleges. Goverment makes it easy to get the loans. In turn the colleges charge what they want due to this. Who is the beneficiary of all this ? The colleges benefit.

  12. Go to school during the day and work during the night while paying towards your education. Or be a dummy and let it accumulate. Poor little snowflakes.

  13. Idiots who go to schools they can't afford then whine and want the government to forgive their terrible loans. Idiots.

  14. Not just millennials in debt but also many poor senior citizens and peasant foreigners we keep importing want socialism. America has a huge problem and is on big trouble.

  15. I say survival of the fittest. I graduated with no debt and work a good job… if you can’t find a way maybe you should just consider yourself a lost cause. No sympathies.

  16. Kristin, you know as well as i do that there is no such thing as "government money." These loans are in fact Chinese in origin.

  17. Millennials and Gen Z listen up, college is a con, you are better off learning a trade or starting your own business, don't go into debt for a worthless degree, your country is circling the drain and it's all about to fall to shit in the next couple of years anyway.

  18. The student loan administration is the real stopper when it comes to job growth stagnation. Reduce interest rates to 1%.

  19. Agenda 21…gotta get them all into the cities into tiny condos and apts and then make sure they vote democrat and get taxed to hell.

  20. First world sucker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just to pay dad's kids 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆economic's, like that health care off your's I think china has a better one

  21. Here's a fact for you students – the federal reserve is a private bank owned by private shareholders. We print US fiat currency backed by nothing, and these bank shareholders get rich by loaning paper currency to our gov't. They are the reason for the endless wars under the guise of us "promoting democracy." They own the media, our politicians, and of course our currency supply.

    You will never have learned that at your university. I sure didnt.

  22. Student has to be the next bubble that pops that will mess up our economy. One was i see reversing these effects is start discriminating on these student loans based on the investment of the degree. High risk low outcome shouldnt get the same percentage as low risk high outcome. Federal Government should be able to tell these kids that they dont apply for the loan because their degree haa no market value. Thats my solution to that part. As far as the kids that are in debt, i wouldnt say complete forgiveness but i would say something as far as cutting interest rates. As far as kids that are in the middle of college, there actually not much i could say about thus except to give these kids the opportunity to apply under the same rules that they already have. Something like an exception to the policy.

  23. This is not news…it's been said for quite some time. It's only now society is starting to get a clue. You're supposed to be able to meet, marry and mate (meet someone special, get married and have a family. You can't do this when you can't provide.Reinstate bankruptcy protections for student loans. Those who are responsible will pay. Those who are irresponsible won't pay. It's that simple.

  24. Fucking bunch of spoiled cry babies. STFU. Who forced you to borrow a ton of money for a stupid fucking career that doesn’t make money? Buying a house is a FUCKING PRIVILEGE ASSHOLE.
    Why didn’t you work and go to college? Where were your loser parents to guide you and help pay or help you not to make stupid decisions?
    Millennials are fucking stupid.
    My kids worked through high school, college summers and breaks. Now, fucking idiots are social losers and are to good to work part time jobs. Fuck you.
    Pay up assholes, then go get your shine box, and live in mommies basement.
    Cry baby assholes.

  25. People aren’t buying houses because they are to dang expensive. The debt you have to go in far exceeds school debt. I’ve been house shopping and unsuccessful because it’s a dang robbery of my credit and cash to just have a place to live. I can’t afford it. And then apartments are dang near as much as house mortgage. Things have gotten out of control. We need to burn the federal reserve to the ground. Rid of that Rothschild unamerican business. We can start over and tell them to kick rocks. Gold and silver standard is the answer.

  26. I know a doctor that owes almost 400k in student loans. He cannot even afford a house and cannot afford to pay the loan. I would not want this guy working on me with these stresses. something has to be done to reform the system and the start should be to totally forgive all student loan debt. needs to happen or this country is in big trouble my friends.

  27. I can't imagine what its like having student loan debt. My brother and I were lucky. Our parents did the prepaid college plan. So when we graduated from college we wouldn't have any debt.

  28. This is what happens when Government pumps easy money into the college system. Anyone can go to college and take as much money in loans as they want. And now a bunch of people cant pay off their loans, shocker.

  29. Not sure why the desire for cheaper education is "socialism". Fox news buzzword to get the angry boomers going i guess.

  30. Remember when Obama took over the student loan program and everyone cheered? That was shortly after the government commanded lenders to make 50 percent of their home loans to racial minorities regardless of credit or employment history (does anybody remember how that worked out?). Now, as usual, it's somebody else's fault!

  31. It's 2019 and most of these college degrees are not working. Employers want experience so you need to lie to them. College is just too expensive to justify and many people like to sugar coat it.

  32. Stupid americans doing things they can't afford. I'm past 30 with 4 degrees now and I NEVER HAD ANY DEBT. I put myself through school when I could afford it, I didn't take out any loans maybe I was too smart or maybe it was just COMMON SENSE

  33. IMO Don't make college free and abolish the current student loan system.

    Replace with:
    Student loans that go to the school and not direct loans to the student. The student is then required to payback the loan in fifteen years and if they can't the school looses that money. What this will do is hold the schools financially accountable.

    1) they will no longer recruit unqualified students.
    2) They will create curriculum that matches the job market.
    3) they will accept the right amount of students per job market.
    4) they will collaborate with job suppliers.
    5) they will help students write business plans.

    What about the humanities? Most humanities departments are over priced when the actual cost is much cheaper than stem and they accept too many applicants for the limited job market.

    1) it will make that tuition lower.
    2) it will create limited recruitment that is merit based and mostly scholarship based with limited loan allotment.
    3) they will still be pushed to find job placement.

    The big problem is with the schools tuition price. But if the schools are financially accountable for the price they charge and on the hook if it does not match reality then the whole system will change quickly.

  34. Funny thing is there's actually a really simple solution to all of this. If you can't afford college just don't go. BOOM! Simple.

  35. This is so true, numbers scared me so much but I thank god, I got so much help from https://www.thecollegemonk.com/student-loans.

  36. It’s simple really. DON’T PAY IT BACK. We really need to crush the teachers unions that put us into this situation. Yes, that’s right – teachers unions. They will always blame republicans for everything because they want more money. The truly greedy people of this country. Don’t believe the lie that they care about students. They don’t. If they did they would admit that everything they teach is in some book somewhere. We don’t need framed public education AT ALL. If you are not inclined enough to pick up a book and read it, then education will be a waste of time and you will never amount to anything probably.

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