Stormy Daniels May Be Headed To Congress To Testify About Trump Affair

Democrats in the US house of Representative
are ramping up their investigations of Donald Trump, and they’re finally going to start
focusing on one of the issues that they’ve, let’s be honest, they pretty much ignored
since they retook power earlier this year. And that is of course the issue of the Stormy
Daniels hush money payment. Obviously Donald Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen
is sitting in jail right now, partly because of that hush money payment. That was one of the charges against him. And that’s why Michael Cohen is in prison. And yet Donald Trump is not, for some reason,
he’s the one who directed it, uh, based on all of the available evidence. And now the Democrats in the house pretty
much want answers as to why this guy go down, but not this guy. And they’re going to get answers directly
from the source. They’ve already got all the information they
want from Michael Colon, but there’s still somebody else. They need to talk to stormy Daniels. And According to Stormy herself, Aka Stephanie
Clifford, there’s her legal name. Uh, she is ready and willing to go to Congress
and spill all of those horribly disgusting beans. Here’s what she said on Twitter. I have no fear of being under oath because
I have been and will be honest. Bring it. And this is beautiful. I absolutely love this thought. I love this idea. I love this plan. I love stormy Daniels because I think this
is phenomenal. I think this is the path of the investigations
into Donald Trump needed to go. We know that his fixer, the dude who, you
know, made the payment, did it to keep the story buried to protect Donald Trump’s campaign. We also, according to Cohen and from what
it sounds like on the tapes that have been released, pretty much can, uh, verify the
Donald Trump directed these payments, which would also be illegal. So Donald Trump should be charged for this. Stormy Daniels knows who sent the money. She was talking with these people. They understand what happened, they know why
it happened, and now hopefully we’ll get to hear it from her under oath. Again, all of those disgusting details, maybe,
hopefully we can avoid that. The actual talk of the affair. We don’t need any of that, but we do need
to know the logistics of the hush money payment. And you know what? While you have got her in Congress under oath,
how about you go ahead and have her spill all those dirty little details about Michael
Avenatti as well, right? I mean she’s alleging that he stole a ton
of money from her, so why not have her while she’s under oath. Go ahead and get that into the congressional
record as well. So that may be the professional grifter Michael
Avenatti can also maybe one day have to answer for his alleged criminal activity. People Watch ring of fire enough. Understand why I’m a little angry towards
Avenatti. He’s even angrier at me though, so it makes
it all okay. But nonetheless, again, I like this path of
investigations. This is something you could very easily tie
Donald Trump too. This is something we’ve essentially already
tied Donald Trump too with the available evidence. And again, the audio recordings. This is the slam dunk for the Democrats, and
hopefully Stormy Daniels does have enough details about the payments and behind the
scenes of the payments to take down this president.

100 thoughts on “Stormy Daniels May Be Headed To Congress To Testify About Trump Affair

  1. Love it, but won't believe it till I see it. It's all been crying wolf so far, "we got him this time." Almost seems like the Democrats are in on this too. I'm just tired of the BS.

  2. So-called "evangelicals," if you're listening, I hope you're going to be eating your flattering words about how your Creepy Porn President is a holy and righteous savior of your perverse nation.

  3. It never made sense cohan in prison over payment but trump in office filling his pockets with money from all the golf trips. When the orange turd burglar should be in prison himself

  4. First off , Why is Farron pissed at Avenatti ? I know he fooled many into thinking he was a great guy and was even considered by many for president before he was reveled to had con money from Stormy and others . Okay main point , if Stormy Daniels goes before Congress , wont they tear her up for her professions  as a porn star and  the usual demeanor , may had took drugs and drank alcohol  I do hope she can do damage against Trump . I haven't read her book yet but still want to .

  5. Oh my God! Can anyone imagine the secret service help she would need? And just who do we know, that they answer for?- twump would pay anything to shut her up. This is the secret fear of anyone working in the current White House. They know that 'friends of the president', with just a wink in their direction, could end a life.
    A deep down type of military service that answers for the people over the 'power that be'. That's the kind of security she will need?!

  6. He can not go down seeing that he is the Chosen and the King of Israel so he d
    Just cannot go down and do not get your hopes up she will silently disappear with a fat cheque????????????

  7. I want Trump’s relationship with Alex Acosta investigated. Acosta stopped the Epstein investigations in Florida and prevented victims from testifying. This was an attempt to coverup the discovery of Epstein’s list of rapists including Trump?

  8. For those who think this is a ridiculous waste of time, think it through. If they’re occupied with trivial matters, then they’ll have less time to fuck up the nation more

  9. In the words of Rodger Waters… hello hello hello. Is there anybody in there. Is there anyone at home…. wake up America. Get on Congress ass to do something. Thank you.

  10. “AKA, Stephanie Clifford, that is her legal name.”

    The way that Farron just added that on just made me chuckle, well played.

  11. Why are morbidly rich not held accountable for crimes: because the USA is a banana republic. Trump will NEVER go to jail! Never! Exhibit A: Rick Snyder. Epstein's blackmail buddies and those that murders him! None will face justice, EVER!

  12. Does that mean there will be a description of Treasontrump's Micro-Member in the Congressional Record for the ages??? ??????

  13. I can she her going into congress now………"hi Mitch, how you doing?, looking good Ted, Lindsey how's the wife?"…………

  14. I would love to see Stormy in congress bringing the lying king down cause hell he needs to be stopped anyway possible go stormy

  15. Wait but the rape-publicans claim president shit for brains is innocent. President shit for brains has always been a rapist piece of shit. Come on when a so called president admits he likes to grab women by the pussy without there permission. Enough said.about his character.

  16. ????? old regurgitated fake news this is what the left has become.. only allowed to do so because of its ignorant followers.?



  19. Trump conversion to Judaism and his broken promise about 9/11

    On 15 February 2016, speaking to a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Bluffton, South Caroline, he promised that he would find out — and inform the American public — "who really knocked down the World Trade Centre.

    It looks that when it was clear to Trump who was really involved in that ‘controlled demolition inside job’ he just kept quiet because he didn’t want to upset his boss Netanyahu and the fact that TRUMP CONVERTED TO JUDAISM in 2017, as stated by now ‘suicided’ David Goldberg, makes it abundantly clear that Trump is never going to disclose who really was behind 9/11.

    For more details on Trump’s conversion to Judaism and keeping it secret from the American public

    look at

    TRUTH VS. NEWS, INC.: Aug 26, 2019 Part 1

    NEXUS STRATEGIC ANALYTICS – Published on Aug 30, 2019

  20. I hope Mrs Cousins is NOT hearing how you love this Stormy Woman LOL. This Presidency is a farce of the Highest Order – and this sort of info would of sunk many a man.

  21. I'm astonished that Melania hasn't ran for the hills over all the scandals. Can you imagine what kind of hero she would be for women all over the world who are in horrible relationships? She has proof of infidelity and could take him to the cleaners over the prenupt they signed. It would be such a heroic act if she bailed on the president of the United States. Do it Melania damnit!!!

  22. Yes…obviously, a lot of people want to hear the dirty details. Please spare us. The real crime is the payoff. Focus on that. Kudos to Ms. Clifford for standing up when so many others refuse to.

  23. I hope they don't do this. It's too late, too gross, and they're way more bigger issues to go after, a super weak play that'll backfire

  24. The Democrats haven't done shit. Even if Stormy testifies she'll more than likely go to jail for being a prostitute. And Trump will deny it. And nothing will happen. Now if she can come up with a picture of Trumps mushroom shaped dick, OK. Unless of course she's looking for a payoff from Trump. Bottom line…nothing will come of this.

  25. Please YouTube Trump rapes 13 year old girl!!!! Wow, Does this have a statue of limitations because it was decades ago? Trump threatened to hurt her or kill her if she spoken about this!!!!

  26. I hope Trump tries to bring up the NDA that he actually had quietly lifted once there was no point of trying to enforce it.

  27. Donald Trump specifically said "send cash" on the tape.  He not only directed the payments, he directed the type of payment.

  28. This will absolutely go nowhere but distract us from watching this bitchass president sneak a law under our noses. Truly a talk show president that keeps everyone glued to his nonsense.

  29. All of the other charges against him, the play mate and the porn star is what congress will use to impeach Trump? How spineless they are!

  30. This is a good team to replace Epstein. No need to bring her to the Congress because American people know all the facts. All knew who Trump was; therefore, American people did not vote for him. He was just appointed by the representatives of the ruling class: Electoral College, because his hands were small. Stormy can substantiate the hand issue.

  31. She needs to have his check she was given made into a Big check holding it up as she walks into congress. I laugh thinking about it please please please

  32. Can't wait to see how badly the republicans are going to get during the upcoming hearings. I guess they have a bleeper standing by.

  33. Just a good Christian except for a married man payed whored to sleep with him his whole life sad low life human. He may have money but no class at all…but thanks for your money anyway. Are amercians that stupid. I guess so…..

  34. The pornstar in the John, now that's Talk Soup for you guys I'm definitely going to watch that I wish I could see Donald Trump's face as she testifies I wish I could see the first lady's face and she testifies because she's not giving up none of her you know what the first lady I mean poor little Donald with his little hands I don't feel sorry for that son of a b** he's a disgusting Pig a racist bigot any disgusting name you can think of that's Trump

  35. Im elated over the truth coming out for good. Crooked Trump. He should beat himself for budging and hiding skipping transferring guilt and not taking responsibility like a person w a conscious. Trumps brain is deformed lacking a conscious. I cant stand that chicken

  36. Remember to mention his little dick and tiny hands could be linked to these other women who said he made advances at them so just be honest about it.

  37. Yes stormy must have been the missing link to Russia. Orange man bad. Fester could you do a report on ilhan fucking her bro and then cheating on him and then using campaign funds so she could cheat on her current husband. By her own standards she should be getting stoned.

  38. Good job Stormy Daniels let it all come out
    Trump should be with his partner in crime. He needs to start paying for his crimes and lies.

  39. Oh please stop.
    I cant take Jordan ( I dont wear a jacket) .
    Mark Meadows , (exploiting a black person)
    Matt Gaetz , ( attacking mass shooting victims).
    And so many of his vile minions.
    But then again it would be great to see Stormy rip them to shreds.

  40. This has taken so long because the Republicans dipshits on the Judiciary committee don't want that smoke. Imagine when Gym Jordan tries to say something slick about her morality. You know she is gonna he say something about his own negligence or call out something she did sexually with Trump.

  41. The United States the Country is going down the Drain and Americans listen to this OLD CRAP . I have more fun watching VINTAGE PORN then listen to this Stormy – again – ????

  42. ?️Hey 45 if you legalized prostitution…you might not get in so much trouble. But when you pay hoes $120- 160,000 for sex..your just a trick. Donald Trick is the president.

  43. It is tiny. It is little. It is smaller than a Qtip. How the hell could one sign an NDA ( Trump loves that) without being embarrassed or humiliated getting put through this? Just testify Stormy Daniels. We need Trump outta here like yesterday.

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