Spain update day 70 – Phase changes on the way

Hola amigos, qué tal? Stuart here from
Spain Speaks with an update on the current situation here in spain
day 70 of the current health crisis and today again it’s all about the
phases as regions are going to be moving into
different phases as of monday now firstly a big thanks to
all of the people that left comments on the last video lots of debate happening
there again thanks for your opinions on the topics a
big thanks to all of the people that supported the channel through a small
donation you can see your name here big thanks to all of the people that
bought merchandise and a big thanks again to my patrons on patreon
thanks there for your support now as i said it’s all about phase one
and phase two here in spain at the moment because
all of the regions that were in phase zero and now allowed to go to phase one
on monday so let’s have a look madrid barcelona castillon pass to phase one
valencia is the only one that does not advance
in the de-escalation so some good news there for people
in Madrid, Barcelona Castilla y Leon etc who are now able to go to phase one and
finally we’ll be able to see some family and friends that we haven’t seen outside
of a video call for the last 70 days so good news there
now let’s have a look at the de-escalation phase map so we can get an
idea here of where we are in spain and what phase
we’re going to be in so we can see here that as of the 25th
of may all of spain is in phase one or phase
two so the orange areas phase one and the
bluey green areas phase two and we can see here that the
comunidad valenciana the Valencian community
all in orange Murcia here now goes into phase two
so does Almaria but Granada and Malaga stay in phase one
and the rest of Andalucia goes into phase two
Extremadura into phase two as well as well as Galicia, Asturias
Cantabria and the Basque country and some areas there in Castilla la mancha
and Aragon and all of the islands now in phase two
so fantastic news if you’re living in the Canary islands
or if you are in the Balearic islands you are now
going into phase two so of course that leads to the question
what can you do now in phase two so let’s have a look among the measures
included in phase two of the de-escalation is the elimination of time
slots the expansion of the number of people
who can meet visiting relatives in residences or opening beaches and
swimming pools so let’s have a look in better detail here at that
so phase two for example where can i travel to
well it’s the same as phase one you can only travel in your territorial unit
province island or health region can i leave my province
no you cannot for the time being are there time slots for exercise
no they have been eliminated there are only time slots for seniors
70 plus and they continue to be from 10 a.m to 12 noon and 7 p.m to 8 p.m
and other people can’t interfere with the time slots for seniors
okay the rest of the population can’t go out and do exercise
in those time slots you have to respect the senior time slots
how many people can get together in groups up to 15 family and friends you
can meet at somebody’s home or you can go to a restaurant or a bar
can i visit a relative in an elderly residence yes but by appointment only
can i have a meal inside a restaurant yes forty percent maximum capacity
can i go to the beach or a pool yes you can
public pools are by appointment only and beach rules are subject to municipality
and will shopping centers open yes they will but with reduced
capacity and distancing rules so one of the main changes here regarding shopping
areas is that now shops bigger than 400 square
meters are allowed to open in phase two so a few
changes there from what you could do in phase one
if you are going into phase two but remember that a fair slab of the country
is either going into phase one or remaining in phase one for example
valencia community as we saw before now as we just saw there’s going to be some
changes in phase 2 regarding the use of beaches and we can see here how will
beaches be in each community there will be drones capacity control
apps or cameras municipalities autonomous communities
and experts debate on how to reduce the capacity
and the possibilities of contagion on beaches and there’s a couple of areas
here that have put forward ideas as to what they’re going to
do so for example we can see here in galicia
the Xunta the Galician government will propose to the galician council’s
assist them so that citizens who want to go to the beach this summer
can formulate a request for an online appointment as
reported by the autonomous government last monday this tool will allow
citizens to obtain accreditation to access a specific beach on a selected
date with a mechanism similar to that used on the beaches of the cathedrals
the cathedrals of course being a specific beach in the north of spain and
another one here in the valencian community we can see that the
generalitat is working on the elaboration of a catalog of beaches in
the valencian community to spread the enormous wealth of the
valencian coast and a computer application that allows people to know
the level of occupation of the beaches before deciding which one
to go to so as we saw their beaches are going to
open again but there’s going to be strict rules controlling the access
to those beaches so remember to download an
app if there is one in your local community if you want to go to the beach
this summer in spain or in phase two or phase three of this de-escalation
but again the rules and regulations will depend on each municipality now beaches
have been a bit of a hot spot over the last few days and we’ve
seen in barcelona specifically that there have been crowds of people going
to the beaches and basically forgetting the rules that
are in place at the moment and we can see here the beaches in barcelona were
subject to agglomerations and prohibited activities when they opened last week
and we can see here that some citizens have some bathe on the sand or bathed
in the sea despite not being allowed so even though the beaches in barcelona are
open you’re not allowed to sit on the sand you’re only allowed to walk on the
sand to do some type of exercise and swimming is prohibited and i’m sure
that’s the same in other areas that are going into phase
one as well remember phase two is the time when
beaches will start to open again not phase one if that is your particular
situation now the madrid lord mayor mr Almeida also came out yesterday and
talked about the future of tourism in madrid and he set the return of
international tourism to madrid in 2021 and is already working on a revival plan
he said the city council is working on a plan to reactivate this tourism to
generate confidence and the tourists know that they can get
to madrid without fear so 2021 the date set by madrid for
international tourism to return to any type of normality
and that’s also bad news for a lot of other areas in spain because madrid is
one of the main tourist hubs and a lot of the tourism starts in
madrid and works its way to other areas in spain
so for example some parts of andalusia depend on madrid for their transport
for example seville and cordova with the fast train
and other areas like that so if madrid is not open for international tourism it
will be hard for other areas to open up as well
unless they have some type of independent airport i suspect or they
develop those travel corridors that we mentioned the other day
and people can travel directly to the place and not spread to other areas in
spain for example the canary islands or the
balearic islands now let’s have a look at some of the comments from the last
video now the first one here from arthur hi stuart thank you for the very
informative videos when this is all over would you consider doing a video on
Jaen city have recently bought a house about 20 minutes away
would love to see or hear your take on the place
your Arthur thanks for the comment i do plan to travel around spain again
once the restrictions are lifted and i’m able to leave my local municipality on
monday i’ll be able to travel around the madrid region
but we’re not allowed to travel to other areas yet and even in phase two we’re
not allowed to travel to other provinces so we’re probably going to have to wait
a little bit longer before we can start traveling around spain again but i do
have many places on my agenda to visit this year although Jaen in the
middle of summer is probably not one of the better places to visit in spain
as it can be extremely hot is one of these interior places in andalusia
but it is a very nice place to visit they have a fantastic
mountain area there called Cazorla and some of the cities in Jaen
are also quite attractive for example Baeza, Bailen,
cities like that and one thing you’ll notice in Jaen is the smell that those
olive oil refineries give off which is a bit of a strange smell if
you’re not used to it but very noticeable in that part of the
world but uh high-end nice place and i will definitely go there as soon
as i can one here from kenneth hi we’re flying out de fuegola from the uk on
june the 30th will the restrictions still be on or
should we amend to later on in the year yet kenneth i’d most likely
say that the restrictions are still going to be on so be careful with that
check back in a couple of weeks to see if there have been any changes but the
30th of june does seem a little bit soon considering that fuente dollar is still
in phase one at the moment and going through the phase system a little bit
slower than other parts of spain so the 30th of june in my opinion a
little bit soon and i’d probably postpone for a little
bit later in the year or a little bit later in the summer
if you can one here from valeria melbourne is freezing worried about
getting the sniffles not knowing if it’s the rona or just
a common cold hope there are extra tests because melbourne flu is bad this is
when we come to spain to enjoy the sun but doesn’t look like it will happen in
2020 i’ll just keep enjoying your videos and pretend i’m in spain
saludos from down under yeah valeria i feel for you there in melbourne going
into your cold winter melbourne can be a fairly
cold place over the winter months but the good news for you guys is that footy
is back as of next month so that’s going to be
something to look forward to and maybe help you get through those cold winter
months and a lot of aussies that were looking to
come to europe this summer their hopes for a holiday to europe
obviously have been dashed so not good news there for you if you were planning
to come to europe this summer want to hear from christian hi stuart thanks for
the good work your videos are part of my daily routine
to answer your question spain will never recover if the current government has
something to say in the matter right now it’s not about covert 19
anymore it seems it is more important for them to work their way
through the socialist wish list the only thing they will achieve
is bringing a proud nation to its knees and they will take
down europe with them yeah christian i see that this comment was quite popular
i think 17 or so people liked this comment
and that is the thought of a lot of people here in spain
that the government is working on its own agenda its
socialist agenda if you like because they are a socialist party they are in
power with polemos who are even further left on the scale
and some people do think they are trying to push through
their agenda during the state of alam so what’s your opinion questions or
comments leave them in the section below as to what the future of spain is from a
political point of view one hear from louis stewart are you
allowed to travel by car through the whole province of alicante living there
or is it still restricted to the health region or the local hospital
yeah louie in phase one in alicante you can leave your municipality
you can travel to other parts of the province
as long as they are also in phase one which i believe to be the case
you can take your car and travel to another pueblo and have a coffee have a
meal do whatever you like there but remember
that tourism activities are limited to organized tourism groups so you can’t
just go off for a walk in the mountains by yourself apparently but you can
travel to other places as i said to have a meal visit friends
things like that one hear from joy hi thanks for
everything i belong to a spanish bank i have been waiting for my redundancy pace
since march tell the tourists coming to
galicia to take warm jackets as the evenings can be quite chilly
joy from galifia yeah thanks for the comment joy sorry to see that you
haven’t got your redundancy pay yet i know that there are a few people in
the same situation as you but hopefully it’s going to get sorted out over the
next few weeks and if you have a spanish bank account
it should be easier this is related to the topic that we brought up the other
day about the n26 bank and the person that wasn’t able
to get their money because she had that bank account
and tourists coming to galifia you’re right it can be a bit chilly there the
atlantic weather can make it a bit chilly there of an evening
and it’s a good idea to have something to put on if it does get a little bit
cold now speaking about galicia somebody got in touch with me and apparently
canal cuatro which is one of the television stations
here is looking for expats in the riya’s basis area
to do some type of interview for the television so
if you’re interested in participating in that go to the canal cuatro facebook
page and tell them your story tell them that you are a foreigner living in that
part of the world and that you’d be interested in participating on that show
so the canal cuatro four facebook page one here from oliver
hi stuart i’m a uk citizen who has lived in ottawa for the past six months
i work in the uk and the oil and gas sector therefore i have been given a
letter from my employer explaining that i am a key
worker can i re-enter spain with this does this count as cross-border work and
the addition of my padron work also can you shed any light
on exceptional circumstances i keep reading about with regards to
entry examples would be great yeah ali i’m not 100 sure what those key
workers are apart from the ones that work in the
health system i know that doctors and nurses and other
people that work in the health system are considered key workers at the moment
there are also other key sector jobs but i don’t know exactly what those are
if anybody does know please leave it in the comment section below so that you
can help ollie out i suppose that if your company says that
you are a key worker and you have some type of documentation to get into the
country as well as the padron that might be
enough i suggest you get in contact with the embassy or maybe the local area
where you are working ask them if you are considered to be a
key worker because according to the official gazette
there is a list of what they classify as key workers so whether you are one or
not depends on what they say in that gazette
one here from corey can’t say i really understand all the hubbub about the face
masks where i live barely half the people were
wearing them anyway even though the streets are packed
same story yesterday not a cop in sight handing out fines
yeah corey a lot of talk at the moment about face masks i went out yesterday
and everybody that i saw virtually was
wearing a face mask even though there was a lot of distance between people
people just seemed to prefer to put them on at least where i am here
in your particular area as you said here the police don’t really seem to care if
people have them on or not so maybe it’s a little bit more relaxed there i don’t
know let us know in the comment section below
what your particular area is like if people are wearing masks or not if the
streets are crowded and people are not wearing masks
let us know in the comments section below what your particular situation is
and finally one here from lane well i’ve been doing my bit to keep
spanish viticulture flourishing with a bottle of fiery spanish rioja for some
reason bearing the name muriel on the label yeah thanks for the
comment and good to see that you are supporting the local economy by drinking
that fiery spanish wine bodegas muriel i think is
the one that you referred to they are in the rioja area maybe they
have some other wineries around spain as well and you can see the publicity for
that particular bodega or winery all throughout that region so
keep it up and keep drinking that spanish wine
which i must say is a fairly good drop and quite
reasonably priced so on that note i’ll wrap that video up
questions or comments please leave them in the section below i’ll let you guys
debate the situation out as you normally do
give the video a thumbs up if you liked it i’ll see you in the next one

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    I am neither Podemos nor PSOE voter (Actually I think this should not be important), Health system colapsed, this is a fact. We HAD( and MUST ) to close everything, it was totally necessary, and it will be totally necessary in the future if we have another round of infections.
    Once we come back to normality we will be able to have "our freedoom back" but do not try to take it too early…

  62. The mighty former Spanish Empire has been reduced to a vassal state – begging for help from the mighty Northern Europeans . . . your unemployment rate is one of the highest in Europe, your ridiculous laws of which I don't even know where to begin are ludicrous to say the least. Starting a business is expensive where you have to pay about 300 Euros a month just to have it. Your taxes, both personal and business-wise make it hard for the youth to make a better life. If it wasn't for tourism you would be screwed, and now you are going to screw that up too.

  63. Every single Psoe government has left Spain with high unemployment and with high national debt. In 1939 they even provoked a civil war and ransacked Spain's national bank while givingt the gold reserves to Moscow for free in their desperation to turn Spain into a satellite estate of Russia.
    Why people in Spain still vote for this criminal, inept, incompetent and corrupted party is beyond my understanding.

  64. Hi stuart. Really enjoyed your updates. I'm a UK based teacher of languages and would love to know what is happening in Spain regarding schools. Are they open? How is teaching being delivered to students? In England there is currently a lot of confusion over reopening schools and I can't see many students being back in school this year. Any insight into what the Spanish experience for kids parents and teachers would be really useful. Cheers

  65. Tanks for the update stewart. I have not missed even one of them. Great info as usual. What would we all do without you. Give me a kiss please.

  66. Some comments Ugh.
    There are many views
    People using this as a platform.
    It is critical against Spain.
    There is critique in the U K
    Some want to leave Spain
    Others want to go there
    A bit moany

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