34 thoughts on “Silver To SKYROCKET In 2018? – Silver Is Incredibly Undervalued! (with David Morgan)




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  2. The only true question about investing in PMs is: Do you trust this government and its currency backed by nothing?

  3. How embarrassing, It would be better to delete this video. Silver crashed to $14 now it's just getting back to where it was when they made this video. OOPS

  4. I have it in my head that the average person like me needs 2 put back about 10-20lbs on idle and even more if you can swing it. it's best 2 have it and not need it than need it and not have it…

  5. How about the fact that JP Morgan was just implicated to have been manipulating silver and just dumped 15 million ounces on the market. Somebody just made an awful lot of money on the taxpayers back by manipulating silver and hoarding it after skimming a lot of money off the top costing the taxpayers a great deal of money.

  6. how do you know when the silver prices get dumped? when David Morgan opens his mouth. silver is 14 dollars. it was supposed to be over 140 dollars two years ago. it is incredibly undervalued and this means it is going UP? makes sense to me.

  7. So now in the 11th hour (month) silver skyrocketed like a stone. I wonder how many "miners" listened to this and stacked a ton of silver just to watch their investment drop. (Jan. 5 2018 $17.17 , Nov. 9 2018 $14.20) Glad I waited.

  8. I'd say silver was a much better buy when it was $5 a while back. At $14, it isn't nearly as attractive.

  9. "David Morgan is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to silver" = translated "David Morgan is one of the most revved up marketers on the planet when it comes to peddling subscriptions." Anyone can make these predictions. He continues to predict and it continues to be FLAT, more people wish he'd SHUT UP and take his curse off the price so it could rise. We noticed someone who was associated with him for 17 years pulled out of his site, the public being easily more important than "gurus."

  10. Are "independent media" lying to their audiences that they "don't get paid" to have these merchandising guests on, then they panhandle for donations? Are these donations in fact subsidizing media businesses? They sure are allergic to having guests on who aren't selling something. Interview hosts have helped David Morgan build up what could be a 7 figure annual income and they do this for him all for free? No "gravy" in it for them? What more are we demanded to believe? Leprechaun fairies toting bags of gold coins? Are interviewers denying financial relationships with guests to "mine" donation income out of trusting audiences, out of people who are so simple that they can be blinded by this mania of personalities? Don't forget that in lawsuits, the respondent gets discovery rights, and that extends to subpoena of bank records. We have no intention to go away and will be on the scene until one of two notices is posted "This Is A Paid Promotion" or "People Not Selling Things Don't Quality As Guests."

  11. People FYI this Savoie character who I met via his contact form, he was at Morgan's site 2001-2018 and notified Morgan to erase all his content as he won't associate with him any longer, but! Morgan thought the research by Savoie was good enough to have at his site for a generation, yet none of Morgan's interviewers wanted to bring Savoie on! Did Morgan ask them to keep Savoie and his free work "submerged"? Morgan sells a pricey subscription while Savoie gives all his research for free to the public, and pretend do-gooders like joshing Josh refused Savoie any coverage, most likely as there's no way to make money with someone not marketing something! Giving away free Keys of Knowledge will not get you any interviews!

  12. David Morgan will never admit they were just plain wrong about the silver market …keep sayig they same thing..if you think silver will ever get over $35 any time soon your dreaming.

  13. People who buy multi ounce silver bars are buying them because they claim they can easily sell them to a dealer in the secondary market and turn them back into fiat dollar credits which ironically is what most stackers were trying to diversify out of in the first place. If fiat gains are the objective then investing in an S&P index fund would make more sense than buying physical silver. In the event of a shft derivatives implosion scenario where bartering was necessary then large silver bars would represent to much value to be able to barter with unless you find someone who will accept a chopped off piece of a bar in exchange for their merchandise. In my opinion SMI rounds with the anti-counterfeit SI Mint Mark are a better choice because they are visually verifiable .999 silver and one or more rounds would be easier to trade for other merchandise in barter in a shft situation. You could always sell the widely recognizable and visually verifiable SMI rounds for fiat dollars if you ever decided you didn't want them. In my opinion 1,500 to 2,000 of these 1oz rounds would likely represent a fair hedge against inflation for most families and offer some comfort level in a dollar collapse scenario. They could also be a valuable legacy asset for your children and heirs outside of the current fiat currency world. My advise is don't invest all of your available money in silver, only buy what you need as insurance against a dollar collapse and to maintain your wealth position outside of a fiat currency system. I have found recently in 8/18 that these SMI rounds are getting harder to find and their current price today is about $15.50 each from various dealers.

  14. Ive picked a bottom for gold and silver respectively on the 10th day of July, then again on the 18th day of December (not as low as July). Good luck

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