100 thoughts on “Senate votes on coronavirus stimulus package | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

  1. Hundreds of thousands are sick, thousands died and millions lost their jobs all bec of CHINA. SARS 1 in 2002 and now SARS 2. Remember that.

  2. Since i could care less about this 12 hours of random talking

    Did they pass it or nah, all i want to know

  3. How about suspending child support payments for us parents that lost our jobs or working less hrs because of the virus!!

  4. It has been said,
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  5. i see u guys veryclose to eachother
    no mask like nothing happen.!🙄
    you very bring the country back2 normal..!
    if not people gonna start actingcrazy
    and we need the $$$$ send it fast

  6. All the better for Pelosi's DACA plan. The illegals will swoop in take the jobs for lower wages, and unemployment will rise again. The plan gives illegals extended work papers. American workers who sat on their laurels, collecting more money than they would have normally earned will run the 16 weeks of benefits, and not be able to get a job, They will have nothing. Good plan Dems- totally wreck the economy.

  7. Its not about encouraging people not to work!! How hard is it to understand with everything that's going on right now prices up the roof for basic necessities so I could see $600 on top of unemployment insurance for maybe the first 4 weeks and then bringing it back down to what the individual was making per week because right now our economy has gone so crazy that they have toilet paper on eBay with bids going at $119 for 40 rolls while shelfs in the stores are sitting empty!!! Use your heads! Look at the normal person " problems"!!

  8. https://youtu.be/xzK9wXMNYZM

    The Herbs Will Heal The Nation. We must prepare ourselves for the worst that is yet to come. Boost our immune systems naturally.

  9. Donald Trump’s Retirement after the Failed CIA Fake News “Corona Virus Operation”. How about in the second segment? The Donald is committed to an Insane Asylum by his loving wife Melania,,, who’s entertaining a new man everyday from her risky but loving Tinder account. President Trump is looking out the barred window of his locked room at the southern Italian countryside painting watches in the sky…,,, Drinking Italian Coffee…

  10. As normal business, The Senate and the house should be paid minimum wage. And required to live off less than 20k a year. Then maybe they would understand the position they are putting regular people in.

  11. Take care of American people. Make products in America!!! We can do it from socks to trucks to tractors. We can make out medicines in America. Why did it take a pandemic for them to realize this was happening and something needed to be done. I was taking that hypertension medication that was recalled, I was scared to death.
    This should have been done over the weekend not taking almost a week long. I'm really glad some of them are positive because I'm having a problem thinking its going to get better when my husband works 2 jobs for us to survive and just survive. I'm immunodeficient and disabled things are tough. I wish things could be different I wish we were living and not just surviving. Life has not been easy and I wish these senators & representatives would know what it is like to try and like on $50,000 in America. Its not easy, I'm scared I will get sick with this disease and die. I don't want to die because of China hiding behind their mistakes they made in the beginning. I hope we learn from this and keep America for American's, make our own goods and learn from our mistakes. Make America Great Again! We can, I believe there has to be a better future for my sons. Their has to be a better future.
    I also don't think COVID-19 is on the curve down, I think its just starting.

  12. Typical democrat blames the other side for all the stuff they denied then acts like they passed it all and the republicans were the ones who denied the packages now

  13. You only live once. Be smart to protect yourself. Listen to the Virus scientists, wear the mask and wash hands frequently, before it's too late. Email me if you need the mask.

  14. Therapeutic treatment and management of severe respiratory viral infections.

    Please see the peer reviewed article on:
    Lei Zhang and Yunhui Liu. 2020. Potential interventions for novel coronavirus in China: A systematic review. Journal of Medical Virology. 92(5).


    Based on this and other recent literature, here is my take on:

    Therapeutic treatment and management of severe respiratory viral infections.

    Supplements for adults:
    Vitamin D (250 micro grams/day; 0.5mg)
    Zinc (50-100 mg/day)
    Vitamin C (3000mg/day)
    Flavanoids (200mg/day)
    Vitamin A (3-6mg/day)
    Vitamin E (500mg/day)
    Vitamin B6 (100mg/day)

    Green leafy vegetables and fruits
    Turmeric Milk (with pinch of pepper)
    Ginger-garlic-turmeric-pepper- concoction

    Sun bathing
    Breathing exercises
    Take rest
    Drink only warm liquids

    Thank you.

  15. I’m sorry….who was the tool that spoke after Bernie? He literally twisted words and still managed to say nothing. Did he just stand up to hear himself speak? Sit tf down dude……. and I don’t even know if I like Bernie yet….

  16. 12 hours of talking and i need to make my car payment , pay my cellphone bill , buy food for my wife , and my kids , sun i will need to pay my rent , 1200 dollars is nothing ,use that money and buy a vaccine from china we all need to come back to work 😡😡😡

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  18. पाकिस्तान के बारे में जानो क्या हाल है

  19. Notice how they want to give everyone 1.2k even the rich BUT if you make over 100k you'll have to pay it back later… How bout not give anyone who makes over 100k a year(who easily could have saved some money and most will have reserves or could sale something) not get anything AND give more to the poor? Just the greedy wanting to get more.


  21. What Trump and his buddies will never mention are natural supplements. That is funny because most of them take them. Check out New Zealand-60 Minutes-Vitamin C and investigate the benefits of large doses of LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C. My ninety one year old Mother and I have been taking it for years. Do your homework people. Trump, like Obama before him, and like most politicians and Wall Street Hustlers is a deceptive turd. He is part of the Northeastern Swamp which has polluted the soul of our nation.I can smell their stench from three thousand miles away. Pray to God and ask him to raise up good men and women to lead our nation and uphold its Constitution. God help us.

  22. Why are disabled SSI recipients left out? We aren’t getting financial help? We may be getting our payment but we are still affected greatly!

  23. Democrats caused much unnecessary suffering by holding up this bill with politics and pork. They could care less about Amercans.

  24. If white people did administer justice from 1865, none of this is would be happening. Now they are of the belief they can throw money on this problem. What has to be done is they must admit all of what they have done from 1492 until present. And they will have to go into involuntary servitude.

  25. 1 small virus destroyed us all contyrys In this world no cure no weapons for it why this is happen what we did GOD makes mad it is everywhere Italy Spain Greece turkey Iran iraQ Germany holland Belgium evrywhere

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  27. Unanimous vote on coronavirus bill in senate. All Republicans and ALL Democrat senators. There is no reason for pelosi to add on a wish list slowing or defeating the bill. If she does this , then All Americans will know that it is the Democrats who are who are holding up the bill because House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats!!

  28. Coronavirus facts:
    1. Ended Hong Kong protests for China.
    2. Got wall street a 1.5 trillion dollar bailout from the Federal reserve.
    3. Big Pharma is about to make trillions when they "discover" the vaccine.
    4. More government restriction and loss of civil rights.

  29. There is such a word inflation !

    If you print and give out dollars, then a can of beans will cost $ 200.


    Mnuchin runs the risk of collapsing the global financial system; he will have to go shopping for bread with a cart of money, like in Germany during the depression.

    I remind you that in the USA there is no real money to support the economy, there is a large budget deficit. And printing money from the air will intensify the crisis through inflation.

    Mnuchin must resign. There is such a word inflation !

  30. Это тебе не Рашкостан с его татарским кремлём.
    Красота и величие. Мощь и сила.

  31. ✝️When GOD Solves Your Problems,You Have Faith In His Abilities….✝️
    When He Doesn’t Solve Your Problems, He Has Faith In Your Abilities ✝️

  32. This bill should have protected small hurting businesses from larger corporations that will buy them up in their time of weakness

  33. CHINA CHINA CHINA I do not like the sound of this time to get the fuc outta America before China sends us a other precursor were slowly getting secretly attacked by all sides Mexico China North Korea the whole middle East, Russia may God bless America an shall we reek havic an all who inspire on us an may we shine a nother day

  34. Air prison called planet Earth. Message To You, Your Family and Friends In The Name Of Humanity! https://plexusradio.com/tips/air-prison-called-planet-eart/

  35. How dare u scumbuckets #cnn #nbc lie about a man taking cloraquin and dying after Trump saying it is a game changer with the virus .. For your political agendas u scumbuckets #nbc #cnn created a false story to discredit Trump by saying this man that died self medicated himself with the drug CLORAQUIN after Trump said it was a gamechanger without mentioning the most important part "THAT HE INGESTED FISH TANK CLEANER WHICH CONTAINED CLORAQUIN IN ITS INGREDIENTS "!!!!! YOU SCUM WILL PAY FOR THAT IF EVERYONE HEARD IT AND HAS A HALF A BRAIN…why are these reporter scumbuckets not in shackles for misleading and lying to the public? Why???

  36. They don't want people getting this extra money because they may start saying this is close to what I should really be making in a paycheck. It fits with what the true cola is. But the higher ups don't want to play fair or have people coming closer to there golden bubble world and closer to getting some of The American Dream

  37. It's a shame all these elderly and disabled get nothing even after having to pay more for stuff that normal ppl dont have to …such bs

  38. Well. It is weird that people in America are infecting and dying by coronavirus, but stock index keeps raising up and up due to helicopter money.. See! United States is not democracy but plutocracy at all. As long as stock market restores, no doubt about Trump re-election! The world will be more painful even rather than coronavirus catastrophe!!!

  39. Regarding the coming vaccine for this so-called virus: Do not allow them to inject you! Did you know that the Supreme court ruled that you can't sue vaccine makers? If vaccines are so safe why would you not be permitted to sue in the event they are not safe? Logic should tell you they are not safe. If they were so safe you wouldn't have to sue, right? The truth is there are thousands of stories of death and injury from vaccines, the paid-off politicians by the vaccine makers won't allow the stories it to be told. If the truth got out that vaccines are killing and injuring thousands and that the Supreme court stopped suits against vaccine, well… https://youtu.be/sDGEe3vats0 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pharma-vaccines-lawsuit-idUSTRE71L41420110222

  40. Who are these people preaching to themselves?
    What a waste of time they're all hypocrites. They all care about one thing power, money, and greed.

  41. Hey Sen Cruz, what kind of incentive do we give multinational corporations who blew their cash on stock buybacks that the gov will bail them out when they have liquidity issues? Common Durbin, you gotta step up to the plate.

  42. 👎 Nancy Pelosi I see you’re on TV today trying to take credit for the coronavirus bill . Sorry Nancy Pelosi you get zero credit for helping out with this coronavirus pandemic. All you did was fly back-and-forth to San Francisco wasting taxpayer money and time doing nothing But adding pork and special projects to the Coronavirus bill. But happy birthday 🎂 your, 80 today and in the high risk age group contracting coronavirus. I'am very thankful for President Trump’s strong leader ship and action. God bless America and President Trump.

  43. Obama Paid Trillions to the Crooked Bankers of "To Big To Fail", and evicted hundreds of thousands of American Families.

  44. Marco Rubio is soooo annoying his voice and way he talks is like scratching a chalkboard blah blah blah man go get a real job

  45. Marco Rubio is soooo annoying his voice and way he talks is like scratching a chalkboard blah blah blah man go get a real job

  46. …and Us independant authors who DON'T GET Unemployment, Senator ? Merge the Two in the EMERGENCY RELIEF PACKAGE.

  47. No, Sir..you guys are Essential Personnel for the whole Nation..you do not violate the guidelines under that description. remote votes can be hacked.

  48. How DARE the government go on PAID vacation and not give a flip about the people- this will lay in the house like EVERYTHING else

  49. Congress; Experts on getting paid more not to work. Enjoying those massages that we've been paying for? I would LOVE to see our working Americans getting a paid break from the lousy jobs with psycho bosses and terrible working conditions. Payback for the hundreds of breaks they were entitled to & never got. LMAO.

  50. Wow the Senator of Texas will never be voted for again. I’m ashamed , we have a senator thinks we would be so lazy and has 0 confidence in our state.

  51. To Both Poor and Struggling Middle Conservative Republications And Conservative Poor and Struggling Middle Class Democrats, Who May Also Be Laid Off From Work! Trump Advocated The Stimulus Should First Go To Bail Out Corporations and Those With High Income Levels! Joe Biden Advocated Nothing In Your Defense For Any Stimulus Package, He Was Not Involved. Joe Biden Is Also Not Involved In Passing Any Law and Going the Extra Mile On Your Behalf Concerning the Corona Virus. Keep In Mind since You Want to Keep The Status Quo, This Is The Status Quo, When You Are In Need Or In trouble! Nothing Changes! Hard to Swallow Truth For You to Except But the Reason, Why Your Getting Any Financial Help At All from the Government In Your Need is Because Of Bernie Sanders!!!!!!

  52. Adult dependents are NOT included on the stimulus bill stiffing families out of a check that take care of there adult dependents. See page 146 of the stimulus bill.

  53. 25th March 2020…Happy Independence Day to all the Greeks over there living with the Yankees…we are used in defending…
    …we managed financial crisis and now are fighting against two new enemies the same time: blocking erDOGans isis terrorists
    to invade Europe and Corona…and we are doing well like we did 3000 years ago…on Evros borders and anti-corona psychology :
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Iu2xDufRio It's ok, you don't have to thank us, the Gods told us to do so 💙🏛💙🦉💙

  54. Wear mask, wash hands, take vaccination! Stupid medicals!!! Non of those works. The Corona virus does not decide between rich and poor but upon your frequency! Change you frequency is the cure!

  55. Now they say the virus is proliferating in city water and they recommend everyone bathes in pickle juice for disinfection and fragrance.

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