Roger Foley’s Assisted Life GoFundMe Video

Hello, my name is Roger Foley. I need your help. I am the patient who has received international
attention for my legal case, making it into Forbes Magazine and part of CTV’s top 5 most
resonating news stories last year. I am the young man who is dying of Cerebellar
Ataxia and substantially suffering while the Health Care system and Government is doing
nothing to relieve my intolerable suffering, and denying me proper and necessary health
care. They are trying to take my life away from
me by a so called Medically Assisted Death, referred to as MAiD. I have been dehumanized, threatened, attacked,
and abused, and my life has been completely devalued just because I am a person with disabilities. Greater value is placed on access to MAiD
than access to alternatives that could alleviate a patients intolerable suffering. MAiD is being presented to patients as a preferred
treatment option rather than the very last resort once all other avenues have been exhausted. I realize that the outcome of my Constitutional
legal challenge to require that all efforts to provide assisted life, and all appropriate
safeguards be put in place before offering assisted death has wide reaching ramifications
for other vulnerable Canadians. It will also effect citizens internationally
too as the trends in one country can easily spread globally. I continue to fight for my life in court. However the Defendants continue to deny and
delay the case, and put up unnecessary barriers. In order for me to continue this fight for
my life I need your help. I have set up a GOFUNDME page linked to my
website Funds received from this account will be used
to help me pay for the mounting legal expenses. These costs do not show signs of letting up
anytime soon. Any funds unused after the completion of the
legal expenditures will be donated to organizations that support survivors of abuse and neglected
persons with disabilities. I will provide periodic updates on I am hoping you can support me with a donation. My life and the lives of so many others depend
on it. Thank you very much. Sincerely,
Roger Foley.

2 thoughts on “Roger Foley’s Assisted Life GoFundMe Video

  1. Ataxia has no cure. There are no medications that can specifically treat and cure the symptoms of ataxias. However, medications may ease the symptoms by treating the underlying condition that causes the ataxia. Are you saying that you are denied the necessary medications to ease your pain?

  2. this is a serious wake up call for all of us. our society is delving deeper and deeper into a culture of death, not life… the warning signs are all around us

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