Resolving Merge Conflicts When Modding Together (Remote Workspaces – Part 4)

Hello everyone, Matt here. This is the last part of a 4 part tutorial
series about Remote workspaces in MCreator. In this tutorial, we are going to take a look
at merging remote and local changes. Let’s say that I’m working on this mod with
a friend. On my computer, I decided to add a brick to
the recipe we created in the last part and sync the changes. Soon afterwards, my friend decided to edit
the recipe on their own and add a wool block in the top middle slot. They try to sync the changes, but a “Manual
workspace merge” window opens. In this window, they have to decide which
version of the element they want to keep. Your friend decides to keep your remote change
and can immediately check our changes by opening the merged mod element. Merge conflicts like this happen when someone
edits an element that has already been modified by someone else in the remote workspace. This can often be avoided by making sure you
click “Pull” before working on your mod or by communicating with friends on who works
on which part of the mod. Thank you for watching this tutorial series,
I hope you learned something new and I wish you happy modding. Don’t forget to subscribe, turn on the notifications,
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6 thoughts on “Resolving Merge Conflicts When Modding Together (Remote Workspaces – Part 4)

  1. Note that in some cases you might encounter some issues with the merging system in 2020.1, however, the issue will be fixed in the upcoming 2020.2 snapshot.

  2. Can you please make a tutorial on how to get your friend onto the workspace? I tried to use the clone workspace button you showcased in part 3 but when my friend tries to synch the changes he gets a loading curser that never stops loading the the changes never actually synch.

  3. Hello pylo
    I have a problem that i want to work with my friend on a mod and i did everything that you showed in the first vid. But it does not work
    Question: when he clicks the clone workspace button and he copied the link in there, do he has to give his account name and his password to acces the workspace?

  4. I have a problem, my friend can't see new commits in "Remote workspace" tab, and when he clicks "Show local unsynced changes" is doesn't show anything. (

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