Registering a Non-CCS Reciprocal Borrower

This tutorial looks at registering a non-CCS
reciprocal borrower. It is not a step-by-step walkthrough of the
process but rather highlights some important aspects of registering a patron. For step-by-step instructions on how to register
a patron, please refer to the document, Registering a New Patron in Leap or the CCS Circulation
manual. Non-CCS Reciprocal Borrowers are users whose
home library is not a CCS library but who wish to register their card in the CCS system
in order to have reciprocal borrowing privileges. In order to register their card in the CCS
system, they do need to have an existing card in good standing with their home library. Before creating a new patron account, make
sure to search for any existing accounts using the Quick Search Bar or Find Tool. If the patron has an existing account with
CCS, refer to the documentation on renewing or re-registering a patron record, depending
on which is applicable for the situation. Follow local procedure for verifying the patron’s
ID and that their card is in good standing at their home library. To create a new patron account in Leap, click
the New Patron button on the home screen or select Patron Record from the New drop-down
menu. Both will open the patron registration workform. Since this patron is registering as a non-CCS
Reciprocal Borrower, their REGISTERED AT branch should be set to CCSB. This field can affect which econtent resources
the patron has access to, statistics, and preference of local materials for holds, so
it should be set to CCSB in order to differentiate the non-CCS patron from your local patrons. The PATRON CODE dictates circulation-related
policies, like how many items the patron can have checked out, how much the patron will
be charged per day if overdue, and how many holds they can place at one time. For a non-CCS patron, the PATRON CODE should
either be CPL PATRON (if they are a Chicago Public Library patron) or Reciprocal Borrower
(if they belong to any other library outside of CCS). Likewise, their Statistical Class code should
either be set to Chicago Public Library Patron or Reciprocal Patron, depending on their home
library. The STATISTICAL CLASS CODE does not affect
circulation or access to services, but instead is purely used for gathering statistics. Finally, make sure to change the ILL/RB LIBRARY
CODE field to reflect the patron’s home library. Again, this field is only used for statistics
and does not affect circulation. This has been a Two-Minute Tutorial on registering
a non-CCS Reciprocal Borrower. Refer to related documentation for more detail
on the sections and fields not covered in this video. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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