Realvolve CRM: Mail Merge with Google Docs

Welcome to another Realvolve training
video. I’m Mark Stepp, CIO of Realvolve. Today I’m going to take you through how
to mail merge with Google Docs. What we have in the view all screen is a list
of contacts. I’ve marked four of them in the list. I’m gonna come over here to the
export to Google Drive, click on the export, give this a name – newsletter and
click save. What this does is this creates a merge file in Google Drive so
that we can use that for a source. Now what I want to do is switch over to a
document within Google. Here we have Google Docs. At the top of the screen, you
can click on the add-on’s. You only need to do this one time. Click on add-
on’s and get add-on’s. Scroll over to the search add-on’s and choose documentmerge – all one word and press enter. Here the documentmerge by PandaDoc. Click on
the + free and accept the connections. At this point, we have the document
merge installed. Close this. You can pull up a letter of any type. Go to add-on’s,
documentmerge by PandaDoc and click on start. The first thing that we need to do
is get our data source. We can click on the down arrow and choose spreadsheet. Select the list that I just created and
click select. At this point, we can go through the merge fields and choose the
one we want. I’m going to click up here at the top and we’re going to scroll
down to a mailing name. That will insert the mailing name field. Press enter and
let’s get full address. Also want to put in a greeting – dear and then click on
greeting. You can use other fields in the list
obviously. At this point, we really have everything that we need. I’m going to go
ahead and scroll down here to do the next step which is the merge documents.
Whenever you go to merge, you can merge into a single file. It will create a single document with as many pages as you’ve got records in your database.
In this case, I only have four records marked so it’s going to merge all four
names into the letters and create four pages of a document. If you want separate letters for each merge, you can uncheck this merge into a single file and click
on merge all files. It begins creating the documents and then once done it’ll
show you the folder that the document is in. Click on that to open it. There’s our
letter and you’ll see that each of the names are in here for each of the pages. Pretty simple. At this point, we can print to a PDF file, we can print to our regular printer, whatever you need to do.
That’s pretty much it. If you have additional questions, email us [email protected]

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