RBI Mortgages – Private Hard Money Lender Based in South Florida

– [Ernesto] So my name
is Ernesto Rostoker, founder of RBI Mortgages. We’re lenders in Florida. We’ve been here from 2015, when the company for mortgages started. We do private loans that
beginning in Florida, and then started doing
in New York as well. And now, is starting
up operations in Texas. We do breach loans mostly, we also do fix and flips, type of property is usually residential and commercial . For residential we do
from single family homes two and four units, multi families. For commercial we do
warehouses, offices, retail, and other options case by case, and that’s mostly the type of loans we do. – [Interviewer] What about
condominiums do you…? – Condos we do also. – Okay, alright. – Yes, of course. Our most active loans for as of now, its been under three counties here in South Florida, Brownwood, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach, however we do have a connected part of the portfolio in Orlando and a little norther all the way to New York. In New York we land in
Brooklyn and Manhattan, and actually in all the residential in New York, however what we do the most is, in Brooklyn right now. I would say we are very
competitive in pricing compared to all private lenders. Here and in other states. Usually other states go
all the way to 12 percent, 14 percent higher rates than us, we try to stay with the
clients that we feel, and they are conservative, we try to look for these types of clients. And, if we can get them,
we try to get with them and do all their properties as well, and always have them with us. So we choose our clients, but we are competitive in pricing, we are very competitive in timing. Usually we close loans,
sometimes in five days all the way to 10, 12 days, but that’s an average time and it’s always like that. There is, unless its a commercial property and something doesn’t depend on us like a condition report or environmental, but we are ready to close in that time we issue the letter of intent. The service is I would say is very good. The service, we have different payment options we have employees for any thing that is needed from the client. And, we do accept foreign nationals, and that’s also an advantage. Many people coming here, trying to get established, as I said before, they can find here competitive
terms for their loans. Even if they don’t have
a long credit history, they haven’t been here for a long time. The important thing is when we issue our commitment, and we say we are going to do it, we’re going to do it.

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