There’s no doubt, the details of life is
overwhelming for some. It doesn’t have to be this way.
The Public Trustee exists to administer the needs of at risk Queenslanders in times of
need. Whether it’s through age, ill health, an
acquired brain injury or disability. The Public Trustees staff are on hand to ensure
your bills are paid and your assets and money are secured and protected for you.
With 550 staff in 16 dedicated regional offices throughout Queensland, you can be assured
your rights and interests are protected when the Public Trustee is your administrator or
financial attorney. As well as financial administration services
for Queenslanders, the Public Trustee can also take care of drafting your Will and Enduring
Power of Attorney. Since 1916 The Public Trustee has been serving
Queenslanders by providing these important financial administration services to meet
your needs. The Public Trustee of Queensland, ready for
when your life changes direction.

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