Propaganda – Fake or Fact?

fake or fact read my lips no new taxes I did not have sexual relations with that woman simply stated there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction well we can’t let the world’s worst leaders blackmail threaten hold freedom-loving nations hostage with the world’s worst weapons All of these clips have one thing in common they are all propaganda we came we saw he died (laugher) you are Fake News Fake News Fake News Fake News Propaganda is defined as: Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc when most people think of propaganda they think of Nazi Germany yet before Nazi Germany the Soviets developed the montage You know,
the montage… the Soviets used propaganda films to unite with their vast empire after World War 1 and years of civil war they founded the world’s first film school the Moscow Film School in 1919 and the Kuleshov workshop before the Soviets propaganda helped encourage American colonists to fight for full independence from Britain printing and mass distributing propaganda such as Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and long before Thomas Paine, Martin Luther wrote propaganda that was spread throughout Europe to question indulgences and other unchristian practices of the Catholic Church How did the church respond to Martin Luther? nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition but also In 1622 Pope Gregory the 15th created the Sacred Congregation for the
propaganda of the faith or in Latin this was a college to Train priests to become missionaries in other words to propagate the faith and spread it to new lands that’s right the Catholic Church invented the first standardized system of propaganda because the Church learned after the Crusades and the Inquisition that perhaps the pen was mightier than the sword catechesis is the term for what we today would call preaching only catechesis was a much more organized and structured format see printing presses weren’t invented in those days so the fastest method of spreading such information was through spoken word and so, during the fourth and fifth centuries baptism had become a several week long seminar leading up to baptism on Easter Sunday sem.. seminar like seminary? is… is that where that word comes from? a small group of students as in University …place or gathering let’s see origin… from Latin ‘seminary’ from ‘semen’ – seed so seminar actually comes from semen? Anyway… during this time ‘Catechumens’ attended
several meetings of intensive ‘Catechetical preaching’ by the way do you have any idea how long I had to practice to get this pronunciation right? catechesis ‘catechesis’ catechesis ‘catechesis’ this was the first instance of the modern school system and here, the Catholics taught a prescribed curriculum that was leading to a graduation in the form of baptism so the Catholic Church invented propaganda as a structured system for spreading their ideology to the distant parts of the globe you see propaganda can be used for either good or bad the fact that it’s propaganda isn’t a bad thing for instance this webseries aims to be a form of propaganda where we make new ideas thoughts and facts interesting because when you don’t know that you’re being educated that can be a dangerous thing our next episode will look at how propaganda in the modern day uses technology to become even more viral Don’t forget to Like, Share, and subscribe so you and those you care about can be informed

4 thoughts on “Propaganda – Fake or Fact?

  1. Propaganda is heavily used in usa in every corner even churches only guy that does not use propaganda is trump I haven't seen any errors he seems pretty clean to me if USA doesn't use propaganda other countries would respect us look at north Korea no one fucks with them but their ppl are brainwashed

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