Probate Solicitor

I really believe that the most important
aspect of my role as a Probate lawyer is to help clients navigate through what is
invariably a very traumatic and stressful time in their lives so
from the outset I tried very hard to help the client feel at ease and listen to because they
could be surviving spouse the child or children the person whose past.
But now they’re also the executives of their
loved ones estate so quite apart from dealing with trying to process the fact
that their loved one has gone they now have to deal with all this
legal and practical stuff some always very aware of the stress and
anxiety that they must be carrying on top of their
grieving and I see my role is helping to alleviate some of that anxiety at least in
terms of any legal or practical administrative issues that need to be dealt
with, so in that first meeting they’ll often
have 101 questions and it’s my job to put all these questions into some kind
of order for them talked into legal and practical
considerations that have to be addressed and then how we can get them all done
and that will often mean that on top of dealing with all the legal
aspects administering the deceased estate I will also happily assist them if they needed it if for example getting the utility bills
changed to surviving spouse’s name or redirecting post perhaps applying for
exemption to council tax canceling the deceased passport. So I am
very much concerned supporting the whole practical
process of their loved one’s death and as I’m outside the family I can
support in guide with a clear mind completely independently of any family
allegiances or conflict and I know because my clients tell me
that they really appreciate this approach. So in the end my goal is that they
can draw some comfort at least from the fact fact that they have someone on their
side that they can trust to guide them effectively and efficiently but also with a lot of
understanding and sensitivity through all the legal and
practical administration that demands attention when a person
passes away. As a Probate Lawyer I am more often than not going to be
working with a group of people who are dealing with a lot of grief and
emotional pain. I may need to navigate to some complex
family relationships perhaps manage tensions and disputes
that sometimes arise and possessions and assets have to be
distributed in line with the loved ones will so there’s more than likely going to be
some difficult and perhaps painful negotiations ahead. On top of that
there is a host of administrative requirements and basic leg work that’s needed to make
sure that the state is administered correctly so maybe the original will may have gone
missing beneficiaries can’t be traced. There maybe
conflict and contentious issues between the executives in the beneficiaries or sometimes the will itself may create
challenges because that appeared discrepancies
between what the will says and what the testator wouldn’t want
especially in the case of home drawn wills. So when these hurdles appear my job is
to help my clients and them and at times they may not be an absolute
answer and so on me to advise and the
consequences and then a decision will have to be made from there and sometimes I need to set the ground
rules and push back a little if different family members start
demanding different results are in conflict but I think it’s
important to be very clear throughout the whole process as to who
is my client and how much I can help the family
through this process without crossing any legal lines. So sometimes it’s a balancing act but by
bringing a sense of structure and on being clear on what can and cannot be done
I believe in the end everyone benefits from the sense of clarity. From my own personal perspective the rewards are really all about seeing my client through an intensely stressful time quickly
and as efficiently as possible and get an enormous amount of
satisfaction witnessing them come out at the other end of this
process with the feeling that at least as far as the legal and practical
administrative aspects are concerned everything went as smoothly as
circumstances allowed receiving the right legal advice and
some helpful guidance and support along the way

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