Platon Finance: Sneak Peak

Who are you and what is your
position in Platon Finance? My name is Daniel Tanner. I am the co-founder of Platon Finance and together with my wife I run the company
and make sure it develops, stays innovative and ahead of our competition
in the cryptocurrency world. How would you describe Platon Finance
in three sentences? One sentence is enough. “Create the future”. That is to create a future, a better future
for anyone who believes, that a better future can come along
if they join us. And together with the use of our ecosystem, applications and financial instruments that we create and will pass on to people. Could you tell us something about PlatonCoin? PlatonCoin is basically a means of payment,
which makes it quite simple to explain. The basic idea is that it should be possible to pay with it to our partners both in Europe and abroad… This means in the USA, Africa, Asia, and wherever it will be legally possible and where regulation will allow it. And where would I see it in 2-3 years? I would see it as when I go to Starbucks,
McDonald’s, buy something from Nike, a luxury vehicle or luxury clothes, I would be able to pay with PlatonCoin
for that service or product. Another way to look at it is when I want
to make B2B business and I would want to pay for example a lawyers’
services or for organizing an event, I would again pay it in PlatonCoin, because
PlatonCoin will have value, people will rather accept our
cryptocurrency then Euro, Dollars or any other FIAT currency
used in the given country. What is Platon Finance’s philosophy and what
is the main goal you want to achieve? This is a bit of a tricky question because both
of them are basically related. The philosophy is to create one family, that means a community in which everyone will feel
part of that family and feel good and safe. That’s what I would say is
the philosophy of the company. And the second question? What is the goal you want to achieve? The goal is very simple – to make as many people
as possible understand the vision and the idea with which we create it. That means for the family to have
as many members as possible and to be widespread across as many
continents within the world. How do you want to achieve this? I want to do this by gradually making every effort and activity so that people have tools – tangible tools. This means applications, software, and an ecosystem that will create a fair, friendly and trusted environment, where
everyone will feel safe and use it. What are the next steps you are planning? The steps are simple. The first step is to release all those applications. This means that people will be able to download to their phone our Android or iOS app Make sure it works and make it as easy
as possible for people to use and to have good feedback from
the people who will use it. This is step number one. And step number two is then to expand. That means expanding the number of partners and expanding the number of people
who will be part of our family. What makes Platon Finance
attractive to ordinary users? I think that at this age the most attractive
thing will be the feeling of security. This is most important – for everyone to have
a sense of stability and security. And what will make Platon Finance attractive
in the coming months and years that it will be able to create that sense
of security and belonging, and that everyone will have
the opportunity to to develop and participate in the development of that ecosystem. What makes Platon Finance different
from other companies? I think our advantage is the focus on the people
who will really use our platform. This means that for us the most
important is the people, who use our system and their feedback. The ones that are part of the family. What is unique is that we will develop
everything concerning those people who will be part of that community. Which means taking into account what they
will tell us in the feedback. So it will be our uniqueness that we will tighten everything to the most perfect detail so that anyone who really wants to
and will be interested feels safe and comfortable.
People will feel as part of that community, not abandoned and alone in the world. What does your family mean to you? Family is the most important thing in life for me. In my opinion, the purpose of a person in this world
is to create a family and take care of it. The second part, which is important, is to create a loving, trustworthy and unified
environment for that family. A lot of people divorce today,
so that is why I used the word unified. So then one can expand it if he already knows
how to do it in his personal life then he can duplicate it and offer
and open himself to the world, because today the world is open
and everyone should live together, in the ideal sense, live in unity, love and harmony. This is actually what is important in the higher sense. Who are you and what is your
position in Platon Finance? My name is Leopold Tanner,
I am the father of the founder …co-founder of the company Daniel Tanner. I am a senior advisor to the company and my task is to fulfill the vision
and mission of the company and build up an educational system. Could you tell us something about PlatonCoin? So far, Platon Finance and PlatonCoin
are based on the Ethereum blockchain but will develop their own system, which will not only be linear but
also have some ray-like effect. This means that it will fill some
neural system algorithm, which I think is a very strong perspective
in the next not only 2 to 3 years, but next decade, maybe twenty years. This means technology in the context
of industry 4.0 and 5.0, which is a trend that more or less engages
and implements automation and robots not only in technological
processes but also in everyday life. So in this context, I think Platon Finance
will walk and fulfill its mission and vision. How would you describe Platon Finance
in three sentences? As a promising company that wants to fulfill the status of third generation cryptocurrencies. This means getting the cryptocurrency mechanism among the broad population. Not only there, but also among business entities and eventually supporting their start-up business
and inventive potential. What is Platon Finance’s philosophy and what
is the main goal you want to achieve? It is now known that the financial system is currently based on operations that lead to the financing of the global economy. This causes a variety of imbalances
and asymmetries in the market, and deviates from the real value not
only products and services, but creates or gives rise to a series of so-called derivative financial instruments, that not only lead to a certain imbalance but increase asymmetry between the real
and speculative economy. The vision that we are trying
to achieve – a third-generation cryptocurrency platform, should lead to a certain status of so-called
financial singularity. This means bringing not only the product but also
the services closer to their fair value. This is currently not the case. So-called bubbles are emerging on the market, and these bubbles lead to a certain crisis from which the last of 2007-2008 is far from being resolved, while its symptoms continue today. PlatonCoin, therefore, Platon Finance,
should contribute to creating real value. Fulfilling what is still a discussion among laypeople, but also among the academic community, whether the cryptocurrency has a platform that would lead to the determination of intrinsic value. This is basically a situation that leads to some realization of these processes and fulfillment of the vision and mission
of the company. Because the intrinsic value lies in efficiency and one could also say the decentralization
of not only financial operations, but normal business transactions. What are the next steps you are planning? Definitely a further expansion of the P2P trend. Therefore some rational extrapolation to companies, especially those who are starting
in Seedcoin startup position, have great ideas and growth potential. Those businesses that are perspective
not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of value created. The PlatonFinance system should certa
inly contribute to this. What makes Platon Finance
attractive to ordinary users? In addition to the cryptocurrency
transactions they deal with and can be detected on stock exchanges, that is, the other thousands of cryptocurrencies, I think PlatonFinance goes beyond
the horizon of these activities and tries to link just the real economy
with the financial economy. That is, to add like Bitcoin
to that cryptocurrency activity, is decentralization, and basically one could say regulated issue, but not regulated by the government, but more or less by a company like Bitcoin. To significantly contribute to the status of third-generation cryptocurrency activities – a position that will in any case fulfill
and develop in the future such an algorithm, that would make more efficient not only financing
that leads to certain bubbles in the market, but also help people to come back to the real value
of products and services which, is currently not the case. That means a rational price to coin ratio. Have you noticed a hint of financial talent
in Daniel’s early age? Yes, there was already potential at an early age. I have noticed since the age of six that he had great business inclinations, he also had a certain tendency to find
out the power of money and applied it in practice to various case studies. For example, when he tried to sell real things such as the products of a closed glassworks shop. So, from an early age, I noticed a certain potential,
that then developed further.

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