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  1. Human evolution has made it possible for this man's group to steal all the wealth. Now he wants to form a movement to confiscate the crumbs that are left – beware! The first question to ask a person like this is how it is they could just have been to visit their friends in Isreal without pointing out that the entire place was stolen from the Palestinians – their land, their homes, their lives! Then the survivors were booted out or put in permanent prison camps. Face Zionism, end Zionism – evolve

  2. You can tell at the end by her body language that she knows that everything he's saying is right. But we're so entrapped by the current paradigm that it's almost as if there's this false, universal assumption of hopelessness and that there's nothing we can do to bring grass movements like TZM to the forefront of general discussion. Progress is awesome though. Peter for me was what Fresco was for Peter. The Zeitgeist documentary series changed my life. Inspiring beyond words!

  3. When I used to watch Ron Paul's video explanations of Austrian economics, and hear him say that the American empire will only survive with a free market economy based on saving and production, I knew that there had to be another idea that wasn't so cruel and exploitative. I'm glad Peter Joseph enlightened me to a more sane societal order.

  4. Because everytime you talk with people about the problems we have, nobody as a clear notion about the causes of the problems and they just go on attacking the symptoms of it. The train of tought that Peter is giving, it's different and can be a possible solution to many problems if apllied. Even if FOX news was giving him time to speak, the argument speak for itself, and doesn't matter from whom you comunicate it.

  5. Yeah, sure…. I am just wondering why RT decided to give so much support to TZM. Maybe, somehoe, the person in charge of RT is actually not a psycopath but a real sane person who just decided to give PJ some air time for the good of humanity. I hope it is so.

  6. Well, not always. RT hardly ever criticize Putin or Medvedev. Maybe RT is in agreement with the Russian government to put crap on the western system. But it looks like RT is really taking advantage of that agreement to expose the flaws of our "global" system. Its an interesting sittuation… Zeitgeist 3 couldnt even get a premiere in Russia, they didnt allow it! but RT gives more air time to PJ than all other networks combined, while not saying anything about King Putin. It's interesting…

  7. TZM is a tremendous effort, and I have faith in Peter in a way I have not in an any official in the US government since JFK, His is one of the only voices of reasons I hear these days and I support this group 100%. If people would just wake up and really listen to what Peter is saying we might just survive as a species.

  8. Download or buy his movies, to support The Zeitgeist movement, The Pirate bay or any other torrent tracker. They're in YouTube too, you can download them with an script for FireFox/SeaMonkey: userscripts[.]org / scripts / show / 25105.

  9. That's because he is the President of the corporation of the Untied States not the republic. Maritime Admiralty Law. That's what makes us slaves.

  10. Basically for anyone that doesn't really understand what peter is saying. Technology is the key to success and happiness as long as we use it wisely. It will reduce our daily stress and we will be able to be free and learn about our world and cosmos -OR- if u wanna be an artist, doctor, chemist , physicist, gamer , game developer or w/e you aspire to be in life. Lack of money won't stop you cuz there won't be money anymore.

  11. i consider myself a libertarian to the core, but what PJ says resonates. i hate the current system as well but i believe we'll default on our debt, entitlements will end, and we'll issue a government "greenback" THUS ABOLISHING the federal reserve cartel.I see classical liberal economics and ideals as the future BUT this RBE is interesting.

  12. The only "lack of resources" will be our limit of technology itself. Other than that, there will be no lack of resources.

  13. If everyone aspires to be what they want but no one seems to be really interested in farming don't you think there may be a lack of the quite important resource food?

  14. women are particularly enslaved. Look at the way they dress on TV. They show all of their sex off . When they get ugly they don't get on TV. Many good looking girls are interested in becoming topless models and pornstars. Money certainly is what they are after! Most crime is related to sex, not money. After all why bother getting money? Power and money provide most people with sex.

  15. Nope. Absolutely ridiculous statement. I swear I read people say the darndest things on this topic. Everyone is a physicist and is so caught up in the cosmos they just forgot to eat and now all humanity has starved to death from their own willingness to not grow food!

    Here's an idea, how about instead of thinking of all these just absurd invalid and utterly useless reasons why it wont work, you think about the reasons why it has to.

  16. I am not questioning the validity in the assumption that technology is of great importance. Also, I am not questioning that it would be possible to build a different society based on other concepts than those of today. What I am questioning is the reasoning that everybody can do whatever they want to do without any costs just because the concept of money is eliminated. What I was trying to say is that we would still need to consider that our resources are not infinite.

  17. There would be no lack of anything, even if everyone was unwilling to spend time with agriculture, since we would automate all those processes, with machines. Likewise in as many production areas as possible. You can learn more with these videos: /watch?v=FBSNIWL3bx0&list=PLAC66D33AA6D89553&feature=view_all
    If you want me to elaborate more, pm me, too much of a word limit here.

  18. And what if no one is interested in building the machines necessary for automation? You can never guarantee that resources never will be scarce. I am interested to know more on this so I will also pm you.

  19. Alright, our resources are not infinite, but why does the current system always try to pursuade us to use more?
    Build a product that lasts 100 years, and your company fails. Build a product that lasts 4 years, but commercialize it as if it is an achievement.

    Also remember, there is a huge amount of reasoning behind why it has to be free. Educate to understand natural limitations. You don't just throw kitchenware away after use, you clean it so you can use it again 😉

  20. Yes, the technology back then is nowhere near the technology now. Also the propaganda was rampant and unstoppable back then, demagogues ruled the world. That is slowly changing. Just look at you, how easily you fall for the "guilt by association" fallacy.

    What do you mean by central planning, anyway?

  21. Reading serves you to no avail if your analyses are blank or distorted.
    What is so great about your country that makes it stand apart from the problems in Soviet Russia?
    Don't you have prostitution? Prisons for dissidents? Poverty? Education deficiency? Logistical errors?

  22. 20 generations is enough. The abolition of the monetary system would be reward enough. Enough with the stealing, the threats the "supposed" security solutions. Enough. The more honor and servitude you give to this horrendous piece of paper or the value of gold, which could be devalued overnight, the less honor you have for your fellow man.

  23. Marxism didn't have the advanced technology we have today and in case you haven't noticed, masses are starving right now because some tyrannical capitalists are controlling their money supply.

  24. What makes you think a computer is going to tell you how much food you are going to get? TZM and this concept of an RBE is about abundance, creating abundance which can be done easily with the type of technology we have currently. There would be no need for rationing out servings. Or maybe you missed that part.
    Tyrannical Capitalism is an oxymoron? LOL. What are you, 15 years old?

  25. a centrally planned system to monitor and manage resources of the earth that are needed, that is. Currently the resources are not managed, they are mined by companies to sell as commodities on the market place and an over abundance of a particular resource can cause the price to fluctuate, doesn't necessarily mean they are needed and are sometimes hoarded and stored for the manipulation of price. Meaning some have access to what they covet while others have no access to anything they need.

  26. If you have a passion for luxury cars, does that mean you have to collect 20 of them in your garage and hardly ever drive them while others have no access to any car or form of transportation at all because they do not have the money for it? In a RBE as I have come to understand it, not only will you have access to luxury cars everywhere you go, you will also have the opportunity to design or engineer one at your desire. An RBE would not build anything but luxury cars for all to access.

  27. oh I see, so you have no passion for luxury cars past that of collecting the most expensive for your own benefit, you have no real passion to create one. I could imagine all sorts of things once I start thinking them through, because I don't have limits of thought as it appears you do. 7 billion people could be freed from need, you just don't want to free them, nor do you want to give up insuring all those cars and buying security devices to secure them. How sad.

  28. this is soooooo stupid. How could you ever support a centrally planned system? An in depth look at economics should be required in high school.

  29. I studied philosophy, economy and natural science (biology). I say you dont know a shit what you are talking about. Capitalism is about competition (private property). In a competition you win by making other lose. If hong kong and singapore have a high standar of life; it is because they oppress other countries economically. In a competition, not everybody wins, in fact almost everybody loses. Capitalism is a global system. more than 60% worlds population is poor, 15% is starving.

  30. Off course, no centrally planned MONETARY economy has ever worked. Because all they had the price system, and the difference was that those that set the prices, not letting the market to do it, failed. But that doesn't have nothing to do about an RBE, simply because its not about tracking money and price, but managing resources. And for that, we have all kind of technology and methods to do. Do not confuse monetary based economies, with a resource based economy because they operate differently.

  31. How about simply allocating resources based on true need instead of how much money you're able to claim at the expense of others ?

  32. Ok, let's call it then a natural law economy, since all the others are just governed by ideologies with no basis on reality. And nobody said that you couldn't own anything. Things like clothing for example. Now, things like a car when you don't use it all the time, and with the advancements in automated car driving, could easly become a taxi system (with no charge off course), off course the is no need to own. Its not one way or another.

  33. It's for the person to decide if she/he needs the computer. That's why people need to be informed and with a set of constructive values, because that is just a value issue. I i use a computer i use it, if i don't use it, i don't use it, what's the difficulty in that? Computers are not there to tell you what to have, unless there is a shortage of anything. But then you allways can go around and create substitutes for the material.

  34. A true need – either for individuals or the society is not decided but rather discovered. This current system can't even support peoples most basic needs so my question is valid enough.

  35. According to the UN, 25,000 people die daily from hunger. About 1 in 6 Americans struggles with food insecurity and millions are malnourished. At the same time, food establishments waste/dispose of millions of tons of edible food daily (I see this at my university every day, students overeating and then throwing away extra food). Would you like me to go into shelter deprivation statistics, war statistics, distribution of wealth. You may be happy but millions of people would love to trade places.

  36. You mentioned that Hong Kong and Singapore are prime examples of how well capitalism can work. You also mentioned you've spent many years studying economical philosophies. Well, if you are somewhat astute, you should have realized by now that in capitalism, there will always be someone better off at the expense of someone else. There is no way that capitalism can minimize the problems of the world because of the simple correlation between monetary supply and demand that drive the system.

  37. Listen, I completely understand that "theory" which is all it is…because in reality, despite growing GDP's (which are somewhat attributed to inflation) wealth distribution has only been concentrating over the years with fewer distribution to the bottom brackets. The only way to put money into everyone's pockets without devaluing the currency is to evenly distribute the money in the pockets of the current top 5%. Do you think that's going to happen, my intelligent well-meaning friend?

  38. Things are showing. Change will come. The only question is how. Through massive civil war and destruction or through intelligent application of current technology and altruism.
    Yeah, I'm worried too…

  39. And eventually at end of the broadcast nobody gives a damn about what he had tried to explain. I'm really curious what's going to happen in the future. I'm way too worried…

  40. Its not dying. His videos have pretty much coverd what zeitgeist is about. He's making more videos now for next year but its gonna be a different type of film. The zeitgeist movement is still going, along with annoymous and the venus project.

  41. I'm hoping to be able to say to children "Back in my day, people exchanged something called money for goods and services. It wasn't really worth anything, but everybody thought it was."

  42. He's made plenty of audio blogs and lectures, and he made his "Culture in Decline" series. Also, he's currently working on a new movie. Do your research, before you jump to blatantly false conclusions.

  43. Do your research, this movement has grown exponentially worldwide and is only growing stronger. Try MILLIONS of supporters/members WORLDWIDE. This man is a genious.

  44. You don't advocate for something, you advocate something.
    PJ's disgust toward this grammatical crime can be seen at (0:37).

  45. There's way too much cynicism out there. I hear it all too often, "It can't be done." Anything is possible.

  46. Saying it can't be done means absolutely zero. Lot's of things were said couldn't be done and they were. It's an invalid point.

  47. this is his official channel, and if you took a second to look through this channel you would found that he's just made 2 interviews just this week and full of video from this month and the month before and basically goes back to basically 2009

  48. I love how people are still telling me that his movement has not been dying without seeing the other replies people send me.

  49. don't be worried!

    embrace change because it is the only thing constant.

    we all notice that there are fundamental problems.

    the solutions lie solely in our minds.

    if we can imagine the solution that is only phase one

    the next thing to do is communicate our ideas, stand by them and give ourselves as examples for others to follow.

    change is simple, change is progressive, change is inherent in YOU!

  50. We're just waiting for people to realise.
    we're waiting for financial and social collapse.
    it WILL happen, and we will be there waiting for people to ask us how to rebuild.
    Because money isn't a boundary to a social and economic revolution. people are.

  51. Digital art/design is the only realistic and sustainable way to prototype and test anything technical, especially in a RBE. Video games are the monetary systems way of finding its way to a designed reality of a RBE. Trash talking it because you don't like how people spend their recreational time is a complete waste of time. I think this is huge oversight on Peter's part.

  52. Peter, You have been getting markedly better at your interviews and topical discussions via Mass media video. well done my fellow human.

  53. The only thing to do at THIS moment is to "bring people to senses" as much as possible – and I do not find a quicker way as to make most of Peter's videos viral to all world – and I mean literally the world (everybody). Even with this there will be not so much people starting to think, and join the movement. What was the necessary % – – to generate the change in social awareness – 10%? – certainly not less. So please – send this and other videos to everybody everywhere, PLEASE!!!

  54. In “Occupying Chairlifts” a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Here’s a fair way to transition forward to where we’re rewarded for cooperating and creating instead of competing and conquering.
    It's something specific we can demand. If this isnt the best answer, at least we’re thinking about what might be. Are we really just this close to having it work right? “Occupying Chairlifts” on Youtube!

  55. Solutions.. move to a sustainable, off the grid community in southern Costa Rica. Check out Osa Mountain Village and Serenity Gardens Eco Village.

  56. even if the monetary is not removed people have to stop spending money for stupid shit like war and concentrate on technology advancement and making all our lives better

  57. I just discovered Peter Joseph and within minutes i understood his philosophy because i had thought of the same issues all my life. when interviewers ask those silly questions, i understand their density to comprehend his thinking because after years of indoctrination, they have lost their vision of a more just and fulfilling life experience. At 77, I never felt more determined to bring the change.YES WE CAN.

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