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The same way you take care of your physical body and your muscles, the same way you should be taking care of your financial health and cash flow. The P2P lending market represents a great opportunity for you to make an investment and to improve your monthly cash flow. So, in today’s video I am going to present
you the largest P2P lending company in Europe – Mintos. And at the end of this video you’ll know who stands behind this company, how long is the track record, how much you can earn for your investment, how to adjust your autoinvest settings, and how to control your earnings. Let’s start by who is Mintos and how was the company created. By the way, if you don’t know what crowdlending or P2P lending is, I suggest you watching my previous video. So, Mintos was founded in 2014 and it started operating in 2015. The company is located in Riga, Latvia. First, let’s look who is staying behind this
company. Mintos has a team of 200 people, but of course, the most important person we should look at, is Martins Sulte – CEO and co-founder of the company. A quick look at his Linked-in profile shows that he has been associate in SEB investment banking and consultant at Ernst & Young, before Mintos. When we look at his education, we see that
he has an MBA at INSEAD, which sounds impressive. Besides the coworkers, there is one other
group of people, who’s names you should know, before investing on Mintos. Those are the people, who’s capital stands
behind the company. We have Maris Keiss, Aigas Kesenfelds, all those names can be found on the Mintos web page Kristaps Ozols, and Albers Pole. And it is important to know that those persons are also co-owners of some of the main loan originators on Mintos. You may take this information in consideration, when managing your Auto investment strategy and choosing in who’s loans to invest. Now, that we know who stands behind Mintos, let’s look at the numbers, and take a look at their financial report from 2018. As you can see, since 2017 and in 2018 the
company has been profitable. This a positive sign, because for every Fintech company it’s important to be profitable, in order to be secured and to know that the company will maintain their business. Now, let’s look at the investors – the next
numbers: Who is investing in Mintos? How many money are invested there? More than 5 billion Euro are invested on Mintos. To the question: Is Mintos a financial scam
or pyramid? It could be, of course, but I believe it’s
not a pyramid or financial scam. Or if it is does, it is a very very well covered
scam. Now, that we know who is Mintos, and who stands behind this company, and we know the numbers, let’s take a look, how can we register at Mintos, start investing and earning passive income every month. The registration process at Mintos is very
easy, it really takes just few minutes. You have to go to their web site, press on
‘create new account’, enter your e-mail address and all the data that is required. You’ll also be asked to provide a copy of
your ID card, which is part of the identification process just like in the banks. The next thing you need to do is to transfer
money into your account. You can choose between 8 currencies and 2 methods. One of them is bank transfer and the second is an e-money service provider like Transferwise, or you can use the free service of Revolut. There is one more way to boost your income and to improve you ROI, at least for the first 90 days after your registration. If you’re a new user at Mintos, you can use
my affiliate link in the description below and this will boost your income with 1% for
the first 90 days. Just make sure, that you have done all of
the research, described in my video. It’s important to make the registration, once you have decided to invest on Mintos. Because the affiliate link will last 90 days
after your registration. So, make sure, that you register and start
investing right away. We have registered, we have made our first
deposit. Now, it’s time to adjust our Auto Invest strategy. There are 3 ways to invest on Mintos: Manual investing, Invest&Access, and Auto Invest I don’t suggest you using the Invest&Access product, because I’m not satisfied with it. I will show you the Auto Invest strategies,
that I use. When you type in the investment menu, then you have the investing dashboard. Here you see the 3 options that I mentioned: Invest & Access. Why I don’t like this product is because the company is choosing to diversify across all of the loans and sometimes it invests your money
in loans that you wouldn’t choose. Then we have the manual investing, but this one is time demanding. And this is why I suggest you using Auto Invest Strategy. Now, here you see my Auto Invest strategies. As you can see, I’ve divided them in 4 strategies. The first one is only A loans. Then we have a B/B+ strategy, then we have two loan originators, who are more risky. And I have made for the separate Auto Invest strategy. As you can see I have stopped my last Auto
Invest strategy, which is Sun Finance. But I’ll come back to this later. You see now how I create my Auto Invest strategies. I alwаys type on “Create a new strategy”. And then “Custom strategy”. Here you see many options and criteria you
can choose. First, I choose the rating to be just “A”
for my first strategy. Then, I select the Buyback option to be “Yes” – only loans with a Buyback guarantee. Then I click on the loan originator and see the details about him. There two points you should be careful with. First, if the loan originator is paying for
the delayed payments. This means if you receive an interest payment for delayed payments or not. Make sure to select only originators with
the option “Yes”. The next point you need to check is the grace period. Some of the loan originators have very long
grace periods. And you won’t receive any payment for those days. My tolerance for the grace period is 5 days. If it’s longer than 5 days, I don’t select
the loan originator. By the way, if you don’t wanna click on the
loan originators one by one, you can simply scroll down the page, go to “Loan originators”. And then you’ll have all loan originators
with their details, displayed on one place. The final steps you need to do to finalize
your Auto Invest strategy is to chose theinterest rate you want. For example, here I chose 12%. And we have to chose the remaining term we want. I always chose loans with remaining term up to 3 months. This means mainly short term loans and personal loans. The reason is because I want to be able to escape from my investment in 3 months plus 60 days for the Buyback guarantee to step in. This means I can exit from my investment in 5 months, theoretically. Then you have to chose the strategy name. In my example I will chose “Strategy 1”. Do you want to reinvest. Here I chose “yes”, because I want to reinvest my money. Then chose the portfolio size you want. And the amount invested in one loan. I always select it to be maximum 25 EUR. In order to be sure that the portfolio is
well diversified, I always chose the option to diversify across the loan originators. Then you just have to click on “I accept the terms”. And then “Safe and activate”. But now, let’s get back to my investment strategies. As you can see, I demand different interest rate for “A” loans and for “B/B+” loans, which is 19%. I decide all the demanded interest rates,
when I check the Primary market. I adjust my Auto Invest strategies twice a
month. But during the Covid-19 outbreak I had to
do it every week, because the situation was extremely dynamic. And then, I have a different strategy for
the loan originator Cash Wagon. It is more risky one, but the ROI is 25%. And then, we come to my last strategy, named “Sun Finance” (another loan originator). I already told you that I stopped this strategy. The reason is that I decided not to invest
in loan originators, who are in mutual ownership with Mintos. I want to avoid this conflict of interest
and stay away from this risk. I already was in this situation with my Monego investment. This is why I stopped investing in Finko,
Finitera and Sun Finance. Using this Auto Investment strategy, I was
able to make an return on investment of almost 14% since the beginning of 2020. And this happened even during the Coronavirus downbreak and despite the fact that almost 6% of my portfolio got “stacked” in Monego
loans, and didn’t bring me a return. You can see the exact numbers in this calculator on the left side. And I’ll post a link to it, so that you can
use it. Not only for your Mintos investment, but it
is suitable for any investment. To calculate the internal rate of return. Make sure to subscribe to my P2P monthly updates playlist, so that you can follow my strategy and how I adjust it with the time. Thank you for watching my video! I will upload one video every week, so you
can subscribe to my channel to stay updated with the new content!

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