Odin Makes: RX-78-2 Gundam Backpack unit

I want to thank this week’s sponsor– Raid: Shadow Legends. Hello, I’m Odin, and today I’m going to continue making parts for this guy– It’s the RX-78 backpack unit! These are the parts I’m waiting on, I’m gonna make the basic shape first. I used Armorsmith Designer to scale a 3D model to the size I needed.
“It’s not that big.” Then with Tinkercad I exported a series of cross-sections at that full size. Now I can just measure the drawings. The best place to start are the side panels, I know that they’re 16 millimeters thick. The bottom layer will be cut from 6 millimeter HD foam and the top layer is cut from 10 millimeter HD foam. I use contact cement to glue both layers together. And I make sure the parts lay flat when they’re glued so they’re not curved. The edges of the black line need to have a bevel or a slope cut into them. The line at the top is where the slope starts and the bottom edge is where the slope is gonna stop. I tape a ruler to the black line and then rest the ruler against my bandsaw blade then I can tilt the table until the blade lines up with the top corner of my piece and I know that that’s the slope that I need. I remove the ruler and then cut along the corner line and I get the correct angle for all the edge cuts. The saw shows what degree the table is tilted at. Most of the cuts for this project are 45 degrees, some are 40 and a few are 20. There are a few big panel lines in the backpack and for these I cut a 3 millimeter wide channel out of the sides. Using some 3 millimeter craft foam I cut a slightly smaller filler piece to fill back into the gap that I cut I glue the craft foam parts in and I have a 3 millimeter wide. 3 millimeter deep panel line with a flat smooth bottom. I have the side panels, and they fit, and I can start cutting the pieces to make the top. First I double-check the size the cross-section, and everything is fine. I make the list of the panels I need and which edges need to be 45 degree angles and which are 90 degree and then I can cut everything from 10 millimeter foam and when I glue them together I keep them flat on the table sticking the edges together and then I fold the two pieces up to get the sharp corners that I want. There are two circles on the back and the upper panel has a cutout to go around them. I measure my Real Grade Gunpla and multiply my measurement by 13.486 in order to get my cosplay size. “That looks about right.” And I use my bandsaw to make the cutout. The 13.486 number will only work for the backpack. I can’t just scale the entire Gundam up by that amount because the suit needs to fit a human and be wearable. Gundams have wider shoulders, smaller heads, and longer legs than humans do so some adjustments have to be made for a wearable cosplay scale suit. I start planning the panel lines I need now. “So, these are gonna be burnt and then this I will cut, even though go a little deeper than it should and that’ll give me everything on the top. The rest of the front: these are burnt so I just need to cut this piece which is literally this piece mirrored again the width of that. “All right, oh, that’s not so bad.” I cut the top section to make 3 millimeter panel lines and I remove 3 millimeters worth of material to be sure everything will fit. I use contact cement to glue in a piece of craft foam. These are the last two 3 millimeter panel lines that I’m making for the backpack. The rest are smaller and will be burnt in with a wood burner. I add some pieces of 6 millimeter foam to make the recessed area deeper and I can glue in some 6 millimeter foam behind it. Now, this is where the circles on the back will fit. I use the center guide on my CosTools circle cutter to cut out a pass-through in the 6 millimeter foam then I glue some more 6 millimeter foam around the cutouts to actually make the circles. Now, I might make these into vents later so I wanted them open for now. There is a small 6 millimeter thick panel that fits between the circles so I used a wood burner to make the panel lines before I glued it in The inside of each of these circles has a cross bar and these are cut from 4 millimeter foam. I use contact cement to stick the circle panel to the top and then stick the side panels on. I needed to do the side panels first so I knew the main back panel would line up with the 3 millimeter panel lines on the side. I put a piece of 10 millimeter foam across the inside. Now, this is where I’m gonna put the velcro to attach the backpack to the blue chest. Everything still looks right, and it still fits. “Alright” so let me take a moment to tell you about this week’s sponsor– Raid: Shadow Legends. Raid: Shadow Legends is one of the most beautiful and ambitious mobile games I have ever seen. It is an RPG that lets you explore dungeons to fight monsters and bosses while following a fully voiced and immersive storyline. And the best part? It’s free to play on your phone! In no time at all you can see why there are millions of players worldwide! Just take a look at these champions! There are over 400 champions and you can play with any of these guys in player versus player battles against real human players! Raid: Shadow Legends use motion capture technology for more realistic character movement and gameplay and I think all of that effort really makes the game look amazing, and I’m not alone with nearly 800,000 reviews in the Play store, Raid has an almost perfect score. So what are you waiting for? Just go to the description of this video download the game using my special link because the highly anticipated battle pass is on! Season 1 is live, and you can win awesome rewards including free energy refills, gems, upgraded artifact sets, and new epic and legendary champions just by fulfilling the daily and weekly challenges! Go ahead! Download with the link and check it out! The bottom half of the back pack has four maneuvering thrusters, or rocket nozzles, each in their own recessed box. I cut a pattern from foam core for the raised sides. I cut matched sets on the bandsaw and glue on 10 millimeter foam to make the bottom. The rocket nozzles are actually going to attach here so these panels need to be a little thicker. 6 millimeter foam for the front panels with a 2 milliliter foam skin to go over them. This makes that recessed panel in the middle. Cut the outside edges to 45 degrees then glue the single panel that fits between them. Now, this panel already has the wood burner panel lines added before gluing because I’ll never get in there once it’s done. I burn in the rest of the panel lines now: some of these will go under the rocket box and others just go over the top of the pack. Then I glue in the rocket box. I have paper between the glue and the sides because that keeps the contact cement from sticking and I can get the front to lay down flat where I want it and then I remove the paper so I can stick the sides on. I added some 6 millimeter to the side panels because it gives a little more space between the sides and the rocket box. Check how it looks because I enjoy watching this come together. There are three more boxes on the underside as well, and they get two tiny rockets. I start cutting the pieces I need for the big beam saber holsters that go on the sides, I’ve got the bulk of the backpack finished, it’s almost done. the big pieces I need are the beam saber sheaths? Holsters? Holders? they go on the sides here. So, I’ve got one finished so I can figure out the geometry of how it goes together I’ve got one other one here cut up and ready to go. I’m gonna put that together. Now there’s a smaller vent on the bottom so I built that out first and then I cut the angles into the sides Armorsmith Designer gave me a perfect outline for the bottom so I mark where the side panels need glue and I glue the front panels to the other side and then glue them together There are two more top panels: this open box is where the beam saber will fit. I mark which edges need an angle that needs cutting before glue, and then I glue it all together and cut the bevels into all the edges. You can see that there’s a right side and a left side for the beam saber holsters and I’m always happy to see things fit correctly. I really didn’t know for sure until these were built if they would fit in the cutout area as well as they do. The top and the bottom of each rocket box needs a set of flaps that look like they’re for vector control but they actually sit lower than the nozzles will so I’m really not sure what these flaps do. A pair of raised panels is on top and this is where the handles go for the backpack. To make the handles I’m going to use riser tubes from a drip sprinkler system because I can just heat them where I want them to bend and then bend them into the handle shape. I left the legs a little long so I could superglue them into the top after the pack is painted. To make the correct nozzles, I found a website that will generate a truncated cone pattern for your custom size and it looks just like a paper cup when it’s flattened out. I cut two sets from 4 millimeter foam and glue the edges together. On the big cone I measure and burn in some rings, then I cut down my paper pattern and add a ring of 2 millimeter foam around the nozzle. I cut out some 2 millimeter strips for the last detail on the big nozzles and these will hide the seam lines. “Rocket engines. Alright.” I measure the small end and cut caps for the base of each nozzle. They’ll fit over a half-inch PVC pipe which gives an easy way to mount the nozzles into the rocket boxes. So I really like the flaps that are on the bottom of the backpack because it allows me to just set it down which is surprising, I didn’t expect that to happen. So that’s it, this is– this is the backpack. I’m not gonna go any further with it. There are two more kind of pieces that belong to it: there’s a pair of beam sabers that go here so you can just reach over your shoulder and pull your beam sabers out. I’m not going to do those because they’re actually more armament than backpack and I’m gonna put all that together in the same video so I’m doing all that at once so for now the backpack is finished. I need to paint it. The rest of the Gundam has been spray painted so far but I never bought the backpack color so I mix a custom color from my Plaid FX paints, thin it with some water, and airbrush it on. Airbrush medium is probably better to use than just water, but I didn’t have any. And then there are a couple of panels that are light gray, and then I can add in all the black panel lines. I am waiting to fully weather this until the entire suit is done so I can do it all at once and the weathering will match that way. I put a single piece of velcro across the top so I can connect the backpack to the blue chest. After I get Joe back into the shop for a test fit we can add more straps if they’re needed. [music] Most of the materials I used for this project are available for order online and you can have them shipped right to you. I put a list and links in the description, and this is part three of my full suit Gundam build: the Maneuvering Backpack Unit. Mow there’s some plans to add some lights for the thrusters and maybe some cooling fans but that’s gonna happen in another video. For now, this completes the torso for the Gundam. My next video is gonna be the arms which will be made from foam because This is how Odin Makes. One of the main things is the pair of beam saber [burps] And again, I want to say thank you to this week’s sponsor– Raid: Shadow Legends! And you can help, too! Just download the game using the special link in the description of this video! I want to thank Daniel Saks, Mikal Talbot, and all of my Patreon supporters. My Patreon support is the number one thing that makes this show possible. If you liked the video, don’t forget to subscribe! Have an idea for something for me to make? Please leave a comment below. And if you make any of these projects, you can send me a picture.

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