NIU alum and trustee steps down

Narrator: Manny Sanchez, an inaugural member
of the NIU Board of Trustees, steps down after more than fifteen years of service. During
his tenure, Sanchez helped establish landmark changes across campus, solidifying NIU’s
status as a premier teaching and research institution. Manny Sanchez: When I took the oath in 1996,
I committed very vocally and verbally to making NIU no longer the best kept secret
in education. Because, as far as I was concerned, everyone knew about U of I in Champaign, but
nobody really knew that sixty-five miles west of Chicago is this fabulous institution called
Northern Illinois University. Well guess what, we’re not an unknown commodity anymore. For education,
for sports, for every aspect that higher education has to offer, NIU provides that. And they’re
gonna provide that for many, many, many, many generations to come. I’m an alum, and once
that blood is in you as an alum, I’m always going to be bleeding black and red. Narrator: A first generation college student,
from the west side of Chicago, Sanchez came to NIU and adjusted quickly to campus life.
After graduating, he went to the University of Pennsylvania and was later appointed by
President Barak Obama to serve on the president’s advisory commission on education excellence
for Hispanics. John: This is for all NIU students, because
Manny is the NIU success story. Manny is what NIU is all about. He went on to become one
of the most important and successful litigators in the Midwest. And you are NIU. (clapping)

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