New On-Site Live Virtual Video Conferences with Burton Law LLC

Welcome back this is Attorney Thomas B. Burton
and I just wanted to create another video today to show you how easy it is to connect
with my office via webcam. So today you’ll notice I’ve got a virtual
background here. This is actually the Wisconsin Law Library
some of the old volumes in the library from when I was in Madison a few months ago, and
I wanted to show you that if you’re concerned as well in your own home or something you
can do these virtual backgrounds as well when you’re having a meeting with me. So I’ll probably switch it up over the coming
weeks and do a variety of different things for you. It works pretty well. I learned about this at a legal conference
last fall and I thought we’d give it a shot today. But also today I want to announce I’ve got
a new webcam I’m using right now that I just arrived today and it’s an eye level webcam
and maybe in another video. I’m using the webcam right now, but I can
show you what it looks like. It looks a bit like if you would call the
movie Wall-E the robot on Wall-E. It looks a bit like that, but it has a nice camera
its eye level so I can set this in the conference room and you can just look at it and be eye
level with me. And it also has a pan and zoom features so
for my meetings with a couple of clients, you should all fit in the lens view. So my plan with this webcam is if you want
to have a virtual meeting with my office, but you don’t think you have the tech at home
or don’t know how to operate it we’re gonna offer the option where you can come in the
conference room, and I’ll have the webcam all set up and you can see be on the big TV
and the conference room and we can have a conversation just like we would face to face
and we’re going to use this if there’s a situation where you are feeling a little unwell or just
out of an abundance of caution as things progress if we want to limit that social that time
we’re all in the same room together. So I think this is going to be a great option
I wanted to show you what it’s like on the new webcam to look at see me and in the conference
room you can we can discuss if you want to do the virtual background you don’t need it
there and again in my office we’ve got two conference rooms equipped with TVs where you
could be talking to me on the TV and then you’re just sitting there talking to the webcam
and if we use that option, I think it could work very well for anyone who has trouble
with technology or just isn’t sure they know how to do it. Now, for those of you that do have the webcam
built into the laptop like most laptops or on your smartphone this will work easy as
well because honestly your smartphone as a very good camera built-in and we can help
you with our software if you want to arrange the meeting show you how to do it, but what
we use it’s as easy as clicking a link and the meetings all set up and you just go in
the room when we’re there and it’s really pretty simple. So anyway, this is the new Logitech webcam
debuting at Burton Law today, and we’re going to have it available for clients if you want
to if you don’t have the ability from home, but want to still do the video conference. You can schedule it like a normal in person
meeting and we’ll just do it via video conference. And if you have any questions about how this
works or want to set something up send us an email and we’ll get it on the calendar. So thanks for watching and we’ll see you next

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