Mystic Training: Dealing with Merger Duplicates

Welcome Mystics! In this video we’ll show you how to identify and fix merger duplicates Step 1: Identify the duplicate Duplicates can be identified by their blue color Step 2: Select the duplicate cube Step 3: Inspect the cube Step 4: Find the duplicate segments Duplicate segments can be identified by their orange color In Mystic, there are many different colors, so this sometimes takes a bit of trial and error Jump between cells to make sure you’ve identified the correct bad segments Step 5: Remove the merger segment Press the “Reap” button to update the cube You’ll get some points for reaping! Hmm… it still appears to be a duplicate Looks like I was tricked by a different orange segment! This may happen. If you fail to remove the merger the first time, try again! Wait for it….. It took a few moments to update, but the cube turned orange in the overview That means we were able to remove the bad segment! Yay! That’s it! You can continue playing as normal You can fix merger duplicates by yourself without admin involvement You have permission to remove duplicates on other Mystic cells, as well as Princeton cells. No need to make a Scouts’ Log entry! Happy Tracing! For Science!

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