Mortgages : How to Become a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Hi, how to become a commercial mortgage broker.
That’ll be the discussion of today’s topic. My name’s Adrial Torres and I’m the owner
of A commercial mortgage broker or a residential commercial broker
are really the same. It just depends on your qualifications and your experience. The license
in most states are the same. There’s no difference. It’s just again your background, your experience.
Whether you want to originate commercial loans or residential loans. Most states require
a written exam and a class as well. You have to pass the exam. You get your license and
then you can practice one or both. It does not matter. The only difference again is,
the residential you’re obviously doing loans on residential properties, one to four units,
and on commercial you’re doing different types of properties, five or more units , apartment
complexes, gas stations, hotels, things like that. That would be a commercial mortgage
broker. But again the only difference is what you want to get yourself in to or your experience
and your background. Most states again, require the license to become either one. O.k., that’s
the only difference between the two. One does commercial and the other one does residential.
Again, my name’s Adriel Torres. I’m the owner of Thank you very

2 thoughts on “Mortgages : How to Become a Commercial Mortgage Broker

  1. In NY you have to be a Real Estate Broker to handle commercial loans….Residential you need a License from the Dept of Finance. They are not the same

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