Microsoft 2016: Email Merge

Using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook to
complete an email merge. Hi again everybody, Kyle here, from Mizzou’s
IT Training, and in this lesson I want to show you how to do a form email merge using
Microsoft. So as you can see here I have open Outlook,
Excel, and Microsoft Word. These are the three programs that I’m going
to use to complete this email merge. Here in Microsoft Word I have the email that
I wish to send, and here in Microsoft Excel I have names, email addresses, and other information
that I wish to include in this email. Since the message is already written, we click
on the Mailings tab, and then the Start Mail Merge button, and choose email message. Then go to the Select Recipients button, and
find the workbook that has the email addresses in it. Mine is on my desktop, and it’s Sheet 1. Now that I have the Excel worksheet and the
Microsoft Word document linked, I can begin to put in my mail merge insertions here via
the Insert Merge Field. Put in First Name, space, Last Name, and then
we have a year here that I want to insert, and then a dues amount right here. Once I have all of my merge fields inserted,
on the Mailings tab I go to the Finish and Merge button and the Send Email Messages command. Here, I can choose the field from the workbook
that has the Email addresses in it. If you label that field “Email” then it will
automatically choose that field. We can choose the subject line here
and then what type of mail format (HTML, plain text, or an attachment). We want to send all records, and now here
is a warning: When I click OK, it is going to automatically send these emails, so I need
to ensure that everything is correct and ready to send when I hit OK. I won’t have any preview notice of the send
before it goes out of my Outlook. If I do want to preview the messages before
I send, I can click here on Preview Results, and then I can see what the message looks
like with the insertions in it. Conversely, I can also (here under Finish
and Merge) edit individual documents, so we go ahead and Merge All, but what that does
is opens up a Microsoft Word file with a different letter in each page, which would still require
us to copy and paste it into Outlook. So, the most effective method is to click
on Finish and Merge, send Email messages, enter your subject line, and then click OK. Outlook does its thing, and you’ll start to
notice emails being sent from my Outlook very quickly, and the process is finished. That’s all there is to it! Just be sure to double-check your message
in Word before you click that final OK because Microsoft Outlook will auto-send those email
messages as soon as you click OK. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel,
and go to to register for an in-person class.

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