Merge VR Review – Best VR Headset?

I was using a Google Cardboard for more than
a month and I have to say it was amazing, but its now time for an upgrade.
This is the MergeVR, a far better and premium option with a heavy price-tag. So, Is it worth
it? Let’s find out! The first thing I noticed when holding the
headset was how it actually felt. It’s made out of some type of foam which feels very
soft and is very tempting to just squish it all the time. I also like how well the headset is designed
with holes around the phone slot that lets you access several parts of the phone like
volume and power buttons buttons, earphones and charging port, and speakers. It even has a removable block of foam at the
front which when taken out, allows your phone to use its camera to play Augmented Reality
games. Now, talking about what devices you can actually
fit in.. it couldn’t fit my Nexus 7, and even my OnePlus One had a hard time slipping in,
but devices smaller than that will definitely fit inside. Talking about some other features, the one
I liked the most was the head strap. It not only has one that goes around your head horizontally,
but it also has a strap on top of your head to put the headset comfortable and intact,
which by the way is really heavy. One of the problems I had with the Google
cardboard was how the lens wasn’t suitable for different people. Well, this one absolutely
solves the problem with a slider that allows you to adjust the lens according to your needs.
and oh, these sliders also double as buttons to control interact with the content that
is being played on your phone. Speaking about control, Merge VR will soon
be releasing this compact controller to use with the VR. which kinda reminds me of the
Wii Remote. Interestingly, it can also be attached to the side of the headset. Here’s
a quick little video from MergeVR.. This is the Merge VR controller. It’s a handheld
motion controller, interacting with virtual reality, the first of its kind. It works with
your smartphone and merge goggles. It has a 9-axis sensor, embedded thumb-stick, its
light weight, feels great in your hand, fits in your pocket. Now, I can’t really show you how the games
look through the VR, but they look something like this on the screen. Content is duplicated
and split into two parts and when seen through the headset, it looks like a single video
and it really creates this immersive experience. I was really impressed with the variety of
VR apps. You can play fun games like Flappy Bird, Crossy road, pacman or even walk around
in a haunted house. Or if you don’t have friends to party with, you can do that alone with
this headset. Most of the apps on the PlayStore are made
for Google cardboard, but folks at MergeVR have a separate page for apps that are guaranteed
to work with this purple headset While you may argue about the steep price
of hundred bucks and the availability of cheaper google cardboards, its totally worth it, with
the comfortable foam material and the shit load of better features like the buttons,
head strap, lens slider and the support for future accessories. If you wanna check it out, I’ll be sure to
leave a link down below. Thanks for watching!

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