MERGE Cube & Moment App proudly presents… 2 Reds Make it Write (fast music) (Kelli) Hi thanks for joining us for another episode of 2 Reds Make it Write. Rachel and I are super excited today because we are bringing augmented reality to your classroom. (Rachel) Absolutely. In the form of a merge Cube. This is a really cool piece of technology. It is very affordable you can find them in stores near you but also it comes in another format. (Kelli) Which makes it even more affordable. Thank you Mike Marotta for sharing this little tip. We will share a link at the end of this video for a free printable version of the merge cube that you can just print right on cardstock paper and make yourself. So all of your students can have one. Augmented reality is a game-changer for a lot of students who need that more hands-on experience when we were talking about different content. (Rachel) Absolutely. It comes with a lot of different apps to also cover that content when you’re thinking about engagement for students. Whether that’s through the heart, through the brain, through different activities of skill. There are a lot of different apps that you can tap into although there are some that you need to pay for. (Kelli) Yeah it just brings everything to life, which we’re going to show you a really cool app is called Moment that is free. (Rachel) It is free. (Kelli) So it talks about emotions and language and different social skills and we think that you’re really going to like it. (Rachel) Who doesn’t need that? (Kelli) Right? I need it so much. (laughter) So much. (Fast music) This is what the merge cube looks like. It is just a soft, squishy box and on each side there are different patterns. Which are the patterns that will engage with the camera once an app is opened to make this interactive tool to engage in your classroom. (Kelli) Once you have downloaded and installed the Moment app you will open it up and get this interface with four options available. Emotions, language, social and then scrubber. We’re going to quickly go through these so you can see how powerful and engaging the merge cube is. The first one I’m going to choose is emotions. I tap on emotions. And there’s my merge cube and you are going to see that these interactive little guys pop-up. The first one being a guy who looks scared and we have sad and happy but I want to focus on the one that looks like anger. So this is my anger guy and so all I have to do is tap on him and different scenarios are going to pop up. So the first one being that they’re fighting. So this would be a great conversation on talking about sharing how how do you think that he feels because he cannot get the airplane? Great conversation starters for those social skills and emotions. And then like jealousy. So angry guy looks jealous so this would be great conversation to ask him how do you think he feels? So each emotion having these type of scenarios. I am going to close it out and then show you language. So with this Moment app, there are 18 core action vocabulary words that are on the merge cube. So jumping jacks. I’m just going to touch him and now he’s weightlifting. So each little guy, color coded little guy is going to have those core vocabulary action words that you can engage in conversation. Next, is social. I’m going to click on social and now we have the scenario of two boys playing ball. Great conversation starter. All I have to do is tap and additionally different scenarios. Now they’re sharing. The other one is assisting his peer. So great engaging tool to talk about social skills. The last option is scrubber which I think is very cool. It’s just an interactive way for a student to be able to measure how they’re feeling at the time or the end of the activity. So all I have to do is tap on the screen, and each one of my emotions are going to pop up. I can scroll through to figure out which one that I want to pick and I’m just going to pick the sad guy. So level one is he is sad but he thinks he could probably handle it; but as I scroll to number two, number three to number four and to number five, a student is able to measure how they’re feeling. So this is just the Moment app. Please check out other merge cube apps for engagement with augmented reality in your classroom. So that’s the merge Cube thanks for joining us this week. (Rachel) …and remember ,even if you’re not a redhead.. you can still (Rachel & Kelli) make it Write. (Kelli) See you next time. (fast music) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and find us at The merge cube printable can be found at or scan the QR code.

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