Meet the General Trustees

Raymond. Lorna. You’re the new chair of the
General Trustees. Yes indeed. Well I did a wee experiment the other week. I had a
group of my colleagues and I said, ‘What comes to mind when I say the words General Trustees? I don’t think you are going to like it. They said: stuffy, remote, inflexible, who?, male, old senior grey, and lack of transparency
about the process. Now these were the words that came from them. There was nothing
actually positive that came to mind when they said trustees. Would you accept that?
Yes and no. You spoke to the wrong people of course, because if you’d spoken to
some of the people that I’ve worked with over the last few years they might have
told you differently. But I think on the whole that’s the perception. The
perception of the General Trustees is we’re a stuffy old, male-dominated group
of people whose first word is No. But the shirt belies that. (laughs) This is the image of the new General Trustees. We
are changing and there is no doubt about that. The trustees are changing. We’ve
engaged with communities and with congregations in a way I suspect we have
not been in the past. We’re beginning to move from being simply an organization that
reacts when people come to say, no, we need to be much more proactive. We need
to have some kind of strategic approach to how we deal with the buildings that
the church owns. And that has to tie up with the work that both the Council of
Assembly and the Ministries Council, in particular, have been doing to say well What
is the purpose of the church? And our question is well you sort out what the
purpos is and we will provide, we will help you provide, the resources in terms
of buildings to deliver that purpose.

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