MAJOR STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE | White House Just Announced New Stimulus Money | Direct Payments Coming

Hi everyone! This is Dr. Nitin Chhoda and
welcome to my channel!I’m going to bring you some big news today. This is breaking
news as far as everyone’s stimulus checks stimulus money and more relief
money is concerned. This pandemic that we are in the middle
of – It was just announced by the Trump administration that they’re open to – you
see the article on your screen right here – the Trump administration is now
warmed up to the idea of sending out more pandemic relief money. If you’ve
been following my channel and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t
been following it yet please click the LIKE button if you’ve been following my
channel I’ve been keeping up with all the news all the updates I’ve been
reading all these complex bills out there and I’ve been making it simple and
easy to understand for all my subscribers because the truth is at this
point all of us need need some sort of assistance. We need our unemployment
benefits you can definitely check out the unemployment benefits playlist on my
channel you can definitely check out all the updates I have about the stimulus
proposals and the relief money but this announcement is one of the biggest and
the most important announcements that have been released so far from the
administration about additional stimulus money about your next stimulus check so
let’s get into this so this says President Trump and his
advisor said this week that another round of stimulus money of pandemic
relief money is coming this is big news because if you’ve been following my
channel you’ve been noticing that the Democrats and the Republicans don’t see
eye to eye the Democrats just passed a three trillion dollar relief bill in the
house but that has no chance of getting passed by the Senate because the Senate
is primarily controlled by Republicans now in on my channel I talk about what’s
really best for us and for me it’s not really about the red or the blue it’s
about the red white and blue for me it’s about lives and livelihood and that’s
what I care about and that’s why I bring you these updates as my subscriber so
the president has said in particular that he has a willingness to send more
direct payments to Americans this is good
because a lot of Americans are now starting to receive the twelve hundred
dollar stimulus checks and it’s time that we got more relief and more money
and that’s what this entire update is all about now like I mentioned Congress
specifically has passed a bill but it’s doubtful whether the Republicans will
support that bill actually both the sides have different priorities
the the the Republicans want to keep want to keep a cap on all the spending
they’re more concerned about the economy whereas Democrats basically out of the
view that let’s just keep spending and let’s focus more on health care let’s
focus more on State relief so it’s really a battle of different ideologies
different priorities unfortunately a lot of us are waiting because we’re stuck in
between all of these defining ideologies I personally think that everyone should
just get back to work I believe that Congress and Senate should do the jobs
that we’ve elected them to do and then pass something stop making us wait stop
talking about ideologies don’t go on break work through the holiday and get
your job done that is what I believe and that’s what all my subscribers believe
as well the good news though is that the president and his advisors are now
supporting more stimulus money so you can see here it says they show more
support for a new round of stimulus money spending this week as the economic
damage from this pandemic mounts the unemployment rate has shot up
individuals are now waiting for unemployment a lot of my subscribers
have been waiting for weeks some have been waiting for months to get
their an employment application processed and we are struggling so this
is actually welcome news because I do believe that we will see more stimulus
money now I’ve done other training videos where I talk about all the
unemployment benefits I talk about what’s going on with all the actions
that have been taken by the different parties so you definitely want to check
that out I also made a case for why more stimulus money is definitely coming I
believe there are global there are political and there are economic
implications to what’s going on the global implication is the United States
is simply too big to fail we as American consumers we are spenders and when we
buy the rest of the world sells to us there are political reasons we’re in the
middle of an election here the president wants to get reelected and obviously the
Democrats don’t want them to get reelected so they’re going to try and do
whatever they can to win as many votes as they can because they essentially
quoting us voters for words and and they know that if we’re not happy we’re not
going to vote for them and the third is the economic reason the simple economic
reality is that if we’re not making money and we’re not spending money and
then we start saving money because the savings rate has now started to go up
which is very unusual the average savings rate in a man
I was about 7% it’s now short up to 13% because a lot of us are simply not
spending and receiving and that’s not a good thing because the way an economy
grows is a person makes money then spends money and when they spend money
someone else who’s selling to them now gets to make money essentially money
goes from point A to point B to Point C and it keeps circulating that’s what
actually grows economy is that’s what grows GDP gross domestic product and
that’s what all countries want that’s what all governments want and that’s not
going to happen if we don’t have money flowing through the system speaking of
money flowing through the system the President on Thursday said I think we’re
going to be helping I think we’re going to be helping people out and getting
some money for them this is because a lot of Americans like I mentioned are on
unemployment and he added that in his you know in his words that the US could
take one more nice shot at stimulus so what we are potentially looking at is at
the very least another stimulus check or we are looking at some sort of
additional expanded unemployment benefit now if you’ve seen my other video
trainings on unemployment typical unemployment is meant to replace 40
percent of an individual’s income for up to 26 weeks depending on the state that
you’re in because ultimately the minimum and the maximum unemployment benefit you
get whether you qualify how soon you get it how long you get it is all dependent
on your state but with the new cares Act what actually happened was these
unemployment benefits were extended for an additional 13 weeks and there was a
$600 federal booster which at the time I am recording this video training lasts
until the 31st of July so there have been actions that have been taken to
boost unemployment benefits in fact one of trumps advisors who the economic
advisor to the White House Kevin Hassett told CNN that another round of aid is
quote pretty likely and he believes that it’s coming sooner rather than later so
we could be seeing we could be seeing very soon my guess would be in the next
three maybe four weeks more money being sent out by way of direct stimulus
payments to the average American family in fact even the Treasury Secretary
Stephen minuchin he said on Thursday that he sees a strong likelihood that
the US will need more stimulus now I mentioned that the Democrats had passed
a three trillion dollar bill basically it’s it’s it’s a massive bill and I’ve
covered the heroes Act in another training video so you can definitely
check that out in the channel once again if
not a subscriber to my channel please go ahead and click Subscribe and please
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please click the like button because that really helps out the YouTube
algorithm I would really appreciate you doing that now initially a lot of
Republicans said that the heroes Act was dead on arrival
some even used language like over my dead body and there’s been a lot of
resistance to this massive spending bill that came from the Democrats that was
actually passed by the house but now it looks like the Republicans are sort of
getting warmed up and sort of getting open to it in fact the Senate Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell told Trump this week that the next bill should not cost
more than one trillion now to go from over my dead body to we’re ready to
accept but no more than 1 trillion that’s a big leap that’s a good thing
and this announcement from the White House signals that more relief is coming
because the Democrats definitely want all the relief the Republicans who
didn’t want additional relief and who were concerned about how to structure it
and now saying ok you want three trillion we started at 0 now we’re at 1
trillion so I’m guessing that they’ll settle somewhere in the middle somewhere
around 2 trillion dollars which means we could see another stimulus similar to
the cares Act that was passed in March from that meant from the house to the
Senate and was signed into law by the president we could see something similar
now coming into fruition now in case you’re wondering where’s all this money
going to come from I’ve done other training videos on where the stimulus
money comes from and I believe that the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell
has basically opened the floodgates when it comes to money in his own words the
Federal Reserve the that’s the central bank they act as lenders not spenders
and it’s them it’s that money that’s now being released by the Federal Reserve
that is now going to be spent by the government and being dis and it’s going
to be distributed to the average Americans so that we can rejuvenate our
economy so that once we feel safe we can go out there and start spending again
that’s the goal now the good news is that a lot of Democrats have pushed for
a second stimulus check for two individuals for up to $1,200 and Trump
seems to have embraced that idea that’s good news
congressional Republicans have already backed direct payments which actually
started happening back in March so now we’re starting to see more and more
agreement if you will towards more stimulus checks for Americans and we
need this so it’s coming it’s very likely to be coming and I would bet
sooner rather than later we’ll be getting more money now again there needs
to be some sort of an agreement between the democrats and the republicans
because the democrats wanted to extend the $600 per week federal booster which
again at the time I’m recording this video training is going to end on the
31st of July Mitch McConnell does not want it extended beyond the 31st of July
for economic reasons but the Democrats want it extended all the way up to
January of 2021 that’s six months more than the original intention of the
federal booster another thing that Democrats want is one trillion dollars
for state and local governments to fight all the effects of this pandemic because
state governments simply don’t have any money they aren’t collecting revenue
they need money to pay their local police local firefighters run local
hospitals do all the things that state governments do to maintain the fabric of
local economy so Democrats want one trillion dollars there and it seems like
the Republicans are having a hard time accepting that so they need they do need
to come to some sort of a consensus before we can see more stimulus money
now keep in mind that the president has shown some reluctance to send aid to
local state governments because he feels that states should be individually
managing their own economies and should be responsible for their own economies
and he doesn’t want to bail out States so that’s really some political
back-and-forth going on right there now one thing the Democrats want is
obviously aid to state governments but what the Republicans want is they want
to pass a liability protection for doctors and for other health care
professionals so that they can emerge from this pandemic because they want to
support the health care workers Democrats in the meantime don’t want
some sort of broad shield and broad provision to protect people from
lawsuits they want people to have the right to sue so that’s what’s going on
now for the moment unfortunately the talks between the Congress and the
Senate the talks between the Trump administration and Congress have stalled
and they’re taking a break for a few days don’t ask me why I don’t think they
should I think they should be back at work working hard to try and come back
and then come up with a plan for more stimulus money for us just like other
countries all over the world are doing they’ve started doing as much as they
can but they need to do a whole lot more thank you so much for watching everyone
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44 thoughts on “MAJOR STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE | White House Just Announced New Stimulus Money | Direct Payments Coming

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful news! We really needed this comforting and encouraging information!

  3. In 1941 the USA financed WW2 on the backs of American's savings. There were war bonds and recycling and food coupons. Americans got no bailouts and went to war to save their country. Savings is the backbone of economic success. Spending and debt are huge problems that have put us in this position of not being able to survive a pandemic without federal government help. The whole US economic fiat system backed by nothing but debt is the problem not the solution. We can't spend our way out of this problem with money we don't have. Printing it will do more harm than good.

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