Madhukar Bhange – More Than Just A Loan | Impact of Social P2P Lending For Rural India | Rang De

In five years that we have
worked with Rang De borrowers We have not just given money Helping them start a small business
with the help of a loan And collecting the repayments That’s not all there is to
the relationship Apart from that, we meet them
at least once a month And we enquire about them The business, the family
and the problems they face Apart from repaying the loan,
we check how she utilised her income Is she on track to achieve her goals
and the path she has chosen? We try to learn about all that
and support her as well If everything is going fine then
we talk to the family “Look how she’s earning,
support her and work with her” “And make sure you
send the children to school too” Because they don’t have
just a few problems The people that we give loans to
belong to a family She has kids, a husband
or a family head And they have a responsibility
to their family And if they have kids then
bringing them up, protecting them Educating them We make them realise about
all these responsibilities In this holistic way,
we work with them So that we are a part of the
change in their lives from the start And we are fully informed
about their lives And then we gave them a second loan Training them once more Asking what they want to do ahead I’ll give you an example If she knew how to… … sew clothes … and didn’t have a machine Then we trained her
for a month We give her the money to buy
a sewing machine with her first loan With the work that she starts
with her new machine Her income may not increase
by too much As a beginner, the money
you earn is a bit low And then it increases
with time We then say, “So you now have
a tailoring machine” “Now you should
get a pico machine” “You should not lose your customers
because you don’t have it” With the second loan, we
get her a pico (embroidery) machine With a third loan… She might think that she should buy
raw materials for ladies’ garments & inner wear In this way, we think of the different
ways in which she can increase her income In order to help her
grow her business

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