100 thoughts on “M1 FINANCE REVIEW 📈 Best Beginner’s Investing Platform!

  1. Really enjoying your videos. I’ve watched over 50 of them in the last 3 weeks! I’m essentially a beginner and from where I was 3 weeks ago til now is amazing. I’ve set up a Roth IRA with vanguard, paid off all my credit card debt, and just set up my M1 account ( didn’t use your link sorry man I forgot to use it😩) but thanks for all you’ve done for me a great role model!!

  2. Question:
    I'm funding my M1 Roth every Monday automatically. Is there a waiting period for the money to fund the account? I have automatic investing turned on. My goal is buy stocks on every Monday. I don't want the money to miss the 9am trading window Monday morning because automatic funding delayed it a day.

  3. I think the free options on Robinhood are awesome, but the fractional shares on M1 are really cool. Maybe just get both?

  4. Please explain to me how to trust that you are giving your real opinion on this if they are paying you 🤔

  5. I have both, since I'm willing to learn about investing, but I don't want to go all in without the proper wisdom. Robinhood is something more suited toward option training or something?

  6. Question, when would you say it’s best to stop reinvesting your dividends and keep the money because of your earnings and growth?

  7. hey you brother ryan you are really getting some critical feedback I have been reading your comments. Great Job on keeping it positive. I am really excited in finding your channel. You are Goals

    Im learning a lot from your channel

    Thank you for your priceless information

    Keep up the good work

  8. The features and options of this app are the most interesting thing. Could you please tell us what other brokerage apps offer "drip"? That'd be great to know.

  9. Ryan I cannot find a answer to this because a google search will make it show up all about getting bigger refunds and lots of random articles that do not relate to my question. Which is,
    why do people put more money in their state or federal taxes from their paycheck? They all say how they get it back in their refund but I was thinking about it, is that money not being taxed so whatever they contribute they get back? I do not see the logic, I feel like having that money to work for yourself is better. But if it is not taxed it would be like circumventing the taxes and that is about a 18% growth where I live and work. Please let me know, I cannot find a definite answer!

  10. Hello Scribner..really love your videos and will like to have your email address or contact for a private questions if you don't mind?

  11. I use M1 Finance for 99.99% of my investing while having $100 on robinhood to swing trade and mess around with. Using robinhood keeps me updated with the market while also allowing me to forget about the m1 finance account (so I don’t check it every day).

  12. Hello Ryan,

    Quick Question: How do you calculate yield on cost using M1? I finding it difficult to calculate. Which data sets do you utilize? Are you using your M1 monthly statement?

  13. Hi Ryan, I appreciate your videos and the free information that you give out to us. Very informative! SIDE NOTE: I produce music for Youtube pages, and websites, (my side hustle) let me know if you are interested in jingles, or any music for your platforms? I would be willing to help you. I can shoot you a sample that you could use for free, if you want.

  14. I would like to know if M1 finance is insured by anyone like SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) or anyone else ? Will my money be safe if the company goes down ?

  15. Great Review. Three questions for a dividend investor. If MI won't hold cash how is it distributed…. dividends, interest, etc.
    How often can a member re balance the account replacing one stock with another?
    In December 2018 the market dropped and recovered quickly. How can one take advantage of the drop to gain higher yields for the long term holdings.

  16. This was an exceptional video. The low tech visuals (crafts) were very effective. This is my first exposure to M1. If I decide to pull the trigger I will definitely use your affiliate link – thank you!

  17. I don't care for the drip system. I rather have full control of my money and build my portfolio on my own. Robinhood or bust….. Although the retirement account is a great addition.

  18. Hey Ryan! Love the content. Been a subscriber for about a month now. I would love if you could do a review on the Robo Advisor Emperor investments. It’s a Robo Advisor with a very unique strategy that invests in pure equity investments and has a dividend stock philosophy. Would love to hear your opinion on it!

  19. Do you still earn dividends on this app eventhough you only own a fraction of the share for that particular stock? I dont know, it almost seems like you dont get the full benefit by buying fractional shares as when you buy the full share for any given stock.

  20. Hi. What is the minimum investment. I see 10k on the site but I have seen people’s acts. With 700 dollars.

  21. If you don't have 20 minutes to educate yourself and choose how you're going to invest your money, then you shouldn't be investing

  22. At first i thought trying multiple trading account platform will work for me , I did this for sometime and got lucky sometimes. Trends may not always be the best way to determine what commodity to invest in there is a lot more to it and fortunately I have come across a solution effective enough for me to put this comment down here this has helped me make money and improve my living standard. I have been trading for a few months now and not until I met a pro trader Carla Lorraine now I feel guaranteed on returns for my investments you can contact her via Email : [email protected]
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  23. So I have about 3k in stocks with Robinhood. What would be the easiest way to transfer that to M1. Cashout and pay taxes on profits or just pay the $75 fee with Robinhood? I only have about $300 in profits since I only started half a year ago.

  24. Good explanation…I just opened an account and moved my stocks to a portfolio …I had three different accounts for my stocks…I like that this platform I can have all my stocks in one place…continue to add funds and reinvest.

  25. Great example. Before I proceed to sign up with M1 for the first time. I'm curious, do they have Aurora cannabis stock?

  26. Wow! This platform looks better than anything out there. Anyone coming up now is luckier than my group (34 years old). It’s never been easier and cheaper to invest in the market. Only question is how safe these new platforms are? How do they make money because you can’t give everything away for free.

  27. M1 will not let you reinvest dividends into the stock that yielded them. Dividends are reinvested into every slice of your pie. That's not a good thing for compounding. But, what's worse is when you try to communicate with M1, my experience has been that they don't reply to emails and they don't answer the phone when you call. They allow you to leave VMs, but they only returned one out of three that I left them. It makes me have to seriously consider closing my account.

  28. Okay so in your original video you said that M1 finance is for intermediate to experienced investors…Now, you have titled this video M1 finance the best beginners investing platform…So which one is it? Is it good for beginners or not?

  29. If you contribute to a pie and want to add additional companies to that pie later on (adjusting the percentages as you do), is that the same as re-balancing? Would that contribute to short term capital gains if done before the year and a day?

  30. I just purchased my first stocks using M1. It now says there is '70 hours until the next trading window'. Does that mean I can only do trades once every 70 hours?

  31. If you own less than one full share (fractional) does that mean you will still get a dividend proportional to your fractional share…(fractional dividend??)

  32. At 9:10 you said " Through our retirement account". I must assume you work for M-1 Finance. Are you reviewing a company you work for?

  33. It is my understanding M1 Finance only make stock purchases once a day at Market open…… my question is if I purchase the stock during the middle of the day and the order does not go through till tomorrow ,am I getting the price when I first put the order in or am I getting whatever the current price is in the morning

  34. so dope. love the visuals. really breaks it down and love how you make these opportunities accessible for everyone!

  35. Ryan could you do a video on Charles Schwab and how to use their platform. I'm still using m1 finance because I love their platform but I want to diversify my money among different brokerages.

  36. Hello Ryan, first time coming across your vids, I used to know a David Scribner, you wouldn't happen to be from Pittsburgh would you?

  37. great video! opened an account couple of weeks ago based on your review. i do want to share a negative experience so others can avoid it. I linked a saving acct to M1 acct made my 1 transfer fine, second transfer fine but my 3rd transfer did not go through because my saving acct only allows 6 transfer per statement cycle. So M1 charged me a $30 fee and to cover that fee they automatically sold some of my stocks at a lose. I know it was my fault for not tracking my withdraws but I wish they would give few days to pay for that $30 fee instead of selling my stocks at a lose. by selling my stocks at a lose im loosing a lot more than $30 fee. I don't know what other hidden fees they might have but I will be very careful.

  38. Thank you for the informative video but were there any drawbacks worth mentioning? I'm looking to open up an account either with Ally, M1 or Robinhood. Smashed the like button. Cheers!

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